Most Romantic Love Status For Whatsapp

Most Romantic Love Status For Whatsapp: Love is all about spreading it as far as you can. Love is not only about buying fancy gifts, having luxury dinners and spending lots and lots of money on your partner.

But it is all about going on long walks in mid night, holding hands in public, fighting with the whole world for your love and never leave the side of the one you love the most.

Love is all about finding and crating small moments. Love is all about doing and giving everything to your love without even expecting anything from them in return.

Love can never be selfish or self centered. It is always calm and sweet. It is always giving your heart out to the one you love.

Love is nothing but feeling the most wonderful and amazing thing possible. It is like the cool breeze that touches your face when your body is filled with sweat. It is like that sunshine which fills your life with a new hope to live.

In today’s world the ways to show your love has been changed a lot. Along with all these things you need to show your love from whatsapp too.

When you are in love you constantly change your whatsapp status and display picture and they are all about love and affection.

But sometimes you do not find the right whatsapp status to show your love to your soul mate. You want to express your love but you do not find the right words to say this all.

But now you need not to worry about it anymore. You can do this all without even thinking too much.

The idea of showing love on whatsapp and putting love status on whatsapp is now just one click away.

Love Status for Whatsapp

We have listed out the love status for whatsapp on every condition. Whether you are a guy or girl we have got this all for you. so that you get what you actually want to shower your love.

1). Best love status for Whatsapp

Showing love on social media platform is not a taboo anymore. And when you are deeply attached to someone you just want to do something special for them and now a days spreading love on whatsapp is something which is redefining the word special.

For the love status put such lines which are only shared by you two and can not be understand by any other person. This would definitely be something which can be your language of love.

Or you can put such codes which are shared between you two only. Or you can simply write love quotes as the love status for whatsapp.

But make sure these quotes should be of such type which redefines the moments of love between you two.

2). Latest love status for Whatsapp

The idea of love keeps on changing with the passing time. Every time the feelings remain the same but the idea of expressing it keeps on changing.

As the society is going modern the expressions of love is also getting modern. Holding hands in public, showing affection is no more a private thing for people.

And when you are in love nothing matters the most except the person you love.  Love status for whatsapp can be the romantic lines of a song that either she dedicated to you or you dedicated to her.

The kissing emoticon, heart emoticon can also be your love status for whatsapp.

3). Emotional love status for Whatsapp

Love is not the only emotion that arises in people’s heart. It can be affection, attraction, care, sympathy, worry etc.

when you love someone there are many emotions that pop up in your cute little heart.

Suddenly blood is not the only thing that flows in your veins, something which adds in this is your love which comes with lots of emotions.

So why not your status should be different for each emotions. When you feel caring towards her you can put such a status which shows her that you care for her like a child.

When you feel worried towards her put such love status for whatsapp that nobody else can care for her this much. Love has this much power that you starting doing something that you have never done before.

4). Whatsapp status in Marathi

Marathi is the mother tongue of the people in Maharashtra. They love to communicate with each other in this local language.

And this is also a fact that apart from Maharashtra every Indian loves to communicate in their local language.

And they love to put status in Marathi too. As these languages are more expressive than other languages like English. You can even enjoy the communication in Marathi even if you know a little bit of Marathi only.

Marathi is such a simple language that even if you do not know Marathi completely but still you can understand the jokes in Marathi. You can put status in Marathi if you want to share some kind of funny one lines.

5). Love WhatsApp status for girlfriend

Girls love the attention of boys, but when it comes to their soul mate they just want him to do something special for them every now and then.

So boys now a day are taking it to whatsapp to show their love to their girl. You can impress her by putting love status for whatsapp for them.

if it is her birthday then shower your love by putting a status for her. If she has achieved something then put a love status to congratulate her.

If she is angry with you then it is the most right time to show how much you care for her by putting a status for her on whatsapp.

Anything and everything that you feel for her turn it in words and put a status for her on whatsapp. She would surely love your efforts.

6). Falling in love status for Whatsapp

Impress a girl is not everyone’s cup of tea in today’s world. Buying her gifts, chocolates and soft toys are not just enough.

Give her surprises time to time, care for her in her tough times, support her in every situation and be with her when she needs you the most.

But along with all this a thing that is becoming a must for many boys is showering your love for her on whatsapp. And it is so much important when you are gradually falling in love with her.

In the days when you are chatting with her you can put some status for her. This will impress her even more and she will not be able to resist her feeling for you.

7). I am in love status for Whatsapp

While you have finally fallen in love with her, now it is the time to tell it to everyone that you are no more available for anyone else.

If it is applied to the boys then the same is applies to the girls also. The one who is trying to flirt with you will automatically get an answer that now you are reserved for someone else.

For this you can use some romantic tracks to dedicate to each other. Or you can simply put a status saying “in the most beautiful feeling”.

Love is such a feeling which can make anyone a romance expert. So use this feeling and write something for your partner as the love status for whatsapp.

These statuses should be something like that your partner feels like on cloud nine after reading them all.

8). Love status for Whatsapp in Hindi

Sometimes it happens with us that though we are fluent enough in English but still we choose our mother tongue Hindi to express some of our feelings.

And when you are in love you immediately switch your language to Hindi to show your love towards your partner. It provides you a better communication and you find it more comfortable than other languages.

For the love status for whatsapp in Hindi you can go for the typical Hindi movie old songs.

You can even go for the normal love quotes in Hindi to express your love to your partner. Either you can directly write Hindi quotes by English alphabets or you can convert the language in the Hindi and then put the status on whatsapp.

9). Love failure WhatsApp status

When you feel like broken hearted you just feel angry, cheated, betrayed, broken and lonely at the same time.

Sometimes you feel like crying hard and sometimes you feel like bursting out and shouting at the top of the voice.

Failure at love makes you feel lonely and rigid at heart. So finally when you are tired of crying enough then you take it to the social media.

And when it comes to social platform whatsapp is the one which tops the list. You put broke heart status on whatsapp. For such status you can go for the “do not fall in love” kind of status to warn everyone that there is nothing fancy about this feeling. And ultimately tears are the only thing that remains with you.

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