How to Get a Thigh Gap (Myth, Reality, Exercise and Healthy Diet Plans)

How to Get a Thigh Gap: Everyone desires for a physique which is fit and fine. Being fit does not means being skinny. The two terms are exactly different from one another. A fit person is that who is not having any disease and whose body mass index is perfect. In this modern era, people and especially women crave to have a body which can turn many heads. And if goes by the recent trends then every women is thinking about how to get a thigh gap.

Women have started preferring such exercises which can specifically focus on the lower area of their body like butts, thighs, and lower legs. But fitness does not come handy. It requires a lot of hard work and some patience to get the toned body you have always desired for.

The question of how to get a thigh gap comes with many doubts like diet plans, myths, reality, exercises and other aspects related to it. There are multiple sources of information from where you can get all such knowledge regarding thigh gap. But all these information are usually available on different sites.

But this time we are putting a step forward to provide all the information related to how to get a thigh gap on a single page. You do not have to Google various questions and doubts related to this particular topic because here we are going to update you with all such information.

Right below here lays all the information regarding the problem of how to get a thigh gap. This information is like what should be eaten in a day, what kind of exercises should be included in the schedule and many more.

What is a Thigh Gap?

You must have heard this word ‘thigh gap’ doing the rounds of internet a lot in these days. Well, here is all you need to know about the thigh gap and the process of how to get a thigh gap too.

Thigh gap is basically a space between your inner thighs which makes both the legs separated from them from the place of their inner thighs right below the vagina. Thigh gap is basically seen from a position when a woman is standing straight with both her feet placed firm on the floor stuck to each other.

There are various places where thigh gap is seen as the symbol of fragility and femininity as well as a mark of ideal beauty. It is seen as the sign of physical attractiveness more in the teenage girls. However, woman of any age can achieve the thigh gap.

The trend of thigh gap became the talk of the town when the models of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show walked on the ramp with extremely thin thighs and a defined thigh gap.

The thigh gap has nothing to do with the right physique. Those women who are not having a thigh gap, they are having an absolutely perfect figure. So, women should not starve themselves to get a thigh gap because the physical fitness is defined only by their weight and physique and not the thigh gap.

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Myths about How to Get a Thigh Gap

There have always been various myths related to the problem of how to get a thigh gap. The most surprising fact is that people are even blindly following these myths without even clearing their doubts. According to me, I think you should first get all the information about how to get a thigh gap before starting to work on it. Below here are all the myths and realities related to the problem of how to get a thigh gap.


It is possible for every person to have a thigh gap of any shape or size. In other words, it is easy to gain a thigh gap just like those which are owned by supermodels.


The size and width of a thigh gap totally depend upon the structure of your body. This is not necessary that if one of your friends is having a very defined and visible thigh gap, then you can also have it. The structure and genetics of the body of every person is different.

There are various women having no extra body fat but still they do not have the thigh gap because of their body structure.

In the zeal of finding the solution of how to get a thigh gap, you should never ever starve yourself. Instead of doing the hard work you should better go for smart work.


Those people who are underweight only they can achieve the thigh gap. It means that you would have to be skinny to solve the issue of how to get a thigh gap.


This is one of the most common type of myth in which almost every girl believe. But the reality is that no matter if you are overweight, you can still have the thigh gap.

There are some reports doing the rounds of the internet that claim that only teenage of girls in their early 20s can achieve the thigh gap. But the fact is that women of any age can achieve the thigh gap. The idea is just to pick the right exercises and diet plan to knock out the problem of how to get a thigh gap.


If tried well then one can succeed in shedding the weight only from the area of inner thighs in order to achieve the thigh gap.


All those women who believe that it is possible to only lose weight from your inner thighs, they are totally wrong. In fact not only thighs but it is not possible to reduce the weight from any specific spot of your body.

No wonders are going to happen in overnight. There is a definite process in which all the exercises work. You would have to wait for long time in order to see the results of the exercises that you are doing to reduce the inner fat of your thighs. No exercises can do magic in the quest of how to get a thigh gap.


The exercises which focuses upon the butts like squats, lunges, piles or any other types of exercises makes your legs heavier. These are the obstacles in your course of finding a solution of how to get a thigh gap.


