Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

13). Would You Rather Questions for Guys

Would you rather questions are a great way to spent time at a party. A few questions will be thoughtful and force you to wonder about what kind of person you truly are. The options make the questions simple to answer and both children and adults can enjoy this game of questions.

1). According to you what is better; to be poor and lead a struggling existence but be happy with your true love and family; or become very rich through corrupted means but lead a loveless, unhappy and lonely life without family?

2). What were your aspirations in high school as a teenager; did you wish to become the good looking jock who was popular with the girls and good in sports; or would you rather be the geeky nerd who was a hard working student scoring high marks in the classes?

3). If Almighty gives you the option of choosing between the boons of either being the most enigmatic man in the world and be a Hollywood heartthrob or be the man with the highest IQ and a great scientist; which one would you choose?

4). Would you ever let go of an assured $100,000 to wager your destiny on the likelihood of winning a 50/50 chance lottery of $1,000,000?

5). Are you a man fond of adventure and yearn for jobs which challenge your potential repeatedly but pay you little for following your passion or would you rather labor in a boring white-collared corporate job that pays you  lot and helps you afford all the luxuries you ever dreamt of?

6). The world has been ravaged with sorrows and devastations through the years; do you still follow the news regularly and ponder about the happenings around the world or are you the man who loves to follow the baseball and football tournaments rigorously and occasionally goes to see a Hollywood movie for entertainment?

7).  Would you have many meaningless flings if it means that after fifty flings you get to meet the love of your life or would you rather be in a serious relation with a simple girl and not worry about searching for true love?

8). Would you like a shy girl and make the first move or rather fall for a smart and vivacious girl who will profess her love to you before you have the chance to do so?

9).  Do you ever feel that it will be alright to have children out of wedlock or rather to have children only after you are legally married?

10).  Are you foodie and want a good cook and homemaker as wife or would you rather marry a careeristic woman who can support you financially in times of financial crisis?

11).  Would you travel in the mountains and jungles camping and searching for adventures during holidays or would you rather travel by staying in hotels and visiting different places?

12). After getting a huge salary hike would you buy a big car or rather donate money to an orphanage and help the poor children?

13). For a date; would you prefer to take your girlfriend for a long walk along the sea beach or rather a long drive through hilly roads?

14). Would you date a bad girl with a troubled past and help her to reform herself or would you rather date a stable and good girl who you can take to your mother and marry?

15). Is it better to cuddle or go on a expedition with your girlfriend to have a better understanding of her?

16). Would you date a good kisser or rather a kind-hearted and cheerful girl?

17).  When you understand that your girlfriend is going to dumb you; would you break-up with her before she gets the chance or would you rather plead with her to give the relationship a second chance?

18). Is it more important to give time and attention to family or would you rather go on expeditions with friends in your free time?

19).  Would you wish to have a simple and quick legal wedding or would you rather prefer an extravagant wedding which goes on for a few days?

20). Would you be attracted to a girl by her looks or rather find her desirable on the basis of intelligence and views?

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