101 Good Evening Quotes with Images

101 Good Evening Quotes with Images: Evenings are often too lazy as people are feeling tired up by working throughout the day? Your Good Evening message can refresh them up and they may start feeling fresh again.

There will always be a person who will be eager to receive a Good evening message from you. Find that friend and wish him/her a joyful good evening with the latest Good evening messages every day.

Good Evening Quotes

Today we are going to share an ultimate list of good evening texts. This list contains every type of  quotes. Here we go.

1). Funny Good Evening Quotes

After a long hectic day everyone expects a calm and peaceful time. Be the healer in the life of your friends and family by sharing funny good evening messages.

Such quotes would surely bring a smile on the person’s face who reads it. Spreading happiness is counted as a good deed.

Follow this moral and make your loved ones feel special. Search for some witty quotes which can force the reader to roll down on the ground laughing!

Here we go with best funny good evening quotes:

1) One chocolate is for you and
1).One chocolate is for me
Lets enjoy this evening,
Good evening !!!

2). Sun started sets down
Sweating may stop now
Now my hearts feel
That you are with me
Good evening !!

3). Energy may reduce
But my thinking about you never reduce
Everytime you are there with me
This beautiful evening says Good evening !!

4). The birds says bye bye
To you and to me
While going home
But I never want bye from you
I still want to lag this evening for you
Good evening

5). Sun set started
Cool winds blowing
Birds are singing
What a wonderful evening
Good evening !!

6). Tired this evening with full of work load
But I forget all when return home

7). Cuckoo says cucuuu
Squirrel says kitch kitch
Baby says maaam muaam
Enjoy the funny things in the Evening
Good evening !!

8). Monkey on the mango tree
Dropped one to his friend
Saying it is evening let’s eat and go
Happy evening!!

9). One, two see the sky
Three, four enjoy the sun set
Five, six have a joystick
Seven, eight look at the side
Nine, ten jump aside
Good evening

10).Smile and work
Success is yours
Happy evening !!

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2). Good Evening Quotes for Him

He is there to support you and so should you! Make his evening special by sending him a quote that lightens up his mood.

No one can comfort him better than your care and concern.

Share a lovely thought through your good evening text messages. Even if he is sad or stressed your words can help him get better within seconds.

There are good evening quotes for him which talk about strength, love and bonding. Make him remember all of this through such writings.

1). Sun is setting down
mymood is awesome
be your thoughts calm down
let all get blossoms
This evening is a pleasant one
Good evening dear !!

2). Every day I feel for you at this time
coz the sun set makes me to remember you
waiting for you to come home early this evening
Good evening

3).Awesome sky
awesome rainbow
making me blossom
if you add with me that will be more awesome
Good evening dear

4). Birds are returning their home
saying bye bye to the day
and I am saying come home early
say bye bye for the day work

5). It is an awesome feeling
Waiting for you in the upstairs
Listening to the songs while walking
Enjoying the sun set
I wanna be with you at such moments
Good evening!!

6). Happiness is like a perfume
Which you can’t pour on others
But your love pouring on me
Can’t compare by others
Good evening!!

7). The breeze making me to remember you
The days we spend together
Now at this moment I am feeling that
I miss you, Good evening

8). I wish the sun in your life never set
Flourish day by day
And this great evening saying
Have a wonderful evening !!

9). Your presence is like a gulabjamoon
Melts within seconds
My angry on you is the same
Come home soon, good evening!!

10). You are my hero
I never wants to leave you
You be with me whole of my life
Like sun raise and sun set daily
Which is always be there till the end of this earth
Good evening !!

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3). Good Evening Quotes for Her

She needs you when she is happy, sad, excited or tensed!

You have the power to transform her mood within seconds. Use the power of words to express your love and concern for her.

Send her wonderful good evening quotes which can work as a medicine to keep her happy!

Make her realise her importance by sharing an excellent thought which touches her soul.

There are some effective good evening quotes for her which can fulfil this task.

1). My ever wish is to be with you
So my life won’t be blue
I wish it comes true,
Good evening dear !!

2). Memories are crazy at times,
It makes us to feel lonely in the crowd
But when alone it makes us we are in the crowd
I miss you, good evening

3). It makes me smile when I think of you
It makes me cry when I feel for you
It makes me laugh when I remember you
It makes me blessed when I am with you
Good evening !!

4). I feel my dreams are stolen
I feel so lazy and empty
When you are not with me
Come back dear, Good evening!!

5). No need to remember you
Coz you always there in my heart & mind
But I feel heavy in the nights,
Without you besides
Good evening sweet heart!!

6). I never care if sun set or not
But my evening will never start
Without saying you good evening wish !!

7). It is so mean to me
That I fall in love with you
Coz I feel I chosen
the best girl In this world
Good evening darling !!

