10+ Best Apps for Rooted Android

Best Apps for Rooted Android: Rooting your Android devices is a way to benefit from elevated administrator privileges. But many users aren’t sure of how to make use of their rooted device. There are various best apps for rooted Android devices that let you utilize the privileges of a rooted device and allow you to enjoy full use of the Android system.

10+ Best Apps for Rooted Android

Here are some 10 must have best apps for rooted Android which you must try using for your Android phone.

1). SuperSU

The world’s best root privileges manager – SuperSU is effectual enough to handle all root access, which makes it top our list of the best apps for rooted Android. This suggests that any application that tries to access your system has to contact SuperSU for access permissions. It comes with lots of features like:

  • Superuser access prompt and logging
  • Superuser access notifications
  • Access and request logs: SuperSU lets you allow or deny access to applications that are trying to access your system.
  • Auto-allow system apps: You can select the option of auto-allow system apps so that SuperSU automatically allows system apps to do the needful without asking you for permissions again and again.
  • Un-root options: It provides you both un-root options – temporary un-root and complete un-root.
  • Deep process detection
  • Works in recovery and when the Android isn’t properly booted
  • Always runs in ghost mode
  • Convert to system apps: It allows you to convert apps to system apps.
  • Themes: You can select a theme of your choice from the 4 available options.

SuperSU by Chainfire is the total access management tool for all rooted Android devices. It allows for advanced management of root access rights for all the apps on your device. This access management tool runs through a so called ‘SUbinary’, which means if you install SuperSU, your previous root access management solution will no longer operate.


2). System App Remover

System App Remover is the most popular and one from the best apps for rooted Android devices. You often root your Android phone so as to trim out all the pre-installed bloatware on your phone, and this System App Remover can help you with this.

  • Remove pre-installed bloatware from your system: This app makes short work of bloatware and provides helpful suggestions about which apps can be safely removed and which ones would affect your system’s functionality.
  • Move apps to SD card: You can use the System App Remover, which belongs to the best apps for rooted Android, to move your apps to the SD card.
  • Easy to use: There are many feature-packed tools for detailed app management and backup in the market, but this one app is best known for its focus and ease of use. This suggests that this app is extremely easy to use.
  • Uninstall multiple user apps at one time
  • Safe: This app is safe to use and has been tested on hundreds of devices.

The System App Remover by Jumobile comes with a range of impressive features, which is why we have included it in this list of the top 10 best apps for rooted Android.


3). Device Control

The Device Control app by Alexander Martinz is an open-source app for rooted device. It is one of the best apps for rooted Android for system tweaking and device monitoring. It lets you control a variety of features of your device along with getting to utilize some nice extra features.

  • Control your rooted device’s parameters: It allows you to control your processor’s frequency, entropy level, screen colors, input voltages, etc.
  • Extra tools to use: With the Device Control app you get to use some nice special tools like a tasker that allows automatic strimming and screen off, editors, quick tweaks, wireless file manager, app manager to view information about your apps, vibration strength, etc.
  • Fast charging and power scheduling
  • Automatic restore of your settings on boot: You will have to check the sections you need to be restored in preferences.

Device Control is a 100% ad free app which will never ask you to pay or donate money for any of its features. Note that any improper use of this app can make your system unstable so ensure that you have knowledge of each of its features. Try out this app to make the most out of all features supported by your Android device.

android-playstore4). Greenify

Greenify is a perfect blend of a battery saver and a performance booster app, which makes it one of the essential and best apps for rooted Android devices. It lets you identify apps the misbehaving apps and put them to hibernation for enhancing the performance of your device.

  • Saves power and improves performance: The Greenify app hibernate applications that consume more system resources, including system apps and thereby, it makes your device run faster and smoother. It is known for greatly boosting up your device’s performance.
  • Information about running apps: Greenify tells you about your running apps, the ones which are running, the ones which have been run, how frequently does each app run and how many times does each app wake up your device. With this information, you can easily hibernate the apps to prevent them from running in the background and draining your battery.
  • Prevent Facebook from waking up your phone: It will be interesting to know it is the only available application that prevents your smartphone from alerting you with Facebook notifications more than 700+ times a day.

This app by Oasis Feng was introduced as Lifehacker’s Top 1 Utility best Android apps in 2013. With this one from the best apps for rooted Android your Android phone or tablet will never run slow or become hungrier for battery charging. It will run as smoothly and lastingly as it did when you first bought it.

android-playstore5). Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a long time backup app which has always made it to the list of the best apps for rooted Android. It is the most convicted and commanding Android backup tools with over 20 million users and it supports some 31+ languages. Some of its most valued features include:

  • Uninstall bloatware from your system
  • Freeze apps: It allows you to leave some apps (including both protected apps and system apps) installed but still prevent them from running ever. You can do the same with your external data on SD card and market links.
  • Backup and restore data: This app allows you to backup your apps, app data and user data and restore it at any time, even at time of upgrading your ROM or installing a new custom ROM or when the app is running. You can also schedule your backups.
  • Keep multiple backups per app
  • Batch jobs: It also allows batch jobs for install, restore, uninstall and backup different
  • Move apps: It lets you move any of your apps to and from your SD card.

This one from the wonderful best apps for rooted Android by Titanium Track is a super useful data backup tool. Make sure you have rooted Android phone with version 1.5-6.0+ (ARM, x86, MIPS) for the Titanium Backup app to run correctly.


6). Root Call Blocker Pro

Root Call Blocker Pro is another powerful one from the best apps for rooted Android which allows users to silently block calls, SMS and MMS on your root enabled Android devices. This app by Fahrbot runs silently in the background and is capable of filtering out unknown, withheld and private numbers along with the entire area or country codes.

