Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

2). Would You Rather Questions for Kids

If it is about entertainment then why not take care of kids? Here are the good would you rather questions for kids. They are entertaining and good enough to ask to the kids. These questions are worth giving a try for the kids. You can ask them as they can tell you about the mind set of kids. And afterwards you can tell them what is right and what is wrong for them.

Would you rather questions for kids are a great way to spend time with friends and know each other better. Options are given for every question which makes them easier and simple for the kids to understand and answer.

1). Would you like being the most comical and humorous person in your friends’ group or be the bright and intelligent kid in the group?

2). Would you like to fight for your friends or would you talk and save your friends from difficult situations?

3). What is your dream; to learn all the beautiful languages around the world and travel around the world to see new unique things or become the best in any language and gain fame and riches?

4). If you are in a difficult situation with your parents; will you lie to them to save yourself from being rebuked or tell the truth and confess all the wrong doings to them?

5).  What would you prefer; to reside in the Harry Potter world or in the Pokémon world?

6). Would you wish for the superpower to read other people’s thoughts or be blessed with the power of flying and save others from difficult situations?

7). What is a terrifying nightmare to you; to stay locked in a dark and silent room for many hours or rather get lost while walking through the streets?

8). Would you be the best player in a mediocre team and always play well but lose matches or rather be the mediocre player in the best football team which always win matches?

9).  What is a necessity to you; the hot spicy cheesy pizza or rather the creamy hot chocolate shake?

10).  On a freezing day would you prefer a hot cup of coffee or rather a hot relaxing bath?

11). Would you compete with your friends and lose or would you rather never compete?

12).  Would you prefer to go to school twenty minutes early everyday and wait for the classes to start or would you rather be ten minutes late everyday and be punished sometimes for late attendance?

13).  Would you become vegetarian to protest against the animal cruelty of the meat industry or rather be too fond of meat to stop having it for being an animal lover?

14). When with your friends would you like to dress in casual and comfortable clothes or rather wear fashionable and extremely stylish clothes to look the best amongst your friends?

15). Would you prefer to play the role of superhero in a children’s film or act as a magician?

16). I f your mother gives you permission to eat a jar of candies or a whole tub of butter; what would you prefer?

17). Would be a weird but intelligent kid or rather a dumb but talkative and beautiful kid?

18). Would you spent a day listening to musing or would you rather watch television for the whole day?

19). Would you prefer your pet as your roommate for a year or rather your best friend?

20). Do you believe in fairy tales and kiss a frog to transform it into a beautiful person or would you rather not believe in the fantasy worlds of the fairy tales?

21). Would you rather be a superman or Spiderman?

22). Would you rather clean dishes after dinner or table?

23). Would you rather be a scientist or an astronaut?

24). Would you rather get up early or sleep late?

25). Would you rather be the most intelligent kid of the school or most popular?

26). Would you rather eat pancakes for the whole life or cookies?

27). Would you rather smell your socks or left with dustbins around you?

28). Would you rather teach a lesson to bad people or kill them?

29). Would you rather be the strongest or the smartest?

30). Would you rather be good at sports or good at studies?

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