Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

3). Hardest Would You Rather Questions

There are some questions at which you get stuck like hell. Here we tried to bring them for you. We have listed out some hardest and good would you rather questions for you. They are the hardest among all. They are typical and you won’t be able to think about making one choice. Each choice will make you think twice about them.

Once you have agreed to play the game of would you rather questions you have to prepare to answer the hardest and trickiest questions. Many secrets can be revealed in the hardest would you rather questions.

1). Would you rather swim through a lake floating with dead bodies or a lake of sewage water and the industrial wastes?

2). Would you rather be obese and be ridiculed or too thin and be weak to properly walk and do other normal activities?

3). Would you rather be a billionaire with no kids and relatives or a poor guy with kids and relatives to love and take care of you?

4).  Would you prefer to suffer the loss of the sense of touch or the sense of smell for life; when a Goddess bestows a boon on you with the sacrifice of either the sense of smell or touch?

5). Would you stay with your partner if one day he/she wakes up with pubic hair in place of teeth and teeth instead of pubic hair?

6). If you were given the dare to use sandpaper as toilet paper or give vinegar as eye drops to your boyfriend/girlfriend; what would you do?

7). To suffer from stomach upset for the rest of your life or have a bowl of your own shit for a week; which one would you rather do?

8). If you fall in love with a specially-abled person; would you prefer if he has problems with his limbs or has a speech and visual debility?

9). What would be less embarrassing to you; in an interview you sneeze and stutter or the sixty years old business leader of the company flirts with you and you have to humor him even when you think that he is a creepy and disgusting?

10). Would you want to be become powerful and fearsome like a dragon or have a magical dragon at your beck and call?

11). Would you prefer to be squint-eyed for a year or be bothered by a series of sneezes whenever you are with your boyfriend/girlfriend for a month?

12). What will be a nightmare for you; be hairy all over the body and unable to shave it or being hairless even with no hair on your head?

13). Would you be the diplomatic and politically correct person who only thinks of his own interests and profits; or be the person who speaks his mind and stands up for his friends?

14). Is being good looking and smart but poor better or be ugly and weird though rich preferable to you?

15).  Would you wish to become three feet taller or three feet shorter in your dreams and why?

16). Would you rather have one wish granted to you now than wait for three years to grant three wishes and why?

17). What is your worst fear; to be buried alive or to drown in a sea?

18). Would you choose the superpower of seeing and  creating the future as you like or rather change the past as you desire?

19).  Would you suffer in solitary confinement for five years to become rich and famous or never become rich to avoid prison and torture?

20). For winning a one million dare would you go to the Antarctica naked or rather travel to the desert in a snow suit?

21). Would you rather live a life of complications and never die or enjoy a lot but die early?

22). Would you rather be without arms or without legs?

23). Would you rather have orgasm and then pain or never feel the orgasm?

24). Would you rather pet a dragon or a dinosaur?

25). Would you rather be completely bald or have hairs on some of the part of the head?

26). Would you rather be left in a desert or in Antarctica?

27). Would you rather correct your past or see the future?

28). Would you rather see through clothes or read minds?

29). Would you rather be dumb with great hearing power or be deaf with great visual power?

30). Would you rather be kicked automatically every time someone takes your name or slapped?

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