Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

9). Gross Would You Rather Questions

Gross would you rather questions are disgusting and repulsive but also unravel our deepest darkest secrets. They show the extent to which we are ready to act or think about in reality. If you want to try some gross would you rather questions and looking gross would you rather questions then check out bellow given 20+ questions.

1). What would you prefer; tampons for fingers or pubic hair for teeth if for one day you are only given this two choices and why?

2). Would you prefer a bloody stain in your clothes due to having periods while on a date or while on the beach while sunbathing in a bikini?

3). Would you have sex with goat as a dare but keep it a secret from people; or let other people believe that you had sex with a goat and be ridiculed rather than really having sex with a goat?

4). What is worse; to lick for fifteen minutes a stinking man’s armpit or chew and munch on a smelly and dirty toe nail?

5). What would be less gross; to enter your parent’s room while they are naked or rather to make love with your brother/sister?

6). Would you watch a porn video where your boyfriend/girlfriend is having sex with someone else or rather peep into your parent’s room when they are making love?

7). What would be worse; to accidentally watch your father masturbating or rather your sister masturbating while talking to her boyfriend?

8).  What is a gross nightmare; to have bird droppings in your hair for the whole day or rather eat bird droppings for five minutes as a dare?

9). Would you prefer to eat a gum which was stuck on someone else’s hair for a few hours or rather have sticky gooey gum stuck in your hair for a day?

10). Would you prefer bad breath or rather sweaty and sticky hands when you meet your best friend and long time crush after some time?

11). When in a horror movie would you prefer to bleed to death after being stabbed in your knee caps and bleeding for two hours or would you rather die being mashed and squashed by a mixer grinder in a few minutes?

12). Would you offer to your date spoiled and smelly milk to drink or rather give him/her a rotten and moldy pizza to eat?

13). What would be less gross; to have severe diarrhea for a week every year for the rest of your life or rather have a drooling problem always for the rest of your life?

14). Would you always prefer to have a runny nose or rather cough and wheeze after every spoken sentence for the rest of your life?

15). I f you are given the option to fill your room either with naked mole rats or maggots and stay in the room for a week; which one would you choose?

16).  As a dare would you prefer to smell your own fart for whole week or rather smell someone else’s fart for only a day?

17).  As a dare would you chose to lick someone else’s armpit for a week or rather eat your own shit once?

18). Would you prefer to give your boyfriend/girlfriend spoiled milk to drink while on a date or would you rather prefer to drink your own pee?

19). Would you shit in your pants in public and wait for two hours to clean it or rather pee in your pants and be in those smelly pants for two days?

20). Would you prefer to eat maggots or cockroaches if two plates are kept before you with one filled with maggots while the other filled with cockroaches?

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