Rose Quartz Meaning & Uses

Rose Quartz Meaning: There have always been some amazing and extra ordinary rocks which always amaze humans. There have been numerous researches and experiments over their use and meanings. Some people even claim to find such kind of rocks and crystals which are life saving. And some people say that these crystals can take away life too.

There are different types of stones like Aegirine, Cavansite, Emerald, flower stone, Hematite, Jade Larimar etc. They are differed by their appearance, properties, use, origin, cleaning process, extraction process and other different aspects.

In this particular section we are going to know about a particular stone called rose quartz. This section is all about meaning of rose quartz and how to use rose quartz. There have always been different theories about its meaning and uses. But we have tried to compile them all together for you for a deep knowledge.

It’s meaning and different uses are going to astonish you totally. And you would surely think of buying one for you right away. So, here is complete detail about the rose quartz meaning and its different uses.

Rose Quartz Meaning

Rose Quartz Meaning

Rose Quartz is also known as the Love Stone. It is because of its color and the vibe that it produces in the environment. It comes in colors like gentle pink to milky white. This “Stone of Love” produces a feminine air to the wearer and soothes its soul. The price of rose quarts can vary from $19 to $100. Rose quartz meaning is all about its property according to which is brings peace and harmony in the wearer’s life.

Rose quartz is seen as the crystal which activates the heart chakra and intuition senses of the body. It is advised to be worn by people whose birthday falls from October 22 to November 21. It means rose quartz is the birth stone of the Scorpions.

In terms of geological origin, rose quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral which is compressed by extreme temperature and pressure over the time. Many people advise to keep the rose quartz in every room so that it can activate the heart chakra of every family member. It is believed that it invites such a positive energy that we feel like out emotional wounds are healing.

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Cleaning of Rose Quartz

Not only rose quartz but any other type of crystal must go under its cleaning process when it is touched by various people. The reason of its cleaning is it absorbs a lot of negative energy whenever it is touched by people. To use it again in a pure form, it is important that it must be cleaned thoroughly so that it can be used well.

This is how the cleaning of rose quartz is done:

  • The first and foremost cleaning of rose quartz is the most important one and should be done properly. You do not have to make much effort in cleaning the rose quartz as it is quite a simple process.
  • For this, you would have to put the rose quartz into a jar. The jar must contain a solution of distilled water and sea salt.
  • This is important that you cover the jar tightly with its lid so that there is no way that the quartz comes in contact of outside atmosphere.
  • Now keep this jar in such a place where there is no direct sun light. Make sure that the place must be shady enough.
  • Keep the jar there for at least two weeks.
  • After this time period take the rose quartz out of the jar and wash them with the help of running water.
  • Now you can use this rose quartz easily.
  • For the regular cleaning, you must clean the rose quartz in running lukewarm water for at least five minutes. Do this cleaning once in two weeks if you are using the rose quartz on a daily basis.

Energizing the Rose Quartz

You must be thinking that what does the energizing mean with respect to the crystals like rose quartz. To make this clear, we can take example of humans. Humans need food and water time to time to keep their body functioning. It provides them energy which is really important for humans to do the daily routine work.

Just like that after a certain period of time Rose quartz needs to be energized so that it can be used again and again. In simple words, energizing the rose quartz means to put it in its natural environment.

This is how we energize the rose quartz:

  • In case of most of the crystals, we need to put them in sunlight so that they can regain their natural energy again.
  • But the case of rose quartz is totally different from the rest of the crystals.
  • Rose quartz tends to lose their natural color and capacity if it is placed under direct sunlight.
  • Rose quartz is left in moon light for the entire night so that they can be energized enough.
  • If you cannot leave them in the moon light then you can also keep them alongside a rock crystal or amethyst during night.

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Different Uses of Rose Quartz

I hope that from the information given above, all the doubts of you regarding rose quartz meaning would have become clear. Now it is the time that you must know that, how to use rose quartz crystal. It has so wonderful uses that you never have imagined about them before. It is one of the most used types of quartz crystal among all.

Apart from having very unique rose quartz meaning and properties, it has very unique uses too. Given below are the details regarding its uses and healing properties.

Mothering Crystal

Rose quartz is also known as the mothering crystal. Those children who have lost their mothers due to some causes it is kept near them. Rose quartz meaning is not limited to only love. It is known to give nurturing to the children who have lost their mother’s presence in their life. It gives them positive vibes like mothers which creates a friendly atmosphere around them.

