Short Status for Whatsapp About Love, Friendship

Short status for Whatsapp : Social media is something from which you can not stay away. People share almost everything, possible on their social media account. From  good morning images to good night quotes, almost everything is uploaded by individuals now-a-days on Facebook and other social media accounts. People are addicted to uploading what they are doing at an instant.

Almost no one can live without their social media account these days specially teenagers. But it has its own pros and cons. If it is beneficial, then it has some adverse effects on people too. It makes people addicted to them which finally results as migraine and severe headache problems.

But on the other hand, it is more than a boon for people. You can share and upload media like images, videos and audio tracks on the social media. You can stay updated that what is going on in one’s life. You can get to know about something you were not known to before.

Whenever you feel bored, you can chat with so many people all at once. You can talk to new people and can make them your friend. You can connect to your favorite celebrities on the platform of social media. As a whole, social media provides you so much ease of accessing it along with its helpful features.

In the world of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, WhatsApp came as a revolution. With its user-friendly features and smart and easy usage, almost everyone downloaded it at once.

You can stay connected to your friends and get to know what they are up to through their statuses. You can make a call to someone through WhatsApp which is free.You can also use emoticons to make your chat even more attractive.

The biggest benefit of WhatsApp is that it works on a very low data connection which means it does not require a great speed of the internet.

With the amazing list of features that WhatsApp provides you it also comes with a duty to be updated time to time.

People now-a-days are in a habit to guess someone’s mood through their WhatsApp status. Also, they keep on checking out your WhatsApp display picture too. So you should better be updating it time to time.

For the WhatsApp status, you can go for short status for Whatsapp instead of those long lines. It should not be that short which does not make any sense but not that long which reveals all your secrets.

Short Status for Whatsapp About Love & Friendship

Here we have tried to line up some short status for Whatsapp for you. These statuses have been lined up according to different situations and conditions. You can try them out if you are willing to put short status for Whatsapp.

1). Sad Short Status for Whatsapp

Just like happiness, sadness is also uncertain. It can strike at you at any time and can make you feel depressed.

Happiness and sadness are the two sides of the same coin, and that coin is life.

One day it is all about happiness then it can be all about sadness the other day.

Fortune does not remain same all the time, and also it can not work in your favor every time you want.

Some times in life you have to pick such sad statuses for your WhatsApp which describes your condition well enough without saying anything.

For such short status for Whatsapp expressing your sadness, you can simply write “feeling sad” or “out of order” kind of things are more preferred by people.

Here we go.

1). Feeling alone

2). Love hurts

3). People are not like they seem.

4). Don’t trust anyone.

5). Feeling lost.

6). Broken Heart

7). Feeling very sad

2). Love Short Status for Whatsapp

Love is all about caring for someone and putting their wishes as your priority. Although they do not say to do anything for them still you do everything possible to make them feel the top of the world.

You just want to realize them that you can do everything possible to please them so that they can get to know that how much special they are for you.

Along with the romantic dates and long walks keeping hand, in hand people are now taking it to WhatsApp to describe their love. And for this people prefer short status for Whatsapp to describe their love.

Short statuses are best for it because they do not reveal all the details about it. For the short love Whatsapp status, “

For the short love Whatsapp status, “love is in the air” is probably the best status.

Here are some more.

1). True love happens once in life.

2). Love once in life and die every day.

3). Love is strange feeling people who are in love, can only understand.

4). Love is like Alcohol.

5). I need you like people need oxygen.

6). You are the one whom I love madly.

7). Still I love you baby.

8). Love is the another name of happiness and sadness together.

9). Love makes happy and sad together.

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3). Short Status for Whatsapp

Today’s generation has referred emotions as just love and all about love only. But emotions can be different from it too. It can be about anger, wrath, fierce, affection, care or any other sentiments too.

When you do not feel like talking to anyone, then you can share it all on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is such a platform which connects you to your friends at the time of need.

If you are happy, you can share it with your friends on WhatsApp. If you are angry or restless, you can share it too.

For the emotional short status for Whatsapp, you can simply write “feeling and then name of the emotion.”

4). Friendship and Love short status for Whatsapp

Friendship is such a pure bond which is far away from any conspiracy or fakeness.

It is the kind of bond which even strengthens at the time of problems. You got to know your real friends among the fake when you actually need them.

Every relation can leave your hand, but it stays with you till you close your eyes forever.

When this friendship gives you so many gifts, then it is your duty to give it back something.

It doesn’t demand any fanciness; even small efforts of yours will be clearly noticeable to your friends. You can put a short status on WhatsApp for them to make them feel great.

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5). Heartbroken Short Status for Whatsapp

Once you get betrayed by your friends, you can recover from it, but when you get betrayed by your soul mate, you can never recover from it.

The one whom you love the most when cheats you, your heart shatters into lots of pieces which can not be healed ever again in your life. You can even forgive them, you can even stop crying, but you can never forget what they did with you.

You suffer such a pain in your heart that neither it can be healed nor forgotten. You start feeling like you have become the loneliest person on this planet.

And to get away from this loneliness you start spending more time on social media like WhatsApp. And for this short status for Whatsapp are preferred.

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6). Missing Short status for Whatsapp

Sometimes life becomes so cruel with you that it takes away someone you love the most. When some of your friends move outside for studies, you people miss them a lot.

But when someone goes away forever you have no option but to cry and to miss them forever. Life is unpredictable, and so are the people around you.

You never know when you have to put a short status for Whatsapp about missing someone. For this, you can select a short line that your friend used to say to dedicate your status to him/her.

Life is short, and you do not get enough chances to let the people know that how much special they are for you and how much your life gets affected when they leave you and go away.

So it is the time to show that there will always be someone who will miss you no matter what happens.

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7). Events Short Status for Whatsapp

There are many special occasion you go through throughout the year. It can be someone’s birthday, anniversary, or any other achievement in someone’s life that are important to you.

For the people who are close to you, you wish them when the bell strikes 12. Because you want to be the first one to with whom they can celebrate their joy and happiness. You buy cute gifts for them, and also you manage to get some nice cards for them.

But in these entire arrangements, one thing that you forget to do is changing your WhatsApp status.

You prefer to write long statuses for the well wishing on someone’s special day. But for the one you are just known to you can prefer short status for Whatsapp to wish them on their special days.

8). Festivals Short Status for Whatsapp

There are many special occasions which come time to time throughout the year. It can be holy festivals or another occasion too. Some of these occasions are New Year, Merry Christmas, Halloween or other national events like Independence Day.

On such occasion, you receive many calls from your friends and relatives for wishing you.

And after so many events taking place on the day, you find no time to call the people you know to wish them.

if you are not able to call everyone, then you can simply use a short status for Whatsapp to wish everyone all at once. It will save your time as well as money, and you can wish everyone in your contact list at the same time also.


This article having best short status for whatsapp, which you can share these short status for Whatsapp on your WhatsApp profile day to day according to your daily life condition.

For Example: If you are feeling today and then find any best fit short status for Whatsapp and update your WhatsApp profile. I always saw mostly people use these type short status for Whatsapp on his profile every day.

Hope you also like given status, if you feel this post having a sufficient number of short status for WhatsApp write your thought about my article by the help of comment.

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