How to Lose Arm Fat Fast and Effective Workout

How to Lose Arm Fat: This is said already that health is wealth. You cannot buy a good health by money. A fit body and soul requires the actual dedication and hard work. Many people try out the schedule of gymnasiums and health club to lose the unwanted weight. But they end up leaving the gym because of the strict schedule and diet. A fit body and calm soul can succeed in earning more money. But a lot of money cannot buy you a fit physique.

It is very necessary to keep yourself healthy and strong to keep up with the schedule of your everyday life. The hard work and patience that you require in your office can be easily achieved when you have a good health. A fit physique not only improves your physical appearance but also gears up your mental health too.

Many times people succeed in reducing their belly fat. But the fat which is stored in the arms and thighs seems very hard to get rid of. It becomes impossible for you to get rid of the problem of how to lose arm fat. So after trying too many techniques you decide to give up on it.

But you need not to worry about it anymore. Because we have come up with some great ideas for you to cope up the situation of how to lose arm fat. Now you don’t need to spend time on those tiring equipments and machineries to lose your arm fat. These simple exercises would surely make you achieve what you exactly want.

All you need to do is just follow the schedule of these exercise as described in them. No need to do the extra sessions of gyms to lose the arm fat. Now you can do it at home and it is absolutely free too. This exercise will not only help you with how to lose arm fat but it will also make them toned too. It will also reduce your belly fat too and will make your muscles more strengthen.

10+ How to Lose Arm Fat Fast and Effective Workout

Here are 10 exercises to rescue you from the problem of how to lose arm fat.

1). Weight Lifting

It is the most effective exercise to get rid of the problem of how to lose arm fat. This exercise also helps in reducing belly fat effectively. This exercise helps in attaining toned arms and slim belly. In addition with the weight lose it also strengthens the arms. If you are not able to move to the gym then do not worry. You can do this exercise at home with the help of some weight.

All you need for this exercise is one kg. weight. You can use the 2 liter cold drink bottle for it. You can also use the water bottle for this exercise. Do not use something which is valuable and breakable. If you have small dumbbells set at home then it would be perfect for this exercise.


How to Do It:

Hold the item with both the hands and lift it over your head. Keep the arms straight in the starting position. Now lower the weight behind the back. Try to reach as lower as you can. Do not try it this much that you end up hurting yourself. Now bring up the weight and lower down it again.

Do the 3 sets of 20 reps. It will mean that you are doing it 60 times. Every time you are done with one set, take the break of 1 minute. Increase the weight and the time after every week. It will help in coping up the issue of how to lose arm fat. It will also help in strengthening your arms.

2). Chair Dips

This is one of the most useful exercises for the problem of how to lose arm fat. This exercise not only tones the arm muscles but also strengthens the back muscles. This type of exercise is done with the help of some platform. This platform should be a little bit higher than the ground. You can choose the chair for it. You can also select the bed if its height is just like the chair.

One thing that you should take care in this exercise that the source should be stable on the ground. You should choose something really solid and rigid so that there are no chances of slipping or breaking. The soft cushion sofa is never the right choice for such exercises. It makes the exercise and toning process even harder. So always choose something which is hard and strong to bear your weight.


How to Do It:

Choose the furniture at your home which is 2 feet higher than the ground. Make sure that you have at least 3 feet of space in front of the furniture free. This space is required to stretch you comfortably while exercising.

All you need to do is stand in front of the furniture and face the opposite direction. Now place your hands on the furniture firmly by placing the palms on them. Make sure that the space between your arms should be shoulders apart. Move away from the furniture by 3 to 4 steps. Keep your upper portion perfectly straight.

The above described condition is your starting position for the process of how to lose arm fat of this exercise. Now bend your knees to the level of furniture. Bend your elbows also and move the body to the ground. Now come back to your original position. Do the 3 sets of 20 reps every day.

3). Counter Push Ups

Counter push up is an exercise for how to lose arm fat that focus on stability. You can do this exercise by using a table or the kitchen counter easily. This is the type of push up which helps in toning up the arms and lose extra fat from them. You should use such a platform which is quite higher than the ground level. It should be at least half of your height.