  • Block calls, SMS and MMS silently at a system level and stop spammers from troubling you. Your phone wouldn’t ring nor will your screen turn on since this app does its work silently.
  • Blocks SMS without being made the default messaging app
  • In call widgets to ignore/block calls on the fly
  • Filter out unknown, withheld and private numbers and even entire area or country codes
  • Set multiple reject methods
  • Enable SMSauto replies
  • Remotely manage lists with Google Contact Groups

The best part about the Root Call Blocker Pro app is that it just runs in the background and thus allows you some quiet and serene time. This feature makes it worth mentioning in this list of the top 10 best apps for rooted Android device.


7). Rec (Screen Recorder)

Developed by Spectrl, the Rec (Screen Recorder) app is another app from the best apps for rooted Android devices that allows you to easily capture your Android screen by recording a video and audio stream of your Android smartphone or tablet without being tied to the computer or working with the command line interface. You can record whatever is on your device’s screen.

  • Record a video and audio stream of your Android device and there is no need to be tied to your computer or to work with the command line interface while recording.
  • Long screen recording, up to 1 hour
  • High-quality videos
  • Configure recording resolution
  • It can also configure the bit rate
  • It provides awesome feature of record audio through microphone
  • Set recording durations
  • Other options like configurable presets, a countdown timer options
  • Shake your phone’s screen or simply switch your screen off to stop recording early
  • Display screen touches throughout the duration of the recording
  • A beautiful and intuitive user interface

This amazing screen recording app is a free app for rooted devices that runs perfectly on rooted Android devices with Android version 4.4 Kit Kat. It can also run seamlessly on Android 5.0 Lollipop, even with root. This beautiful screen recording app is indeed one of the best apps for rooted Android since it provides fully configurable screen recording capabilities for your Android device.


8). Adblock Browser for Android

As the name suggests, the Adblock Browser for Android app is the must have and the best apps for rooted Android devices to get rid of all the irritating ads that pop up on websites. An ad blocker app is the first thing that you should look out for after you root your phone. This app has been developed by Eyeo GmbH and is packed with a lot of wonderful features.

  • Block intrusive pop-ups and ads
  • Block ads from all places: Block annoying ads on Facebook, YouTube and more
  • High-quality ad blocking by the market leader since 2006
  • Fast efficient browsing: Because of the built-in ad blocker, it lets pages load faster and saves your battery and data.
  • Safe and private: It saves you from all the malware and tracking that remains hidden behind such pop up ads by reducing the risk of any malware infection. It thereby enhances your privacy as well.
  • Gives you control: This ad blocker app, being one of the best apps for rooted Android, gives you all the control. All ads can be disabled by changing default setting, malware can be disabled and it lets you support ads on your favorite website.

Downloaded over 400 million times, this is the original and best ad blocker app for Android which works best for people who doesn’t mind about the financial well-being of their favorite tech sites. This app has been created and powered by Adblock Plus, which is the most popular ad blocker for desktop browsers. Get this best ad blocker app from Google Play Store and say goodbye to all annoying ads.


9). BetterBatteryStats

Everyone loves to get a good battery for their Android phones. And especially when you root your Android phone you want an above-average performance with less battery consumption. And the Better Battery Stats app is one such app that offers a much more detailed and informative breakdown of what’s using your battery. With this application on your rooted Android device, you’ll never have to run after charging points or worry about your phone’s draining battery.

  • Control battery consumption: Save your Android device from high battery drain for a great user experience
  • Identify battery draining applications on your phone: Analyze the behavior of your phone and identify the apps that are causing your battery to drain
  • Measure the consequence of actions to reduce drain
  • The battery drainers can be spotted with detailed info about root cause
  • Easily detect changes in the awake/sleep profile and find the causes quickly
  • You will surely get the best experience with this app
  • Making the most out of your mobile phone with ease

Although Android Marshmallow does give you information about what is consuming your phone’s battery but if you want to update it more and get more detailed information on this then, this best apps for rooted Android by Sven Knispel is the next best thing for you and your phone. And the good thing is that it is an open source.

android-playstore10). Data Sync

Data Sync is one of those must-have apps that help you make the best out of your rooted Android device. It is only with the help of data sync applications like the Data Sync app that you can sync all your devices together and pick up your task or chat from the same point where you had left it, even when you switch your Android devices.

  • Sync all your Android devices
  • You can share the app data with other Android devices too, so as to keep your data synced between multiple devices
  • It works via your local Wi-Fi network but it also lets you sync to the clouds and to sync your apps even when your WiFi network is out of range.
  • Bluetooth and NFC support: You can also sync using Bluetooth and NFC so as to decrease the gap between your Android devices.
  • Fast and efficient two-way syncing: Data Sync app syncs individual files instead of entire backups. Therefore, it makes syncing faster and more efficient.
  • Automatic device discovery
  • Cloud integration to Drive, DropBox, Box and FTS(S/ES)
  • Clean, solo-themed user interface for all screen sizes
  • Background syncing support with expandable notifications on Android 4.1+ devices
  • Real-time syncing as you open/close any of the applications
  • Scheduled syncs

This Data Sync app by Quint Stoffers is the best apps for rooted Android, which lets you sync your devices together. This means if you were reading an e-book during your train journey on your Android phone then, you can start reading that book from the same point where you left reading it, even when you pick up your Android tablet after getting home.


Final Say:

These are the top 10 best apps for rooted Android, which you must get for your rooted Android device and utilize them to enjoy all possible features of your Android device. We have covered almost all types of best apps for rooted Android from backup app to data sync app, screen recording app, device control app and more.

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