Another rose quartz meaning about being mothering crystal is that it is believed that rose quartz promotes the bonding between mother and child. This is the reason that it is seen as a good stone to place over the stomach in pregnancy. This stone is also taken to the hospital at the time of the baby’s birth.

There is a belief that post baby’s birth this stone should be kept near the baby. Some people believe that placing the baby milk and baby food in a circle made up of rose quartz crystal eases the baby feeding problems a lot.

Strengthens the Relationship

It is believed that rose quartz meaning is also about love and romance. Maybe this is the reason that it is called the love stone. If there is a couple who is going through really harsh patch of their relationship then they must use the rose quartz to call love back in their lives.

You can enclose the photo of you and your lover in a heart made up of small pieces of rose quartz. Another rose quartz meaning in terms of strengthening of a relationship can be about using it along with pink roses and light pink candles.

Apart from all these uses, one can also use the rose quartz in such a way that they need to place them near the bed. They can also keep the rose quartz crystal in the relationship corner of the home. By doing so it is believed that trust, harmony, love and true bonding can be restored in a relationship once again.

Sleep Crystal

Another aspect of rose quartz meaning is about curing the sleep disorders in adults. It has been usually seen that adults suffer through sleep problems a lot and because of that they are not able to take proper sleep. Rose quartz spread such vibes that it helps in curing the sleep problems.

It provides beautiful dreams to children as well adults. Rose quarts keep the nightmares and bad thoughts away from adults and children and help them to sleep restfully. Apart from it, another aspect of rose quartz meaning is that it helps children to not get afraid of the dark.

Calming Nature

Calming nature is one another side of rose quartz meaning. It has a calming and reassuring property which helps in establishing stability in the life of those people who are going though emotional upheaval. They are just excellent soother for those people who are going through some trauma in their life.

Rose quartz meaning is also about spreading the feeling of empathy, sensitivity and stability. It helps people to adjust their lives according to the change happening around them. Rose quartz is also seen as the best stone to comfort grief and remorse.

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Better Working Environment

If we keep a larger piece of rose quartz which is unpolished in the workplace proves very beneficial for the employee. Rose quartz meaning in terms of creating a better working environment is just unconventional.

The use of rose quartz keeps away the bearer from all kind of disturbances and gossips. It creates an invisible kind of protective layer across the bearer which makes them feel more focused on their work. It has been also seen as a professional support stone for the beauty consultant. It is very beneficial in keeping away all the negativities from the person who is having this rose quartz.

Physical Healing Energy of Rose Quartz

There are different theories about rose quartz meaning in terms of physical healing. It was already known that rose quartz is famous for its different healing perspective. In different types of healing processes, physical healing is one of them. There are different types of physical ailments and rose quartz is capable of heal them all.

Here are the different types of physical healing rose quartz meaning:

1). Skin Treatment

  • Rose quartz meaning regarding healing of burning sensation is quite phenomenal. When rose quartz is rubbed gently along with a polished stone over burnt skin then it provides quite soothing over that place.
  • Rose quartz can be used as an elixir to reduce blistering over skin eruptions and other skin issues.
  • It has been evident to see that rose quartz prove to be very effective to reduce the blemishes of skin. It can be used like an elixir to clear up the skin and diminish the appearance of scar.
  • Apart from all the aids regarding the skin treatment, it also reduces wrinkles and helps in developing a soft and scar free complexion.

2). Internal Organ Functioning

  • Rose quartz meaning is redefined through this use of it. It’s totally different use regarding the proper function of internal organ functioning is quite significant to be seen.
  • Rose quartz helps in proper functioning of the heart and the entire circulatory system.
  • It is very helpful in reducing other heart problems like stress, tension, palpitations and skipped beats. It has a major effect on stabilizing the irregular heartbeats.
  • Rose quartz meaning is also defined by its use in the cases of premature babies. It is kept near those babies whose heart is a bit weaker and unstable.
  • It is believed that rose quartz clear the impurities and helps in clearing the fluids of cells in our body.
  • If the rose quartz is placed on thymus area then it helps in reducing lungs and chest problems. It also soothes the bronchial area which gives us relief from cough problems.
  • If somebody has vertigo (fear of heights) then they should keep the rose quartz with them. It helps in reducing such fears.

3). Female Reproductive System

  • Rose quartz meaning is also provided by its use in the support of female reproductive system.
  • It helps in keeping the genitals healthy and increases the fertility too.
  • It is believed that rose quartz reduces the sexual problems and fights with the post-partum depression.
  • Those mothers who have just been through a complicated birth, keeping the rose quartz near them help in healing their wounds rapidly.