Make sure it is quite rigid and cannot move. If the support would be moving then it can cause great troubles for you. Make sure the edge of such supports should not be very sharp. It can cause harm to your body and you can end up hurting yourself.


How to Do It:

All you need to do is the face the counter and place your arms on the edge of the counter firmly. Move back from the counter up to a distance where you lean on the basis of your toes. Balance yourself on this position by keeping your back straight.

This is where you need to start your exercise from. Now bend your elbows and move downwards up till you touch the counter. Now again completely stretch your arms to come back on the previous position. This is known as the complete rep. you need to do the 3 sets of 20 reps everyday to completely get rid of the problem of how to lose arm fat. This will give you positive results even in some weeks.

4). Push Ups

If you want to make 6 packs abs without equipments then pushups are the best exercise for it. It not only power pack your abs but also sort out the problem of how to lose arm fat. It also strengthens the muscles of the body and makes the body toned.

The normal pushups are very helpful for the toning up the body. They require the balance to fall on the arms which results as the removal of extra fat from them. This exercise is totally about the balance and stability. You may find it difficult to do it once. But afterwards you will be an expert in it.


How to Do It:

Start this exercise by doing knee pushups. In such pushups you can take support of your knees. Then after gaining some stability you can kick off with the normal pushups. Place your palms and toes on the ground facing it. be stable on the ground with the help of hands and toes.

Now start bending your arms and move towards the ground. You need to keep your legs completely stretched out during this. You cannot bend them at all. Now you can again come back on the starting position by taking the support of your arms. Do the 3 sets of 10 reps each day. This is one of the most effective exercises for how to lose arm fat.

5). Scissors

This is an exercise which helps in coping up with how to lose arm fat extremely fast. Along with it, it is also the best cardio workouts to lose the weight. This exercise is a fun to do anytime. As mentioned in the name, this exercise is just like opening and closing the scissors.

This fun loving exercise would not cause you any trouble but would make you feel good. Not only the arms but it is effective to lose the belly fat too. This simple exercise should be done regularly to achieve the desired results.


How to Do It:

For the starting position stand straight and stretch your arms till your shoulder length in front of you. Now stretch your arms to your sides and again bring them back on your front. Bring your arms in such a way that your right hand overlaps the left one by stretching them in opposite direction. This is the position which resembles an open scissor.

Now you can come back on the starting position. Now again stretch your arms in such a way that this times your left hand overlaps the right one. You can also do the same with your legs simultaneously to reduce the thighs weight. This is called the one rep of the exercise. You need to do the 3 sets of 10 reps each day to get rid of the problem of how to lose arm fat.

6). One Arm Triceps Dips

As the name signifies, this exercise primarily focuses on the strengthening of the triceps. But this exercise is too much effective on the issue of how to lose arm fat too. It directly works on the triceps which are the back part of the arms. This is the part where most of the fat of the arms get deposited. It works on them and makes it easier to lose the arm fat.

It is a very powerful exercise which requires a bit more hardship. That is why you can include this exercise in the 1200 calorie diet and exercise plan. You do not require any sort of equipments for this exercise which is a plus point of this. All you need to do is clean up a bit space so that you can do it with ease.


How to Do It:

Clean up some space in your room. Now sit on the floor in such a position that your legs and feet are joined together and your knees are bent. Put your feet firmly on the floor. Now place your palms on the floor which is a foot behind your hips. Keep the shoulder width distance between both the arms and your fingers should be pointing towards your back.

This is the starting position of your exercise for how to lose arm fat. Now raise your hips from the floor by keeping all the weight on the arms. Make sure that your arms should be perfectly stretched. Now bend your right elbow to lower your hips as much as possible. Now do the same process with the help of left elbow. Repeat the process alternately as much as you can.

7). Arm Circles

This is yet another addition for the problem of how to lose arm fat. This classic exercise can be done with or without weights as according to your choice. This exercise is usually added in the fitness schedule of many people to reduce the arm fat. This exercise is a low impact exercise so you can do it in any fitness regime.

If you feel like adding weight in it then you can choose the water bottles for it. 600 ml water bottles would be perfect for it. Or if you want to tone your arms even more then you can go for the low weight dumbbells too.


