Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

12). Flirty Would You Rather Questions

Flirty would you rather questions are played amongst couples and lovers so the questions are amorous and romantic. Once your partner or crush knows all your secret dreams and desires; romancing becomes all the more satisfying and joyous. Today if you are in flirty mood and looking good resources for you by which you can flirt with your partner then select any best fit flirty would you rather questions. Bellow I am giving 20 flirty would you rather questions for you.

1). Would you be the girl/guy to propose to your crush and start flirting or would you rather wait for your crush to make the first move?

2). Would you rather be dominated and pampered by your partner or would you dominate and pamper your partner to impress them?

3). What is more desirable to you; to have many sexual partners to whom you are only physically attracted or would you rather live with one partner who you truly love?

4). What personality characteristics are more desirable to you; a person who is fun and flirty or rather serious and composed?

5). For marriage would you prefer a guy/girl who had several relationships in the past or would you rather like to marry the person whose first romantic relation is with you?

6). Would you like to have one-night stands and flings if your partner gives you the liberty or do you hate the practice of flings and one night stands?

7).  Do you want to have a good-looking, charming but arrogant girlfriend/boyfriend or would you rather want someone humorous with a big heart and looks does not matter so much?

8).  For the guys; would prefer a shy girl with a beautiful face or would you rather flirt with a buxom and lascivious girl?

9).  Would you prefer a girl with ample boobs or would you like a girl with big shapely butts?

10). Would you prefer a to go on a date with your partner or would you rather stay in and have a one-night stand?

11). On a romantic couple’s night would you cuddle with your partner and watch movies at home or rather take a long drive and then have a candle-lit dinner at a beautiful restaurant?

12). If given the choice; would you equate happiness in a relationship with the gifts and luxuries your partner provides you or would you rather get happiness from the simple joys, emotions and the essence of true love in the relationship?

13). Are you a romantic and heart and will you wait for a long time for prince charming or dream girl to come and have a whirlwind romance or would you rather make a high-flying career and live a luxurious life with a decent partner?

14). On the first date would you be comfortable to give the goodbye kiss on the lips or would you rather kiss on the cheeks?

15). What kind of guy/girl would you like to date; the younger, extremely ambitious person who have no plans of marriage for the next ten years or the older, established and matured person who plans to settle down in the next two years?

16).  For the guys; on a date does a short black dress or rather a mini skirt seem hotter on your girl?

17). For the girls; on a date to amaze your boyfriend would you prefer the stunning red lipstick or rather the adorable pink lipstick?

18). If your ex-comes back after a month of dumping you for another guy/girl; would you forgive and take them back or would you rather tell them that the relationship is in the past and you have moved on?

19). What would be more desirable to you; to take your crush on a date and propose to her or would you rather become her friend and try to make her fall in love with you through friendship?

20). What is more romantic and relaxing for you; to cuddle with your lover or rather kiss and make-out with them?

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