Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

14). Good Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather questions are good conversation starters and also fosters friendships with the jovial essence. In good would you rather questions information can be got by innocent questions about people’s weekend plans, likes and dislikes. The questions are on current news or about the surroundings and give a vivid depiction of how the person really is.

1). Would you start a conversation with a colleague by flirting and joking or rather by decently introducing yourself?

2). Would you try to be friendly with a stranger by talking about the weather or would you start by saying that “I have seen you somewhere before”?

3). When talking with your childhood crush for the first time while in school; would you ask her to meet at the park after school or would you be too shy to say anything?

4). To start a conversation in a picnic would you start conversing on the popular movie you recently watched or how everyone spent their weekends?

5). Would you take your partner to see the Taj Mahal or gift him/her a promise ring on your anniversary?

6). During a discussion with friends would you talk about the latest fashion trends or rather the current news and happenings of the world?

7). With your friends would you like to have political debates or would you rather discuss about trivial and funny things?

8). For the first time would you prefer to visit a sea beach or rather a hill station with your friends?

9).  What is preferable to you; be fat and tall or rather short and muscular?

10).  If you are handicapped in an accident; would you choose to be blind or rather become incapable to walk for life?

11). Would you like your best friend to have similar taste in music and literature or rather be the opposite of you?

12). What is more thrilling to you; to become a super-hero or rather a super-villain?

13).  If God gives you a blessing; would you wish for the power to see into the future or would you rather ask God to bring back your dead loved ones?

14). Would you be intelligent but short, ugly and fat or rather mediocre but smart, handsome and tall?

15). Would you wish to live for a thousand years with little happiness and adventures or would you rather live up to hundred with lots of happiness, adventures and loving friends?

16).  Would you persevere at a interesting but less paying job or rather toil under pressure at a dull but high paying job?

17).  Would you be homeless and poor but stand by your family or be rich and powerful but not support your family in their hard times?

18). Would it be better to stand in the blistering sun for twelve hours or rather sit in a freezing room for twelve hours?

19). Would it be better if your parents rebuked and shouted on you for some wrongs or would you rather stop talking to them and never confess your lies and misdeeds to them?

20). If you become homeless and poor would you prefer to be arrested for a petty crime and live in the prison or rather keep on struggling for food and clothing and live in a car?

21). Would you rather have small legs or small arms?

22). Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

23). Would you rather have a whole on your knees or through head?

24). Would you rather always be dumb or always shout while your try to speak?

25). Would you rather stammer or cough every time you speak?

26). Would you rather be in prison or in Amazon forest forever?

27). Would you rather send a wrong email to the right person or flirty email to the wrong person?

28). Would you rather stop laughing or stop using Smartphone?

29). Would you rather delete your instagram account or facebook account?

30). Would you rather go to Hawaii alone or would play a cricket match with friends?

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