Pick Up Lines for Guy and Girls

Flirty pick up lines

Impending an attractive woman is one of the most unapproachable things a man can do. That’s why so many guys do vocal summersaults trying to come up with original pick-up lines that display fun and are appealing. Let me tell you one secret! All girls will deny in front of all that they hate flirty pick up lines but the reality is that they all love it when someone feeds them  with flirty pick up lines! Yeah it’s true!

Pick Up Lines

These pick up lines are more often used by guys to apply on girls. These lines are spoken teasingly rather than with serious intentions. The only aim is to impress any girl for temporary period as all the girls are easily impressed by admiration. So girls beware when boys are speaking such pick up lines to you, maybe he is just flirting.

Let’s look at top 10 flirty pick up lines:

1)  Hey I am doing family survey. What’s your address and phone number?

2). I lost my way to home. Could you please give me shelter for tonight?

3). I am an astrologist. I can tell your fortune by kissing your hands.

4). Did anyone tell you that your face glows more than the moon?

5). My lips are in love with yours. Let’s help them in meeting each other

6). God created Gap between your fingers because it has to be filled with mine

7). My favorite alphabets are “U” and “I”.

8). Wow girl! Your boobs are bigger than my future

9). Hey girl! Could you please look into my mirror? It wants to see the most beautiful women of this universe

10). Oh my god! Is that you? Or I just dreamt of the beautiful princess.