100+ Funny Chinese Names: Funny Asian Baby Names

100+ Funny Chinese names: The Chinese language is considered to be the hardest language on this planet that one can even wish to learn. The language itself comprises of 07 main languages namely, Hakka, Wu, Cantonese, Min, Mandarin, Gan, and Xiang.


If you like to laugh with the best jokes, then I recommend these 100+ funny Chinese names list. Break the ice of a conversation by learning any or all of them and no doubt that will draw more than a smile from your friends.

However, have you ever wondered how it actually feels to speak Chinese? Well, for a person who is not from China, will have to deal with a lot of difficulties and problems. But reading Chinese can be actually quite fun. Here we have come up with more than 100+ Funny Chinese names for you. To make sure that you don’t fall off the chain, just hold on to it a bit more tightly and have a look at these 100+ Funny Chinese names.

List of 100+ Funny Chinese Names (Funny Asian Baby Names)

1). Sum Ting Wong – the name given to a Chinese boy who suffers from a mental illness.

2). Wai Yu Mun Ching – name attained by a Chinese person who appears to be on a diet since his/her birth.

3). Ai Bang Mai Ni – the name provided when the baby bangs in the mother’s tummy to come out early.

4). Wai So Dim – a name given to an unexpectedly dark Chinese man.

5). Sze Yu Sum Dei – a phrase used for meeting again.

6). Yu Go Noa – a phrase depicting the turn but only of Chinese men.

7). Yu Stin Ki Pu – generally referred to that Chinese who belongs to the KKR category.

8). No Pah King – a Chinese lying in a tow away zone.

9). Fu Xi – a Chinese is called by this name when he revises his name and that too, very often.

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10). Shui bi KKR Geng Sha – who is more stupid than KKR.

11). Ta ma de xiang shizi – fucks like a lion.

12). Ni De Zuichun Shi Mao – whose lips are gross.

13). 2 Xiongbu Rang Nuxing – two boobs make a female.

14). Hundan – Chinese name for asshole.

15). Ta Ma De Guan – and that’s how you say “Fuck off” in China.

16). Shunxi Wo De Yindao – a Chinese woman craving for her vagina to be sucked during sex.

17). Wai Yu Kum Nao – a Chinese complaining to other Chinese for coming too early in a meeting.

18). Shi – the name is given to a Chinese man whom you find agreeing on some or almost everything.

19). Zhang – an elder Chinese person.

20). Hu Yu Hai Ding – an Indian keeping a Chinese fugitive.

21). Long Wang – a dragon king that went for a long drive but never came back.

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22). Kum Hia – a Chinese man approaching a Chinese girl.

23). Da Xiongbu – when a Chinese girl has large boobs.

24). Zhongguo Tangniaobing – a diabetic Chinese.

25). Rang Women Yunxing – let’s run!

26). Meinu He Yeshou – when the beauty and the beast met in China.

27). Dan Shi Maorongrong – wet but hairy and then it’s yuck.

28). Rang Ai Yu Xing – make love and have sex.

29). Huai De Pigu Zhongguo – bad ass Chinese.

30). Xiongbu Duan – Chinese short boobs.

31). Ni You Yanjing De Qingwa – the one with frog eyes.

32). Huode Zai Wuchi – 1,2,3,4 get on the dance floor.

33). Xiang Yangwawa Dan Ta Ma De Xiang Ge Pofu – act like a doll but fuck like a bitch.

34). Shupi Bu Shuohua Dan – don’t bark but speak.

35). Shengming Shi Duanzan De Yinci Wo Shi – life is short and so am I..

36). Huai Mama – bad mommy.

37). Zhenzheng De Biao Zi – real bitch.

38). Xinggan de Yindao – sexy vagina.

39). Cong quefa weishengsu wo De tongku – suffering from the lack of vitamin me?

40). Jinu Qizi – whore wife.

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41). Jiao – this is how you ask for glue in China.

42). Tiankong – Chinese sky.

43). Peiyang – when Chinese travel via train.

44). Mai – that’s how Chinese people sell.

45). Zhongguo geshou – Chinese singers are called by this name.

46). Nu pengyou – and my Chinese girlfriend has her own name too.

47). Ni Kan qilai kepa – you look awful.

48). Shenhua – a happy woman is a myth they also believe the same.

49). Nuren zai chuangshang – a Chinese woman in bed can be quite aggressive and it looks like that from the language.

50). Hunyin shi yi chejian – marriage is a workshop where a man works and the wife shops.

51). Zhongguo jinu – Chinese whore.

52). Shengming duanzan – life is short and so his dick.

53). Youqu de guanxi – funny relation.

54). Dai zai wo de fangshi – stay out of my way.

55). Cou courenao – ride along.

56). La pi xuyao – facelift needed.

57). An shiye – dark sight.

58). Jiang youqu de mingzi zhongguo – speaking funny Chinese names.

59). Ling ren buan di shanqua – disturbing tits are quite disturbed in China.

60). Da – great.

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61). Bianxing ren – transgender.

62). Ni de shengyin ling ren maogusongran – your voice is creepy.

63). Youqu de xiaohua – funny jokes.

64). Nanzi qigai – manhood.

65). Zhongguo – wow! China is called something else in China.

66). Pigu – ass.

67). Nanhai – boy (probably a little one).

68). Nuhai – girl.

69). Xingbie – the sex must be incredible.

70). Jinu – a prostitute.

71). Yanyuan – an actor.

72). Xuexiao – School; that’s where Chinese children go to study in China.

