101+ Good Night Quotes Images for Him Her

10. Inspirational Good Night Quotes

Each day we have new experience in life. Some are worth having and some are heart breaking. Each teaches us important lessons in life. But if we have positive attitude then we can face them with courage. Hopes can always lead us to right direction.

To motivate people we can use inspirational good night quotes. They can be the sayings said by famous people. Their experience can really help us in life. It is worth inspiring people through these quotes. May be someday some good will reflect upon you by this. These inspirational quotes can really affect someone’s mind at any instant.

11. Good Night and Good Luck Quotes

We do not know when we need best wishes in our life. Bad luck can strike at any time in our life. This is the time when we need support from our near dear ones. We need our special someone to stay by our side at this time. Some words of wisdom are really required at our tough time.

This is the time of good night good luck quotes. Wish people good luck for their future while sleeping. Wish them when they are having their exams. These good night quotes can be used when your friend is having his job interview the nest day. They really help in boosting up the energy.

12. Sad Good Night Quotes

Sometimes you feel so alone that things get complicated for you. You feel lonely and ignored. And at this time, nobody even pays attention towards you. You even sob but nobody listens to you. This usually happens when you have heartbreak.

When days don’t work in your favor then let the night do. Send some sad good night quotes to your friends. It will grab their attention toward you. It will let your friends know that you need someone. You can use the satires as the good night quotes. You can send it to the one who is the reason of your sadness. He/she will definitely realize their mistake.

13. Good Night Quotes Tagalog

Very often we do not find the exact words to explain our feelings. We feel a lot but are not able to express it. This makes things complicated for you. People think that you are emotionally retarded. They start thinking that you do not care about anyone or anything.

Prove them wrong by quoting what has already been said. You can use good night quotes Tagalog for wishing good night. There are beautiful lines said by people about the beauty of night. You just have to send these lines to your friends. This will make them know that at the end of the day, you really care.

14. Good Night Quotes for Best Friend

Sometimes in the quest of our lives, we forget the special ones. We get engaged in other things and something slides away from our hands. In the urge of finding new, we forget the old. But always remember old is gold. Never ever let it go away. Our best friend is our gold, which is the most special thing.

Always make them realize that you are there for them. If you do not have time in the whole day, then find the way at night. You can wish them by good night quotes. You can choose the strong friendship quotes for it. Let them know that they are the most special thing ever happened to you.

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15. Have a Good Night Quotes

Each day brings new struggle in our life. Each day we have to work hard to earn a living. The simple rule to success is the hard work that we do. No shortcut can get us success in our lives. Some days are this much bad that we don’t even want to remember them ever.

No matter, how much struggling was the day? The night should end with a good note. And this is the time when have a good night quotes are required. Send them to your friends who had a tired day. At least their nights should be peaceful enough.

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16. Good Night Moon Quotes

Usually when people talk about the night, they refer to the moon. The beauty of night lies in its calmness. The more calm and dark it is, the more intense it seems. That is why many poems are written on the beauty of night.

17. Funny Good Night Quotes

Bad days never knocks, they just come without warnings. These bad days destroys all your schedule and day to day plans. They just make you more and more irritated. You start screaming on everyone you see. You feel pissed off in the whole day.

This is the time when funny good night quotes are needed. They make you laugh and lighter. Send it to those who had a bad day like you. Distributing smile is the best thing in the world. You can choose funny one liner for this purpose. Some short jokes can also be used for this purpose.

For more funny stuff, we have for you:

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While seeing the moon at night, many thoughts come in our mind. Do not let them go waste. You can send these thoughts in form of good night moon quotes. They are all about the beauty of moon. These good night quotes tell us about the calm behavior like moon. They can be sent to our close friends.