Best App Lock for Android [10+ Best App Locker]

The best app lock for Android devices is used to increase the smartness of your smartphone by protecting the privacy of your private data like login details, messages, photos, videos, etc. Using these applications that are very easily available on Google’s Play Store can help you keep your data protected from unauthorized users. These apps allow you save your private data from the eyes of your friends or family as well.

Best App Lock for Android [10+ Best App Locker]

Bellow I am giving here some very popular app lock for android by which you can save your smartphone from various unethical activities. Let’s enjoy and install any best app lock for android smartphone.

Best App Lock for Android

1). LEO Privacy

leoprivacy-app-lockLEO Privacy  is the most trusted and the best app lock for Android with over 100 million users from private information leakage. With LEO Privacy, you can lock up apps, perform a convenient privacy scan to locate loophole, hide your private photos and videos and much more.

  • Lock up everything: Keep everything locked up from your SMS and call log to your gallery, photos and videos, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and other important apps which may leak your privacy. Nobody would then be able to open locked apps without entering the right Pin code or pattern.
  • Privacy Security Scan: This best app lock for Android lets you perform a fast and safe scan to find out any potential privacy loophole. And it lets you lock or hide your private information with simple steps.
  • Safe Box: Lock and hide your selected photos and videos or any SMS, contact and call log that you do not want to be exposed.
  • Wifi Security Scan: It warns you against malicious Wifi hotspots, especially those public free WiFi spots.
  • Anti-theft: It allows you to remotely control your lost phone and remotely lock up all your apps. It also lets you locate your phone on map and give an alarm to help you find it.

Make use of this best app lock for Android and do not let any intruder break through your phone’s security and privacy.


2). App Lock

applockApp Lock is the best app lock for Android users that is being trusted by over 100 million users and supports over 24 languages, in over 50 countries. It is an easy to use and handy app to lock any of your desired applications. Developed by DoMobile Lab, this app lock application will ask you to set a password code lock once you finish the installation. It also asks for a recovery email address which can be used to reset your password if you happen you forget your code any time.

  • Lock any of your desired apps: AppLock can lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Settings, Gallery and even Calls along with the other installed apps on your phone.
  • Hide pictures and videos: It allows you to hide your selected pictures and videos. It allows you to control your photo and video access by empowering you to make your Selected pictures vanish from the photo gallery and stay locked behind an easy-to-use PIN. It has made privacy easier.
  • Reset password code through recovery email: Even if you forget your password code, you can always reset it easily using your recovery email address.

App Lock, the best app lock for Android enhances the privacy and security of your Android smartphone. With AppLock, you will never have to worry about a friend or a family member who borrows your phone. It is compatible to use with Android 4.0.3 and up.


3). Smart AppLock

applock-fingerprintSmart AppLock is an advanced app locker application that comes with some really smart features to let you lock your desired apps either by using a password or a pattern.

  • Lock your desired apps: Smart AppLock allows you to lock your desired apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Gmail, game, photos and more with either a password or a pattern.
  • Identify the person who tries to unlock your device: The most distinguishing feature of this best app lock for Android is that it detects and takes a picture of the intruder who tries to unlock your device (after multiple failed attempts to unlock) and sends it to a pre-defined email id (asked at the time of installation).
  • Lock apps using Fake Forced Close popup: This app can be customized to show a fake Forced close popup instead of the lock screen, which will give an impression that the app has crashed rather than showing that the app has been locked.
  • Lock apps using multiple passwords: It lets you lock each app with multiple passwords.
  • Make use of remote control: It allows you to lock your phone using remote control even when you are away.

This Android app locker has been developed by SpSoft, and it is compatible to use with Android 4.0.3 and up.


4). Perfect AppLock

As its name suggests, it is the best app lock for Android that allows you to protect your apps in a perfect way. It offers three types of app protection including fake error pop-up, password protection, and fake fingerprint scanner.

  • Lock all applications with PIN, Pattern or Gesture: This app locker allows you to lock any of your apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Gmail, Camera, Settings and more with a PIN, pattern or gesture.
  • Screen Filter support: This best app lock for Android lets you manage screen brightness of individual apps effectively.
  • Rotation Lock support: It Prevents unwanted screen rotation on each of the apps you choose.
  • Watchdog: After third failed password attempt, your built-in camera takes a photo of the intruder.
  • Perfect AppLock allows you to Lock WiFi, 3G data, Bluetooth, Sync, USB, Home Screen, outgoing calls, incoming calls and app install/uninstall features.
  • Fake Pop-up: Display a fake error message when locked app is launched to protect your privacy from friends and family.

Perfect AppLock is the best app lock for Android devices, but it does not support smaller screen sized phones like HTC wildfire. It is compatible with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.


5). Advanced Protection

Advanced Protection app locker comes from the developers of App Lock, the best app lock for Android. Advanced Protection is like an upgrade to App Lock, and thus it requires App Lock to be pre-installed. It has been developed by DoMobile Lab. Once you install Advanced Protection app, you need to enable Advanced Protection in Settings of AppLock so as to activate Advanced Protection. Once you enable Advanced Protection, nobody will be able to kill or uninstall AppLock without a password. If you want to remove AppLock, you can open AppLock > left menu > scroll down to the last item > tap Uninstall item.