Exercises like lunges or squats need to be done in a right way in order to achieve the thigh gap. These exercises must be done in high repetitions having low weight. The idea of doing these exercises are very simple.

They focus on toning the existing muscles instead of making more and more of them when done in a right manner.

Exercises to Get a Thigh Gap

Lateral-Lunge1). Lateral Lunge

This type of exercise for the problem of how to get a thigh gap is a lot like the normal lunges. Whereas, the lunges tend to focus upon the shape of butts, the lateral lunges focus upon the thighs and its gap. You can do them with or without weight according to your choice.

How to do it:

  • Stand straight without bending your posture from anywhere and stretch your legs wide apart. Keep the gap between the legs more than shoulder apart.
  • Keep the suitable weight dumbbells in your both hands to improve the force of this exercise.
  • Now squat your body on the right side with the help of right leg while stretching out the left leg fully.
  • Try to lower down your body as much as possible without losing the balance.
  • Now come back in your normal position of standing straight.
  • Again do the same procedure with the help of your left leg.

2). Inner Leg Lift

This is another form of exercise for the issue of how to get a thigh gap. These are simple yet very effective kind of exercises which are a must for this problem.

How to do it:

  • Firstly lie on your mat but on the support of your side (can be left or right).
  • Keep your top leg bent from the knee and placed firm on the floor and lower leg stretched out well.
  • Put your hands on the floor for support and try to lift your bottom leg in air as much as possible without moving the top leg from its position.
  • You will feel a strain in your thighs which will work for creating a gap between your thighs.
  • Now do the same by changing your side until the strain between the thighs becomes nonbearable.

3). Bridge Raises

Bridge-RaisesAs the name suggests, it is an exercise which involves making bridge through your body. Such exercises involve high muscle stretch to dissolve the issue of how to get a thigh gap.

How to do it:

  • Lie straight on the floor with your palms rested on the floor and your legs stretched out well.
  • Now bend your legs from the knees and place the feet on the floor firmly. Keep your feet your hip apart from each other.
  • You can use some soft toys or pillows to put between your knees. It will help you to maintain the gap well throughout the exercise.
  • Now lift your hips in the air in such a way that your body comes in such a position that your knees, hips and waist are aligned in the same line.
  • Try to squeeze the soft toy between your knees as much as possible while maintaining the same position.
  • Now again come back in the starting position and rest your hips on the floor without touching your back on the floor until you get finished with all the repetitions.

4). Pilates Leg Lifts

Pilates-Leg-LiftsThis is one of the easiest kinds of exercise for the problem of how to get a thigh gap. But a person needs to do it efficiently to get the best results.

How to do it:

  • Lie on the floor by the support of your side just like you did in the inner leg lift but this time both your legs will be fully stretched out.
  • Now lift your upper leg in the air as high as possible so that a considerate amount of strain can be pointed on the thighs.
  • Now slowly come back in the starting position.
  • After doing certain reps, do the same procedure from the different side.
  • You can use the weights after you get comfortable with this exercise.

Pile-Squats5). Pile Squats

This is one of the most common and widely used exercises for the problem of how to get a thigh gap. You can do this exercise with the dumbbell of weight suitable to you. For fast results, use higher weights with more reps.

How to do it:

  • Stand in a straight position and stretch your legs more than the width of shoulder apart and keep your toes pointed in the outward direction.
  • Now bend your body in such a way that you are doing squats. Keep your hips parallel to the floor or even lower by maintain a proper balance of your body.
  • Keep the stress and strain towards the thighs and butts.
  • When you get comfortable in doing this exercise, then start adding weights for better and faster results.

6). Butterfly Stretch

How to Get a Thigh GapFor the fastest results ever and to work fully on your thighs, butterfly stretch is a great exercise. Such work out regime will surely work upon your issue of how to get a thigh gap.

How to do it:

  • Sit down on the floor in the normal position and keep your back straight and posture right.
  • Now bend your knees in such a way that they point outwards whereas your feet are kept closer to each other.
  • Now put the soles of your feet in such a way that they are facing each other and hold them together with the help of your both hands.
  • Now, life your thighs and knees in the air as much as possible while holding both the soles together.
  • Lower down your legs in the starting position and repeat this continuously until you can bear it.

