Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

7). Would You Rather Questions for your Boyfriend

Would you rather questions for your boyfriend helps you to understand him better and be close to him. The questions are funny and show what kind of a person he is and whether he loves you or not. bellow given question will help you to find your boyfriend nature by which you can judge your boyfriends, let’s enjoy would you rather questions for your boyfriend.

1). Would you prefer a non-committal fling with a hot but air-headed girl or a committed and emotional relationship with an intelligent and affectionate girl?

2). Just after a devastating breakup; would you carelessly jump into mindless hookups and one-night stands or wait for a serious relationship with a true human being?

3). When you have a crush on a girl for a very long time; when you go on a date with her would you go out in simple comfortable clothes and have a simple date or do your utmost and do extravagant things to impress her?

4). What is more important to you in life; making money and be successful or become a happy and affectionate person who is humble and enjoys the small things in life?

5). Which role of mine is more important in your life; me as your friend and accomplice or me as your romantic partner?

6). What holds more significance to you; going out to an expensive and flashy restaurant with your colleagues from work or having a comfortable dinner and lots of heart to heart talks with your parents and siblings?

7).  What kind of a girl would you prefer for getting into a relationship with; a flirty, lively and laid-back person or rather a brooding, reclusive and ambitious person?

8).  If you are invisible for a day would you like to tease your girlfriend by touching her intimately or would you rather confess to her that you have become invisible and just talk and spent time with her?

9).  Would you ever force your girlfriend to sleep with your boss if it means that you will get a promotion or rather leave the job as what the boss proposed about your girlfriend was disrespectful and upsetting?

10).  If ever your ex whom you truly loved at one time says that she is regretful for whatever wrongs she has done and want you back in her life; would you break-up with the current girlfriend and go back or rather ignore you ex and stay with your current girl?

11). Would you ever read the texts that your girlfriend sent you after both of you have broken-up and remember the good times or would you rather delete all memories of her from your phone and try to forget that she existed in your life?

12). When a relationship is on the verge of break-up; would you press the rewind button and go back to the cheerful and happy times with your partner and save the relationship or rather just go forward to break up  and move on with life?

13). Would you ever be in a relationship with a girl you have deep feelings for but you know that the girl is not serious about you or rather be in a relationship with a girl who is crazily in love but you do not reciprocate her feelings?

14). Would you ever flirt with your best friend’s sister or would you rather always treat her as a sister?

15). Would you ever imagine of being unfaithful and then lie to your girlfriend to keep the relationship or would you rather confess to her about your philandering and risk the relationship?

16). If you are given a million dollars to marry a rich lady but you are already in a serious relationship; would you marry the rich lady dumping your girlfriend or rather stay with your girl snubbing the million dollars?

17).  Would you stay with your girlfriend and support and love her if she is diagnosed with cancer or would you rather break-up with her and move on with life?

18).  Is it alright for you if you get the chance of being in a relationship with your dream girl for one year or would you rather have a simple and suitable girlfriend with whom you can spend your life?

19).  Would you prefer an ugly girl with a big heart and kind attitude as your girlfriend or would you rather have a beautiful girl who is a snob and selfish?

20). Would you chose to marry the girlfriend who is timid and listens to everything you say or the girlfriend whom you are passionate and crazy about but both of you always quarrel and fight when together as your outlooks differ?

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