Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

8). Weird Would You Rather Questions

Weird would you rather questions show that everyone is crazy and stupid sometimes. With these questions we come to know about the embarrassing and awkward habits and feelings of friends and lovers. Truly I applied these questions many times and got good result, hope you will get. check out 20+ weird would you rather questions

1). Would you like your eyebrows completely waxed off or get a nasty rash from a bad bikini wax job? You have to show your eyebrow waxed face to your friends or go the beach in a bikini with the nasty rash).

2).  Your all-time crush who does not pay you any heed; would you like if one day he/she takes notice of you and starts cat calling you or just become friendly with you and treat you as a normal human being?

3). What would you do if given a choice; walk around in your office with a very noticeable panty line and meet your date with yellow teeth and smelly mouth?

4). What is less embarrassing while on a date; to pee yourself in public or shit yourself in your room but wait for an hour to get cleaned?

6).  Would you join your parents while they are having sex and stop it or rather see it because you were in the room already and be scarred for life?

7). Would you prefer to have finger sized nipples or rather have nipple sized fingers?

8). In an erotic dream would you flirt and kiss your best friend or rather have sex with your best-friend’s brother/sister?

9). For the girls’; if a blessing says that you get to kiss a frog or a donkey and it transforms into your prince charming would you kiss the slimy frog or the dirty donkey?

10). For getting good marks would you date the good-looking young teacher or would you rather score the highest in your class and date the middle-aged Principal?

11). What would you prefer to eat if you are given the dare to eat either earwax or snot?

12). What will be more preferable to you; to be born with a long neck like a giraffe or a hanging nose like an elephant trunk?

13). During a date which is better to hide for you; to pee every time you stand up or to poop every time you sit down?

14). If are in a horror movie; would you prefer to be eaten by the maggots or bitten off and eaten by the crocodiles?

15). What would be better; to have a runny nose or rather be squint-eyed for the rest of your life?

16). What kind of death is better for you; to die attacked by zombies or eaten by sharks?

17). If one morning you wake up to find yourself in the body of the opposite gender; would you continue to live with your current boyfriend/girlfriend and dress like before or change your style and personality according to the gender you now belong to?

18). Would you choose a robot or an animal to transplant your brain in after you die?

19). When on a date which would be slightly better; to always shout and sneeze or rather whisper and cough?

20). During your best friend’s marriage would you prefer to burp every time you laugh or fart every time you wheeze?

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