73). Daxue – a university but think about the full name of any Chinese university.

74). Siren de – private, which is somehow not private.

75). Youqu de lucheng – a funny journey.

76). Laoshi – probably the funniest

77). Tian – day.

78). Wǎn – night.

79). Meili de nuhai – a beautiful girl; not sure about being beautiful but appears to be funny by the name.

80). Yisheng – a doctor, probably a funny one.

81). Hong lu hei – red, green, black.

82). Wanxiao – a joke, the word is itself quite funny.

83). Men – a gate; not sure whether to enter or to talk.

84). Xiguan zhong – a habit, probably the funniest.

85). Zhongguo renmin – Chinese people.

86). Guge – oh! This is what they call Google in China.

87). Dongwu – animals, never knew that they too were funny in China.

88). Muqin – mother, no I am not going to call my mother by this name.

89). Fuqin – father, I think he is the only father who is funny and never angry.

90). Gege – brother, the funniest.

91). Meimei – sister, the cutest.

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92). Jiating – family on a fire.

93). Shehui – society; the one without under any influence.

94). Ke Ai De Wawa – a cute doll.

95). Renzhe – a ninja.

96). Nigu – a nun.

97). Jiandan De Zhaopian – a simple photo is probably funnier than just being simple.

98). Jiaoyu – an education; now I want to get it from China only.

99). Redian Mama – hot mama.

100). Mengxiang De Nuhai – dream girl.

101). Tongxue – a classmate.

102). Liaobuqi De Shengyin – terrific voice.

103). Xinggan Daban – a sexy dress.

104). Shudaizi Jiahuo – a nerdy guy is really nerdy in China.

105). Rou– meat, wondering whether to eat it or read it.

106). Xinniang – a bride.

107). Mafu– a groom.

108). Kum Hia Nao

109). Dum Gai

110). Tai Ni Po Ni

111). Wai Yu So Tan

112). Ai Bang Mai Ni

113). Chin Tu Fat

114). Lei Ying Lo

115). Wa Shing Ka

116). Yu Stin Ki Pu

117). So Su Mi

118). Manchu Dong

119). Enormous Genitals

120). Hoo Flung Dung

121). Li Ying Fuc

122). Hu Yu Hai Ding

123). Ho Lee Fock

124). Tai Ni Po Ni

125). Hung Whell

126). Chu Mi Goo

127). Yung Thin Ho

128). Shu Man Go

129). Sze Yu Chu Ying

130). Jah Ni Kah Sun

131). No Bai Dam Ting

132). Xi Men

133). Miao

134). Wei

135). No Pah King

136). Noh Wei Ding

137). Wai Yu Sing Dum Song

138). Yu So Dum

139). Hia Dei Kum

140). Lei Lo

141). Wah Shing Kah

142). Clan

143). Xing

144). Tang

145). Song

146). Feudal Territory

147). Hu Yu Hai Ding

148). Mi Hung Lo

149). Mi Hung Hai

150). Wan Kin

151). Yu Suk Kok

152). Chiew Babit

153). Chin Tu Fat

154). Tai Ni Pu Ni

155). Kum Hia Nao

156). Sum Ting Wong

157). Ooi Tru Men

158). Si Tu

159). Xia Hou

160). Dong Guo

161). Rong

162). Kang

163). Xian

164). Zhi

165). Wai So Dim

166). Likum Long Dik

167). Tai Ni Bei Bi

168). No Tsmo King

169). Guan

170). Chen

171). Gong Yang

172). Gong Sun

173). Shang Guan

174). Wu Mei

175). Bei Ling Hai

176). Hu Flung Dung

177). Wai Yu Kum Noa

178). Wai Hang Mi

179). Ai Bang Mai Ni

180). Chin Tu Fat

181). Wai So Dim

182). How Long Wei Ting

183). Chin Tu Fat

184). Wai Yu Mun Ching

185). No Pah King

186). Lei Ying Lo

187). Wa Shing Ka

188). Yu Stin Ki Pu

189). Chiew Babit

190). Cau Cin Cau

191). Yu Stin Ki Pu

192). Lei YingLu

193). Na Pah King

194). Chin Tu Fat

195). Tai Ni Pu Ni

196). Kum Hia Nao

197). Sum Ting Wong

198). Ooi Tru Men

Funny Japanese Names

1). Nomo Noki

2). Kahu Tu Doshi

3). Meme Todota

4). Nin Ka Si

5). Schi Ki Na

6). Teri Modo Rika

7). Shimi Ariku

8). Taka Nomo

Funny Korean Names

1). Yung

2). Dong

3). Sang

4). Choi

5). Lee

6). Jung

7). Huyn

8). Jin

9). Gun

10). Wook

It is undoubtedly certain that you must’ve been on the verge of falling off the chair while going through all of the above. As a matter of fact, these 100+ Funny Chinese names are actually funnier than anyone expected them to be. Especially when those names such as Google, bride and groom etc. came out in the Chinese language, even I couldn’t help myself from holding my tummy in peals of laughter and delight.

Choose any one of these 100+ funny Chinese names and have a good round of laughter between friends and family. And trust me when I say this that these 100+ funny Chinese names will break the ice in any conversation and will make you and your friends laugh so hard that you all will be rolling on the ground, holding your stomach in unstoppable laughter!

So find one of these 100+ funny Chinese names that are best suited for each of your friends and start calling them that ASAP. You will see that these 100+ funny Chinese names will become not only popular but also memorable for a long time to come and that these names will stay on forever.

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