8). Your cute and sweet smile
Is the happiest thing to see in you
Keep smiling all the day for me
Good evening dear !!

9). your love and care towards me
is the only reason why I wanna
be with you the rest of my life
Good evening dear !!

10). Your one text or one sms,
One call or one word
Is so much mean to me
Coz you are the one special to me
Good evening !!

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4). Good evening Quotes for Friends

Friendship is a full-proof bond which stays forever.

Never disappoint your friends but make them feel special by sending good evening quotes that are happy, inspirational and connecting.

Evening time is the perfect time to bring a smile on your friend’s face when he/she is low on energy and needs a trigger.

Share quotes which are sweet and high-on life. We all need friends in our life to function properly. Value them by sharing a word of thanks.

Here is the collection of best good evening quotes for friends. 

1). No impossible things with your friendship
I know with true friendship never make you fail
Have a wonderful Good evening

2). This is the time of sun set,
Watch it in the west
Enjoy the beautiful good evening

3). Love the movement what we get,
And the each moment is a great memory
This evening time is the most amazing thing
I wish every evening it must repeat !!

4). Don’t depend on others
You must be on your own legs
Just walk along and have a great evening !!

5). orange color of sunset represents friendliness
it makes me to remember you
Have a lovely good evening friend!!

6). Don’t regret what you loss
You will gain again like a sun raise
Enjoy the sun set or loss,
Which gives us some lesions

7). Here I send you evening coffee to you
Along with a bill
The total bill is just your sweet smile
Good evening friend !!

8). Your friendship is as like as orange color
As bright as like sun rays at the evening
Is the symbol of shine forever
Good evening dear !!

9). I follow the rhythm of my heart,
It takes me to the destination
Where I can relax, hope the same from you
Good evening!!

10). You are the sweetest friend I ever have
Your presence is very precious to me
But this evening I am missing you
Have a nice good evening!!!

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5). Good Evening Love Quotes

Love has no form but it is the most celebrated feeling on earth!

Make your partner feel the love by dropping some magical good evening love quotes.

You can share quotes which target their hearts. Everyone needs a push to realise the existence of love.

Share a wonderful love quote in the evening to the one you admire. Life is beautiful when you have a partner who understands love.

Share below good evening quotes with the one you love through words.

1). When the sunset starts and
The stars starts appear,
there is nothing will be there in my mind
except you, to make you feel happy with my love :
Good evening sweet heart !!

2). You are the one I remember
When I wake up and
Before I sleep,
You and you and you only you
In my thinking, good evening !!

3). Do you know dear
True love never fade
It is as fresh as like your smile
Good evening dear !!

4). Whenever I remember your smile
My heart blow with the happiness
Something like mild slow instrumental music
Good evening dear !!

5). At this moment
your love filled my heart
and it is heavy to carry without sharing with you
Good evening dear !!

6). Last night your lovely words
I still feel fresh and feeling
The same be continued today also
Waiting for your call, good evening

7). Love that can’t be so simple
Unless you say I love you
Waiting for your message
Say something in this beautiful
Good evening !!

8). It is to my surprise
That I can’t see myself
When I am with you, however
I just see myself in you, my dear
Good evening !!

9). Today I wanna tell you
Something different, hope
It may make you to feel me
Good evening !!

10). Every evening is a good one
But today I want to make it
More memorable one,
Anxiously waiting for you at the same place !!

6). Good Evening Inspirational Quotes

Share a thought which can guide a person to select the right path.

People in today’s world are low on confidence and require some inspiration.

Share good evening messages which consist of words that are inspiring and motivating. Failure might dishearten your friends or family members.

Tell them you are there by sending them words which helps them heal.

There are inspirational good evening quotes by some famous visionaries which can easily inspire anyone to act positively.

1). There is always a good day
As the sun raises in the morning
Leaving all the bad to the y’day sun set
Have a cheerful Good evening!!

2). I thank god every time that I pray
Coz god always give me a new day
With new hopes, so don’t leave your hopes,
Good evening friends !!

3). Imagine it you achieve it
Dream it you get it
Imagine or dreams are powerful weapons
To make us to move further in life
Have a pleasant good evening !!

4). Your failures are not the end of your deed
Keep trying with new trials,
Make failures are your lessons
Sure you win thereafter
Good evening !!

5). The sun set tells you
The fact that it is the
Near time to have dreams
Good evening !!

Looking for more quotes? Well, I will not disappoint you. 

Final Thoughts

This was one of the purest collections of original Good Evening quotes that you will find across the internet.

You can easily find the best good evening quote for your dear friend and wish him/her in the evening.

Your message may take away the full day tiredness. Greet him/her with a new message every day and feel the happiness that comes on his/her face after seeing a Good evening message from your side.

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