Emotional Healing Energy of Rose Quartz

Sometimes emotional healing becomes way more important than the physical healing. Apart from rose quartz meaning in context of physical aid, it is also useful in relieving us from the emotional complexities of life.

  • The soft pink color of rose quartz signifies its property of comforting the heart from all the past ailments it has suffered.
  • The rose quartz is capable of penetrating the inner memories of bitter experiences of our life and helps us to get over with them.
  • It reduces our sorrows, guilt, fears, setbacks and helps the heart to feel and reciprocate love like never before.
  • It helps us to reach that state in our life where we can actually feel content and happy within.
  • Those people who were never able to experience the joy of life because of one or the other reasons, rose quartz helps them to find the excuses to remain happy from inside. This is what we call true happiness.
  • It helps the bearer to realize that the only way they can give love to others is that they would have to give love to themselves first.

Chakra Healing and Balanced Energy of Rose Quartz

There are different chakras in our body which varies in some distance from head to toe. These chakras become fully active when one go for meditation. Two prime chakras in these are mind and heart chakra. Rose quartz meaning gives a different significant to the heart chakra. Using the rose quartz helps in activating the heart chakra like never before.

  • Heart chakra is located in the center of breastbones. The functions of heart chakra are to decide that what should be absorbed and what should be resisted.
  • It helps in balancing us with the environment and also realizes us our emotional needs and supports.
  • Rose quartz helps in balancing between the Yin and Yang energy. Usually these energies are the significant halves of each other and stabilizes the harmony and unity with the heart.
  • Apart from activating the heart chakra, rose quartz also helps in balancing the base chakra which is located at the base of the spine.
  • By balancing the base chakra, the rose quartz helps one in realizing own power and capabilities maybe in emotional or physical terms.

Rose Quartz and Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese mythology according to which there is a unique place decided to keep certain things. According to the Feng Shui, the rose quartz meaning is believed to be connected with bringing positivity and good luck when it is kept in home.

Rose quartz utilizes the fire energy which lightens up the elements like enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, passion, and activity. It feels the environment of home with a great energy that inspires the family members to focus on their work.

Meditation through Rose Quartz

If you are facing emotional setbacks then rose quartz meaning regarding meditation will help you to get over it. This is the most common type of stone used by especially women. There is no specification regarding it and it can also be used by men as well.

This stone helps in reaching a resonance which combines us with compassion, and calmness. This is all about leaving bitter part aside and focuses on the things which are yet to come. It helps in giving up on feelings which are forcing us to not move on in our life.

After few days of meditation with the rose quartz you will feel yourself embracing higher and better frequencies of light which will guide you to better side of your story.

Divination through Rose Quartz

The rose quartz meaning is also associated to the divination. It means that Rose quartz prove to be very beneficial in helping us to stabilize our mind. It is done in a way that it helps in forgiving us for our past mistakes. It also strengthens us enough to do not take the blame on ourselves for the mistakes done by someone else.

These are the type of people who are trying to offload their mistakes on us and try to give up their adequacies on our behalf. Rose quartz strengthens our mind and soul this much that we readily develop a feeling of self belief.

Angelic Realm and Rose Quartz

According to the numerology and horoscope, there are people with certain birth dates, whose guardian angels depend upon the color of the rose quartz they use. Those people whose birthday falls from June 1 to June 5 and November 8 to November 12, they should use the rose quartz of pink color.

Although rose quartz is not meant as the traditional birth stone, yet it occupies special master place in the Tarot Card. It helps the guardian angel of place 20th and 10th in Tarot Card whose work is to protect the environment as well as removing the negativity and chaos.

This is the reason that rose quartz meaning is always related to its healing and soothing properties.


Now that I have listed out so many never ending uses of rose quartz, you can understand the true meaning of rose quartz very well now. It is really a very precious and beautiful stone. Not only its appearance is soothing but its properties really affect your life all in a positive way. This wonderful pink crystal can really lighten up your life with all the love and peace that you really deserve.

And do not forget to handle this stone with utmost care. I hope you do not want to break in a lot of pieces. If you have any doubts about how to use rose quartz then you can check out the section above where all its uses are mentioned briefly.

I hope this clears all your doubts about rose quartz meaning and its wonderful uses. This amazing knowledge is surely going to help you a lot later on.

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