Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

10). Would You Rather Questions for Adults

These questions reveal our maturity and romantic personality. Would you rather questions for adults help the players know each other better and be friends. The questions reveal facets of individuals which others can also relate to and thus friendships are strengthened. Here I am sharing some great would you rather questions for Adults, hope you like these given questions.

1). Would you sacrifice your life to save 100 children or rather just run away with your with your life knowing in your heart that you could have saved the children if you had been a better human being?

2).  If it comes to save your family by sacrificing your own life or living for eternity while your whole family dies; what would you choose?

3). If you die an accidental death; would you prefer death by freezing or rather by burning?

4).  If you are in an accident what would be worse; to lose your arms and never write or hold anything or rather to lose your legs and never run or walk?

5). If you are cursed by a witch what would you rather lose; your fingers or your eyesight?

6).  What is better; to have knives for fingers or rather penises for fingers?

7).  Would you marry Paris Hilton just for wealth or rather remain faithful to your partner?

8).  Would you be able to listen to your favorite song every day for the rest of your life or rather just stop listening to songs altogether?

9). Would you accept the job of being Kim Kardashian’s assistant to be rich and be her beck and call girl/boy or rather be very poor but do the job you are passionate about?

10).  Would you prefer to have a frustrating job but a happy and supportive family or rather a satisfying job with a supportive colleague group but a troubled and dysfunctional family?

11). If you are given the blessing of becoming a superhero; would you choose to be the Superman and fly around or become Spiderman and climb around places to save the city?

12). If you get a time machine would you take it back in to rectify your wrongs or rather go to the future to make your dreams and aspirations real?

13). Would you prefer to be a person of indefinite wealth but poor health and on the verge of death or rather a very healthy and cheerful person with limited wealth?

14). Would it be desirable to just live for one more year but have everything you ever wished for and live extravagantly or rather to live a long life being poor and unhappy?

15). Would you prefer to be a charming and attractive dimwit or rather an repulsive genius?

16). What is better; to have hideous acne on your body which you can cover by your dress or rather have some acne on your face?

17). Would you allow your suspicious boyfriend/girlfriend with whom you are having a serious relationship; to check your phone and hence save your relationship from a break up or rather break up with your suspicious and distrustful partner?

18). Would you like to live for twenty years with AIDS and be ridiculed by the society or rather live for ten years afflicted by cancer and beget the society’s sympathy for untimely death?

19). Would it be better to never use the internet again or rather never ride the airplane in life?

20). Would you prefer to live a poor but harmless life or be rich by becoming a drug lord and having great danger to your life and your family’s security?

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