Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

4). Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Some would you rather questions are so weird and embarrassing that you would wish to never have played the game; as you have now got those dirty ideas stuck in your head. But all is done in a playful mood; it is just a game and everyone is having fun.

It is always necessary to get dirty with your partner. This keeps the romance on in a relationship. You can do that by crazy games and romantic dates. But there is something which you can do too. You can ask them some dirty and good would you rather questions. They are sassy and entertaining too. This will show a new side of your partner to you.

If you having dirty mind right now and want to make some dirty fun with you partner then check out bellow given awesome dirty would you rather questions.

1). Would you like to get erotic and touch your best friend intimately while his/her partner watches or would you like your best friend to touch your partner intimately while you watch them and be aroused?

2). Is it guy on guy action or girl on girl action in porn videos that makes you more horny than making out with your partner?

3). How many partners would you rather fantasies about to be intimate with while someone else is videotaping it?

4).  Would you be a prostitute and take money from others to give them sexual pleasure or would you pay a prostitute for giving you pleasure; doing all this while you are having a girlfriend/boyfriend?

5). For the guys: what you think will get you a more attention from the girls while making out with them; to have a penis-sized nipple or a nipple-sized penis?

6). For the girls: what would be less repulsive to the guys while making out; nostrils looking like vaginas or a vagina looking like a nose?

7).  What is better; if you are with your crush and one has to shit on another, if you shit on her she will naturally get very angry with you or would you rather let her shit on you and get literally in deep shit?

8). Who will be more desirable to you; if are given the dare to have sex with a hideous, dirty and smelly person or a beautiful and fresh dead body?

9).  When on a date; would you rather become purple out of embarrassment or sweat like a pig and soak your clothes?

10). Would it be less horrifying to see your parents or rather your lover in a porn video with your friends?

11). Would you ever go behind your partner’s back and cheat on him/her with their best friend as revenge because he/she has cheated on you or be unaware of your partner’s cheating ways and be happy and content with him/her?

12). What is better; to drink a liter of piss or a liter of sweat?

13). What would you choose when given the option of having sex every day but never having an orgasm or rather have sex only once in life but have an earth shattering and satisfying orgasm?

14). What will be desirable to you in dirty fantasies; to be constantly naked and enjoy watching other people having sex or let other people watch you while you have sex?

15).  If there is a bell which goes off every time you become horny and inform the others that you are horny; then would you ever be horny or rather never be horny for this embarrassing bell?

16).  Would you prefer to have a three-inch penis and be ridiculed only by your girlfriends rather than having man boobs and be ridiculed by everyone?

17). What is more dirty; to sit on a dick and eat a cake appealingly or rather sit on a cake and suck a dick?

18).  What is more dirty and disgusting; to lick a stranger’s condom or eat few maggots from a corpse?

19). Would you have sex with a fat and smelly person or rather a dirty person with bad breath as a dare?

20). Do you have the kinky and dirty pleasure of wearing your partner’s used underwear or rather smelling their underwear after having sex?

21). Would you rather have sex with one or with everyone?

22). Would you rather prefer someone is over you or you over someone?

23). Would you rather watch porn with your partner or watch a romantic movie?

24). Would you rather go for a threesome or cheat your partner with someone else?

25). Would you rather have sex in extreme cold or in extreme warmth?

26). Would you rather kiss someone and then dump or be with them without even kiss them?

27). Would you rather be seduced or would seduce someone?

28). Would you rather have no arms or no legs?

29). Would you rather be a virgin forever or have sex with your sibling once?

30). Would you rather be the hottest guy with no money or the ugliest guy with lots of money?

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