Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

6). Would You Rather Questions for Teens

These would you rather questions for teens are not only fun and interactive; but also perceptive. One can avoid would you rather questions but surely cannot hide when in a teenagers group who are playing would you rather questions. These would your rather questions are so bizarre and queer that they will force you to think and play.

1). Are you one of those tech-savvy teenagers who cannot spend even a few hours without their cell phones and iPods or the guy who understands that a world exists outside the virtual world and would happily go on a few days expedition without any gadgets?

2). Would you be the queen bee in your friends group and have the habit of checking social networking sites always as if that is the most important aspect in life or prefer to be the social recluse and stay in your own world reading books?

3).  What is less horrifying to you when your parents are not home for a week and there is only one key to the house with you; but sadly you lost the house keys and is locked out of the house for a week or would you prefer that you lose your cellphone instead of the house keys?

4). What will be more upsetting for you; to lose all your social networking accounts and never to open them again or to lose your core group of friends?

5).  Being a modern day teenager addicted with the virtual world; would you rather be able to live without the internet for a year or rather become the recluse and outcast in school?

6).  What matters more to you; the affection and support of friends or would you rather sacrifice your personal relations for success in your academics, for a better future or for popularity?

7).  Would you prefer to be a book worm and online game addict who is termed as the nerd of the school; or would you be jovial and cheerful funny guy who is called the school clown?

8).  What would you wish for if you see a falling star; be a brainiac and innovator like Einstein or be a fashion diva and entertainer like Beyonce?

9). In future where do you see yourself; working in a blue-collared corporate jobs or working hard for your own small company?

10). What is a preferable punishment to you; to feel hung-over and suffer headaches for a week or not being able to use the internet and cell phone for a week?

11).  Would you stay in prison for five years to save your best friend from a death penalty or run away somewhere else to get out of the complicated situation?

12). If given the choice between identifying the cure for the hazardous and ominous cancer and finding out whether God exists; which one would you rather choose?

13). This question is for the Twilight fans; would you dream for a vampire boyfriend/girlfriend in real life or rather a werewolf boyfriend/girlfriend and why?

14).  Do you believe in extraplanetary life and in aliens or are you the person who only believes in facts and proven things?

15). Would you fall in love with a person even when you know that you love story is doomed from the start or would you rather have meaningless flings?

16).  Would you ever dream of a movie being made on your childhood or would you rather meet your favorite Hollywood heartthrob?

17).  Would you ever flirt with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend or rather hate the guy/girl for dumping and hurting your best- friend?

18).  What is that you wish for; to become the popular guy/girl in high school and date many people or rather be a social recluse and wait for the right person to date and later get married to?

19).  Are you a seeker of adrenaline rush and would want to go on many adventures before your are eighteen so that even if you die at eighteen it does not matter or would you rather lead are very safe and simple life and live till at least sixty?

20). Being a teenager would you like to have a five minutes conversation with your ten-year-old child self or would you rather talk with you thirty years old adult self and why?

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