21 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You

Every Relationship cannot stay steady all the time. Here are some obvious signs your husband doesn’t love you given in this section. I feel for every such

I feel for every such women who is experiencing such signs from her husband but rather than living in an ambiguity, she better confirm it with facts.

This is a modern world and you are not supposed to live in a suffocating relationship just to keep the society happy.

21 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You

Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Love You

So, here are some of the obvious indications about the signs he doesn’t like you now. Being a strong woman you must not ignore them at all.

1). He is Always Busy Somewhere

This is the first thing amongst signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore. There is no such thing like too busy and especially for your wife. Remember that everything starts from this only that “I am very busy right now”. If it is because of some work-related matter then it is fine but when he starts doing so much often then it can be the trouble in paradise.

You can ask him about the reasons and when you find anything suspicious then you can get to know about it on your own.

2). His Cellphone is More Important than You

You must talk to him when he is always on his phone either talking with someone you have no clue about or texting someone. I might be wrong about this particular type of signs your husband doesn’t love you but till some extent it might be true too.

After long hours spent at the office, if he still tries to avoid you at home through his phone and that too even after you complaining about it then it can be really serious.

3). The Every Month “Business Meetings”

Now this is a kind of sign which you can get sure about. If he has always been on business meetings then there is nothing wrong or weird about it. But if this thing has started recently along with other obvious signs then you should start worrying about it.

You must not avoid these love signs at all. You can also confirm about the same through his colleagues or office by some excuses. Make sure that it seems real and not like you are inquiring about him.

4). He is Around When He Needs Something

Another one in the list of signs your husband doesn’t love you is that he is only with you because he has a purpose for it. Ladies, don’t forget, love is not about being selfish and if your partner is doing so then it is the time to worry for sure.

The obvious business he has with you might be, joint account, kids, food etc. If he doesn’t involve with you apart from these purposes then he might be losing interest in you.

5). He is fighting over Petty Issues

Of course, there are always some heated arguments and fights between a couple and that does not mean he doesn’t love you anymore. Well, then what can be the signs your husband doesn’t love you now?

This happens when your husband starts arguing with you on small things like there is no salt in food, why are you looking so bad, you have no sense of dressing at all etc. If he desperately fights with you over and over again then there can be some serious issues in it.

6). He is Distancing from You Sexually

This is a completely obvious sign that he has no interest left in you. Sometimes, it is so hard to control yourself sexually even when you are having an ongoing argument with your spouse. If you guys haven’t had sex from quite sometimes because of his constant excuses then you must have to think that does he love me?

I mean this is surely pretty serious that why he is trying to avoid you and distancing you from himself in all the aspects.

7). Avoiding Communication

Any serious issues can be resolved between husband and wife if you try to solve it calmly. You just need to have a discussion on it and I think the maturity level is enough to sort it out.

But, what if he is trying to even avoid the communication with you? Well, this is amongst obvious signs your husband doesn’t love you now. He is just blocking every single way through which issues can be resolved between you two.

8). Being Selfish

Love is always about thinking of someone else before your benefit. It is always caring for your partner more than you do for yourself. If your husband has start behaving very selfish then it can be counted as one of the signs your husband doesn’t love you.

It can be seen in things like ignoring your ailing health, buying presents for himself only etc. These little things of everyday life can tell you a lot about the reality of your relationship with your husband.

9). He is trying to Dominate

In every relationship, one person is dominating and another one is a bit of pushover and this is how the life goes on. But what if he suddenly transforms into a big dominating person from being a constant pushover? This can be a bit weird for you.

Well, may be because he is trying to dominate you in every aspect possible to hide his mistakes. Well, unfortunately, get ready to listen to I don’t love you anymore anytime soon now.

10). Being Disrespectful

Any woman can tolerate being unloved but no woman in this world can tolerate the fact that her partner is disrespecting her every now and then. Being disrespectful not only means that he is raising his hands on you or physically torturing you but it can be verbally too.

This is a completely fair and sure signs your husband doesn’t love you now. For him you are now just a mere object on which he can unleash his wrath of all day. You must get out of such relationship ASAP.

