Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

11). Nasty Would You Rather Questions

When people are with their close friends and lovers; they may ask suggestive and nasty would you rather questions. These would you rather questions reveal the erotic and naughty facets of people. People set their imagination free for nasty questions as being naughty and bizarre is not a crime. hope you will enjoy bellow given selective 20 nasty would you rather questions, if yes please share this post on your social profile.

1). Would you make out with your boyfriend/girlfriend in the movie hall in front of many people or rather at your house in front of your parents?

2). Would you flirt with your partner’s best friend or would you rather flirt with his/her sibling?

3). What had been your childhood dream; to have sex with your childhood sweetheart or rather with your celebrity crush?

4).  To get a promotion would you agree to have a threesome with three friends or rather have sex with your attractive middle-aged boss?

5). What is your secret erotic desire; to have sex in a public place while others are watching or rather have sex in the middle of a jungle inside a cave?

6).  What is better; to catch your girlfriend in an intimate position with your best friend or rather develops feelings for your girlfriend’s brother?

7).  Would you prefer to be a sex addict and get HIV or rather not have sex for a year to save yourself from any sexually transmitted disease?

8).  When you know that there is a hidden camera in the hotel room; would you make love to your husband/wife on the honeymoon night or rather refrain from being intimate due to the fear of being recorded?

9).  Would you ever force your partner to have sex because you are feeling horny or would you rather respect his/her wishes and refrain from love making that day?

10).  What is more exhilarating; to have sex with your professor in the classroom or rather with a married woman/man in their room when their spouse is at home?

11).  What is your naughty and nasty desire; to watch your partner having sex with someone else or rather join them in a threesome?

12). If given the choice; would you prefer to have sex with a porn star or rather have sex with the character of an erotic novel?

13). Would you like kiss your partner while in the bathroom or rather make out with him in the kitchen?

14). What will attract your boyfriend/girlfriend more; a make out session in a melted chocolate tub or in a tub of honey?

15). Would you prefer to drink your boyfriend/girlfriend’s pee or rather eat his/her shit?

16).  Would you prefer to be spanked by your partner while having sex or would you rather spank your partner while having sex?

17).  Is it better to make out with an old man/woman or rather make out with your partner in front of a child?

18).  Would you like to get filmed while having sex or rather film your friends having sex?

19). After ten years of marriage would you feel excited to have sex with your husband/wife or rather cheat on him/her with a younger and hotter person?

20). Would you have sex with your pet or watch porn and masturbate on your own?

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