Pick Up Lines for Guy and Girls

Weird pick up lines

Ewwwwwwwww! Yuck! How weird!  These are the comments you will hear after hearing these weird pick up lines.  Very rarely used, such lines make the environment embarrassing and awkward. These nasty pick up lines fail in almost all situations whether you are in a party or you are flirting these lines will never fall in your favor. Instead you will be thrown out of the party. So my suggestion would be to ignore speaking such kind of lines among your friends otherwise you will be ignored by your friends.LOL.

Let’s look at top 10 weird pick up lines:

1). Did your father have sex with a tomato? Cause you’ve got red cheeks.

2). Hey girl, do you like kids? I too, let’s produce our own kids!

3). My love for you is like a diarrhea, uncontrollable!

4). You remind me of my pet dog!

5). The whole room is stinking. Did you just fart?

6). Could you please tell the color of your shit

7). You look more beautiful without clothes

8). Hi I am doing research in chemistry and I just want to make a chemical bond between our insides.

9). Hey I am hungry. Would you please land me your pussy to eat?

10). I don’t like my saliva, let’s exchange it with yours.