11). Constantly Blaming You for Everything

Some days can be really bad or some unfortunate may happen suddenly but that does not mean that it is because of you. Your husband has no right to blame you for everything happening wrong around him.

If he is constantly blaming you for every now and then, it is like a wake-up call for you. These signs your husband doesn’t love you must not be ignored under the silly confusion of his bad mood or something else. Take a queue and find the real reason behind it.

12). Finding Excuses to Avoid You

Notice the lifestyle of your husband that what he does on daily basis when he is not going to office. You might notice something significant about it. This may be about your husband constantly avoiding eye contact with you or avoiding the conversation with you.

Now, he does not like to take you out with him on dinners and hang out sessions. He might even won’t be there on weekends too. If you are thinking that my husband doesn’t love me then you might be right this time.

13). No Going Out with You Anymore

After the entire weekdays of working hard in office, every single husband wants to spend some quality time with his wife. He takes her out on dinner and share all his thoughts with her. But what if your husband is avoiding you on weekends?

Well, this can be frightening in every relationship. These indicate towards the signs your husband doesn’t love you now. It clearly means that he does not want to spend his time with you anymore.

14). No Concern for Your Well-being

We feel bad for even a stranger who is not doing good when we visit hospitals. It is a general human behavior that we feel sympathetic very easily.

But if your husband has no concern about your falling health or continuously deteriorating health then he has surely left loving you. It is amongst the strongest signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore. If he doesn’t care whether you live or die then you should immediately move out of such relationship.

15). Comparison

Has your husband started to compare you with some of his female colleagues or even with his secretary? Well, my dear girl, you are in serious trouble then. Your husband has set a perception about you that you are not good enough for him.

I would suggest you to better give back to it rather than wasting your time in arguing with him. Tell him that you are great enough the way you are and you don’t need his approval for that.

16). Forgetting Significant Dates

There are obviously some important dates between a husband and wife which they are completely forbidden to forget.

These dates are each other’s birthday and definitely their wedding anniversary. If your husband has completely forgotten your birthday then it is surely one of the most rock solid signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore at all. I think this is the time to remind him the divorce dates then.

17). No Intimacy

Intimacy is not only depicted by some good sex but it has some other aspects too. Intimacy between a couple cannot be ignored by the people around them.

It can be seen in little things like caring for each other, holding hands, teasing each other, surprising your significant other etc. If your relationship has lost all such moments then it is one definite signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore. These are the things which makes a relationship stronger and lacking them means no love.

18). Behaving like a Guest

A home is called a home when two people put not only their money but their emotions in making their abode the best one. This is not about how luxurious it is but about how comfortable do you feel there. But if your husband is trying to sabotage that by behaving like a guest there then you must think about it.

He just comes to home for sleeping and then leaves for office the next day. Get ready to listen to I don’t love you now anytime soon now.

19). Stretching Out an Argument

If a person genuinely love someone then he always tries to find a way to sort out the issues between them and not to stretch them out.

If your husband is deliberately trying to create some heated arguments between you two then this definitely sounds suspicious to me. It surely indicated one of the fair signs your husband doesn’t love you now. The best thing you can do right now is to avoid conversation with him and wait for right time.

20). Lying to You

After so many constant signs your husband doesn’t love you, it will not be hard for you to know that when he is telling the truth and when he is lying.

You just need to catch him red handed for just one time and it will be sure to you. The frequent lies he might be telling you are going to business trips quite often, he has eaten out with friends, he won’t come home because of work etc.

21). Your Instinct

Above all the things that I have stated here, what counts the most is that what your instinct says to you about such kind of behavior of your husband. This is also possible that he is under a lot of pressure and stress and hence behaving like this.

Above all the signs, you know him the best and if you feel that something is wrong in his life then you should try to find it out. Being a spouse, you must not ignore your instincts for sure.


This is not 100% true that he actually does not love you anymore when he is showing such kind of signs. But when he is keeping such behavior towards you then you must think about it for sure. These clear-cut thing about the signs your husband doesn’t love you cannot be ignored and you must take the right decision then.

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