101 Good Morning Quotes To Wish Good Morning

Good Morning Quotes: Just imagine how blessed you will feel the whole day when you start your day with a nice good morning message from your loved ones. You should follow the same practice and try to make someone’s day special by sending him/her

You should follow the same practice and try to make someone’s day special by sending him/her good morning quotes every morning with the sunrise.

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Here, we have brought you some of the most versatile collection of Good morning quotes for you. You can go through them and find the best good morning quotes for your dear ones.

You can go through them and find the best good morning quotes for your dear ones.

Here we have covered following types of good morning quotes.

  1. Good Morning Quotes for Him
  2. Good Morning Quotes for Her
  3. Good Morning Quotes for Friends
  4. Good Morning Love Quotes
  5. Good Morning Inspirational Quotes
  6. Good Morning Funny Quotes
  7. Good Morning Prayer Quotes
  8. Good Morning Mom Quotes
  9. Good Morning Quotes for Husband

Good Morning Quotes for Him

Morning is that time of the day when everyone wishes for a new start. Fill his thoughts with a refreshing element that stays with him for the rest of the day. You can send him good morning quotes that talk about life and happiness. Make his day a wonderful one by bringing an early morning smile which keeps him charged up all day. A wise phrase on wisdom would indeed help him to overcome bad thoughts and lead a positive day.

Here is a list of lovely good morning quotes for him.

1). My first thought in the morning is always you. I love you! Good morning, baby!

2). I hope you slept well through the night and woke up with the brightest smile as you looked down on your phone to this message. Good Morning, babe. I love you!

3). I cannot start my morning without dropping a good morning text to you! Good morning baby! Have a day as dashing as you. I love you!

4). The sound of the alarm clock makes me frown but then I turn around and look at you next me, which brings a wide smile on my face. Good morning, sweetheart! I love you so much!

5). My mornings are good only because I have you in my life. Good morning, love! I love you!

6). I want you to be my goodnight cuddles and my good morning kisses! I love you! Good morning, honey! Have an amazing day! I love you!

7). I thought to write you the sweetest good morning text but all I could think of was you so the best I could say was ‘Good Morning’. I love you, baby! Good morning!

8). I go to sleep at night thinking about you and wait for dawn to wake up next to you. Good morning, baby! I love you! Have a great day ahead!

9). We all have someone in our dreams and mine happens to be you and I am lucky enough to date the man of my dreams! Good morning, sweetie! Have a wonderful day! I love you!

10). I want to be embraced in your arms every morning so that I could hide away from the cold mornings! Good morning, baby! Love you!

11). Things I like to see in the morning – you, you, and you! Good morning, honey boo! May you look up to a fantastic day!

One of cute good morning quotes from a cute girlfriend to him 🙂

12). Whether if I have tea or coffee in the morning, it doesn’t matter because I still feel the same just like I do every single day with you in my thoughts! Good morning! Have a day as lovely as you! Love you, babe!

13). People wake up every day to chase their dreams; lucky me! I live my dream because you are my dream! Good morning, sugar! I love you!

14). I saw you lying next to me and I thought I was dreaming but just to be sure, I tried to kiss you and you smiled! Good morning boo! I love you!

15). No sunshine is as beautiful and ideal as your hugs and kisses in the morning! Good morning, my love! Love you, boyfriend!

16). In this busy and competitive life, we don’t get time for anyone at all, but I wanna take out at least one second of my morning and tell you how much you mean to me! Good morning, handsome face! I love you!

17). We are created to be with each other like the sand and the ocean, perfect match for one another! Good morning my Mr. perfect! Love you!

18). You are the reason I want to wake up every morning and cherish the day with you! Good morning and have a good day ahead! I love you!

19). To see that beautiful person lying next to me is a true blessing and I am happy and blessed to have you in my life! I love you! Good morning!

20). May this day bring you happy memories and joy! Good morning! Have a great day ahead! I love you!

I hope you liked good morning quotes for him collection 🙂 Keep visiting ladies, I will update most romantic good morning quotes for him soon.