6). The Doggy Kick

This is another type of simple exercise to tone up your inner thighs in order to achieve a defined thigh gap.

How to do it:

  • Come in a position which is for the push-ups. You just need to touch your feet on the floor in this position in such a way that the soles of your feet faces the sky.
  • Place your palms on the floor firmly to support your body completely. Now you will be on all your fours.
  • Now lift your right leg and stretch it in such a way that it makes a right angle to another leg. Stay in this position for at least 1 minute.
  • Now repeat it with the left leg. Do the repetitions until you get tired.

Diet Plan to Get a Thigh Gap

It is impossible to achieve the solution of the problem of how to get a thigh gap just by the exercises. You really need a strict diet plan for it. Not only the issue of thigh gap but to achieve any other physical fitness, one must follow the complete diet plan for it.

Diet Plans


Although exercises are the major part of the fitness regime for the issue of how to get a thigh gap, but still the diet plan serves as the auxiliary support. Without a strict diet plan one can never achieve the perfect thigh gap just like that.

1). Strictly remove all the junk food from your diet. If you are in a hurry then go for a juice can rather than the cheese burger or soda. There is no need to starve you. You just need to eat the right food instead of eating less. These are the in takes which must be reduced in your diet.


It is a well known fact that no diet plan can ever succeed when the sugar in-takes are very high in them. Processed sugar has a great amount of calories in them. Artificial sugars like sucralose, aspartame and saccharine has very adverse affects over the body.

In the process of how to get a thigh gap, it is important to give up food items like pastries, chocolates, cold drinks, ice creams etc. from your diet.


Trans- fats are the foot which causes high amount of cholesterol in the body. Because of the increased level of cholesterol, the danger of heart attacks and cardiac arrests increases. In context of the thighs, they increase the fat in the inner thighs which results in the obstacle of getting a thigh gap.

To dissolve the issue of how to get a thigh gap, one must give up on food items which have high trans-fat content. These food items are potato chips, fried food items, cheese, margarine etc.

2). Keep a check over how much you are consuming. It is considerate that you eat a healthy diet but that too should not exceed a limit. Eating too much of healthy food can also act as an obstacle in the issue of how to get a thigh gap.

There are various apps through which you can keep a track of what and how much you are eating in a day. If using an app is not comfortable for you then you can go for a food diary. You can start cutting out 200-300 calories a day which would help you to lose 1 pound of weight in almost 10 days. You can increase the calories cutting after some time.

3). Increase the content of fiber in your diet plan for the problem of how to get a thigh gap. Rich fiber food items make your stomach feel fuller in less food resulting in consuming less amount of food. The sources of fiber rich food are-

Vegetables and Fruits

Different vegetables like spinach, cabbage, celery, carrots and other green vegetables are full of fiber content in them. Fruits like apples, berries, pears, oranges and many others are also full of fiber content which is good for you if you are on a spree of losing weight.


It is proved that brown grains are much healthier than the white grains. The examples of brown grains food items are wheat bread, brown rice, wheat tortillas and pasta of wheat.


There are other food items which are full of fiber content. These are black beans, lentils, pecans, almonds, pistachios and other nuts and beans.

4). There are other food items which helps you to lose weight even faster. These food items are known as ‘superfoods’. Some people still do not consider them that much helpful but most of these items are really healthy. If they would not help you to lose weight faster then they will surely help you to lose some weight at least. Different superfood items are-

  • Blueberries, pomegranates, apples etc.
  • Food prepared with the help of olive oil.
  • Chiles, tarragons, avocado etc.
  • Low fat food items like yogurt, parmesan cheese etc.
  • Oats, Pasta of buckwheat etc.


After reading all the information regarding the problem of how to get a thigh gap, I hope that various doubts of yours have been cleared successfully. There must be some questions still hidden there in your heart which I want to clear in my final words.

Getting a thigh gap does not define you as a personality. Thigh gap has nothing to do with the physique or fitness or well being of a person. If you are not being successful in solving the mystery of how to get a thigh gap then you do not have to worry about it at all. May be the structure of your body is different from others and this is totally fine.

What counts is the fact that you are fit and not obese. Sometimes many obese people can have a thigh gap but even the skinny people do not have it. So, I hope with this am able to clear all your doubts regarding how to get a thigh gap.

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