Would You Rather Questions for You [Good, Flirty, Dirty, Nasty, Adult, Couple, Weird, Hardest]

5). Would You Rather Questions for Couples

There are numerous would you rather questions to ask your lover and spice up your love life. Would you rather questions for couples helps to understand each other better and are insightful and candidate. Hope you also love these given would you rather questions for couple.

1).  Would you ever cheat on your partner if you see an extremely attractive person making advances towards you or would you rather tell him/her that you are in a committed relationship and not interested?

2). What would you do to lure your partner to have sex with you; would you watch porn with them or rather read an erotic and amorous novel and start touching each other?

3).  What is your dream proposal; your partner proposes to you simply on a bended knee or takes you on a tour to someplace special to profess their undying love?

4). The secret desire that you want to fulfill with your partner; while making love for the first time would you keep the lights off or rather keep them on to discover each other’s bodies?

5).  What is your romantic wish on the first date with your girlfriend/boyfriend; would you prefer to only talk to him and know him more closely or rather cuddle and kiss him/her on the first date only?

6). What do you think is the best love-making with your partner; morning sex before leaving for work for the whole day or night sex after being away from each other for the whole day?

7). To make your relationship more thrilling and sexually active; would you prefer a threesome with a person of the same sex or of the opposite sex?

8). If cursed that for one year you will make your partner sick if you have sex with him/her; would you abstain from having sex for a year or would you have sex with five different people to break the curse?

9).  To impress your partner would you go down on him/her and give an oral; or would you treat them to a romantic candlelit dinner cooked by you?

10). I f you had a fight with your partner and afterward he/she came home drunk; would you take opportunity of their drunken state to make love and sort out the problems in the relationship or freshen him/her and let them rest?

11). For the girls; when you meet your husband after a few weeks due to work will you make him eager for your company and love by discreetly displaying your body to him in skimpy clothes or would you rather have a romantic conversation with him?

12). If ever it happens that you get to keep multiple sexual partners without you partner knowing; would you indulge in the liaisons or refrain as you do not want to endanger your relationship due to meaningless flings?

13). Would you ever try kinky love making ideas with your partner to spice up your relationship or be too shy and freak out by the kinky things?

14). What is the perfect date for you; going out with a gorgeous partner and ending the date by having passionate sex or rather by sharing a fervent and adoring kiss with your partner?

15). To show your adoration and love; would you confess to him/her all the things you love about them and how you cannot imagine live without them or rather buy expensive and beautiful gifts for him/her?

16). Would you write love letters and romantic poems to your partner to impress them or would you rather make passionate love with them to make them happy and satisfied?

17).  Would you surmount difficulties and hurdles to be with your beloved even if he/she is poor or rather marry someone rich even if you hate them?

18). Would you try to remain friends with the guy/girl you are crazily in love with because they see you as their friend or would you rather sever all ties and try to forget about your unrequited feelings?

19).  Do you ever see yourself in the position of falling in love with a married man/woman and become a home wrecker or ever imagine your partner being unfaithful and you demanding divorce because you cannot stand infidelity?

20). Would you be the ideal romantic and fall in love with a person even after knowing that they will die in a year or would you rather wish to never meet them and keep yourself away from an inevitable heartbreak?

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