How to Do It:

Stand firmly on the ground and place your feet shoulder width apart from each other. Now extend your arms straight to your sides. Make sure that the level of the arms should be up to the shoulder. As the name suggests, this exercise is all about the circles formed by the arms in the air. For more influence do it with weights in your hands.

All you need to do is 50 small circles with your hands in the forward direction. Now again repeat the same process 50 times but now in backward direction. This is the perfect exercise for how to lose arm fat and influence them totally. You can increase the number of cycles according to your choice. This workout session tones the muscles of triceps, biceps, shoulders and back muscles. Overall this is a complete solution for how to lose arm fat.

8). Single Arm Lateral Raise

This is a power packed exercise for toning up the muscles of the arms. It helps in coping up the problem of how to lose arm fat very fast. It cuts out all the extra weight stored in the arms. This workout regime also helps in strengthening the core muscles.

This is the most influential exercise in the category of how to lose arm fat. This not only effects on the extra fat but also strengthens up the existing muscles. You do not even require any sort of equipments for this as this can be done with so much ease. All you need for this is a 600 ml water bottle as weight.


How to Do It:

Start from being in a pushup position. Place the water bottle in the left arm. Now place the knees and hands directly under the shoulder. Raise your torso up till your right hand and your left arm parallel to the floor. Keep your abs engaged in it and torso stable.

Now keep on holding up the position for few moments. Now slowly lower down your body in the starting position. Now shift the weight into the right hand and repeat the same process again. Do the 3 sets of 10 reps each day for better results. This exercise will surely give all the answers to the problem of how to lose arm fat.

9). Half Moon Rotation

This is a myth that only tiring and highly intensive exercise can help you with how to lose arm fat. But the reality is that even medium intensity workouts and fitness exercise can also help with them. No need to go for the highly exhaustive exercise if you do not want. This exercise can also help you to lose the extra arm fat.

Half moon rotation is a slow movement and low intensity workout regime. This is so simple that you can follow its reps for twice a day. The controlled movements of this exercise help you in achieving toned arms and muscles effectively. This exercise majorly focuses on the main parts of the arms like biceps and triceps.


How to Do It:

Place firmly on the floor by keeping the hip width distance between your feet. Keep your arms stretched in your sides. The arms should be raised to the shoulder level and fingers too. This would be the starting position for the exercise to work on how to lose arm fat.

Start the exercise by keeping your palms facing the floor. Now slowly rotate your thumbs towards the back so that you attain the position of palms facing the ceiling. Do this process by rotating the thumb forward too. Do this regime for 30 times at a stretch for the best results.

10). Opposite Arm and Leg Lift

This exercise not only works upon the issue of how to lose arm fat but also stretch the back too. This exercise tones the arms as well as strengthens them too. It is also beneficial for the muscles of back as well as legs too. You can include this in your strict workout regime too.

If you have a bad posture then this exercise is the perfect for you to make it right. It also increases the balance of the body. This exercise is a complete solution for the multiple health and fitness problems of the body.


How to Do It:

Get down on the floor by placing your palms and knees on the floor firmly. Make sure that your knees should be directly below your hips and your palms directly below your shoulders. This is the starting position of this exercise to work on how to lose arm fat.

Now start the exercise by raising and stretching your right arm forward. Simultaneously raise and stretch your left leg backward. Create a tension in your back by stretching them as much as possible. Hold this position for some time and then come back on the starting position. Repeat the same process with left arm and right leg. Do this exercise for 15 to 20 times on both the sides.


All these exercise given here are perfect for the problem of how to lose arm fat. They are helpful in reducing the other weights simultaneously. You should do them regularly for achieving the desired effects. At first you may find a lot of pain in your muscles and joints. But gradually you will feel alright as your body will adapt the conditions.

In the desire of being fit as soon as possible, you should not exceed the limit of the sets. You should only do them in such duration which is bearable for your body. Do not stretch your limits as it can severely affect your body muscles. These how to lose arm fat exercise are something which do not require any equipments. It means that now you do not need to spend your time in gym over those equipments. Now you can cope up with the problem of how to lose arm fat at home only.

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