  • Lock your apps and protect your privacy: Being a kind of an upgrade to App Lock, Advanced Protection lets you lock all your desired applications including SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Settings, Gallery and even Calls along with the other installed apps on your phone.
  • Enhanced Security: Once Advanced Protection gets activated, nobody can kill or uninstall AppLock without a password. This makes your personal data even more secure.

Advanced Protection is the best app lock for Android that is compatible with Android 2.2 and up. It lets you benefit from the enhanced security and privacy features that keep your private data protected from the eyes of intruders.


6). App Locker

App Locker is a must have app for every phone user since it lets you lock any app and protect your personal data from unauthorized access. While your lock screen password protects your phone from unknown people, the lock screen code is still useless and meaningless in situations where it is already unlocked, and a family member or friend tries to read through your messages or browse through your phone gallery photos and videos. In such situations, the best app lock for Android is ‘App Locker’ can perk up the security of your device to large extent.

  • Secure unlimited apps with just one password: The App Locker allows you to secure an infinite number of apps with just one password so that you don’t have to remember multiple passwords.
  • Lock your private messages: This best app lock for Android can be used to secure your private messages by locking the applications like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Emails, Snapchat, Skype, Contacts, etc.
  • Lock photos and videos: App Locker also allows you to lock your sensitive photos and videos by adding a lock to the gallery, album, camera and photo/video apps.
  • Easy to use: With App Locker, it is extremely easy to unlock your apps with just one click.
  • Astonishing interface: The amazing interface makes it more magnificent to use this app locker.

App Locker is one application to lock all your apps and protect your personal data. It also has a built-in offline password recovery feature to ensure that you never lose your precious data and apps due to password loss.


7). App Lock (Pattern)

App Lock (Pattern) is a simple yet powerful app locker application for Android devices. Developed by Software, this app features an extremely simple and uncluttered user interface. Despite of its simplicity, this app manages to perform its functions perfectly which makes it the best app lock for Android devices. App Lock (Pattern) is compatible with Android 3.0 and up. Just like other app lockers, App Lock (Pattern) is capable of password-protecting your contacts, emails, SMS, photos, videos and other installed applications.

  • Lock your applications: Make use of App Lock (Pattern) to password protect your contacts, emails, SMS, photos and videos and many other installed apps so that no intruder could get access to your private data.
  • The detect threat to your privacy: One of the most special features of this best app lock for Android devices is that it can sound an alarm whenever someone tries to access your locked apps forcefully.

With the security of this best app lock for Android, you no more have to worry about your kids, friends or family members or others invading your privacy or messing up with your phone. All you need to do is to choose a pattern (at least four dots), select the apps which you want to lock, access more options from the settings screen and your apps will be protected. Only you can open them.


8). App Lock and Gallery Hider

App Lock and Gallery Hider is another best app lock for Android devices that comes with several rich and intelligent features. It lets you protect all your downloaded as well as system apps by locking them with a PIN or pattern. The features of App Lock and Gallery Hider are divided into three main sections, that are, Smart features, Security features, and Hi-tech features.

  • Smart features: It lets you lock your system apps, downloaded apps, advanced apps, hides photos and videos and hide the apps’ icons from main menu. It also features a widget for quick locking and unlocking.
  • Security features: It offers two locks both PIN and pattern lock to restrict intruders from entering your protected apps. With an easy transfer you can easily switch from one protected app to the other.
  • Hi-tech features: Hi-tech features allow you protect advanced apps like Task Manager, Installation, Force Stop, Settings, Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SD card, Calls, etc.
  • Complete security: App Lock and Gallery Hider app locker provide a complete security solution for your Android smart phone. It is one app that is enough to take care of all your phone’s privacy needs.

For all those who are looking for a perfect security app to keep your phone’s private data safe from your friends, colleagues and others, this is the best app lock for Android. This app has a fast and smooth performance with fully loaded security features.


9). Apps Locker Master

As the name suggests, Apps Locker Master is the master of all. It is the best app lock for Android with an easy to use interface, which makes it a lot easier than other alternatives. Developed by NVG Entertainment, it comes with dozens of awesome features.

  • Lock anything and everything including 3rd party apps or system apps: Apps Locker Master allows users to lock any 3rd party or system apps and other personal things from other users including Messages, Gmail, Calls, Contacts, etc.
  • 2 Locks: It comes with an option of both PIN and Pattern lock in portrait as well as landscape screen mode. This makes it the best app lock for Android devices like tablets and smartphones.
  • Saves Battery: All these security services are offered with very less battery and memory consumption.
  • Easy to use interface: This app has an easy to use interface.
  • Built-in offline password recovery: With Apps Locker Master, recovering passwords has become easier as it features a built-in offline password recovery.

This app is compatible to use with Android 2.0 and up. Apps Locker Master is the best app lock for Android devices since you can lock all your individual apps with pattern or pin lock using it. This way you can rest assured of your privacy when someone borrows your phone.


10). Smart AppLock 2

Smart AppLock 2 is a widely used app locker for Android. As its name suggests, it is the best app lock for Android which is efficient of protecting your apps very smartly. It can be used to easily lock apps that hold your private content including your sensitive photos and videos, SMS, other messaging apps, video chat apps, call logs, etc.

  • Lock everything you want: Use Smart AppLock 2 to lock all that you want varying from your incoming calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth toggle switch, Gmail, photos and videos, other downloaded and system apps, call logs and much more.
  • Lock other things: Smart AppLock 2 is the best app lock for Android that also allows users to lock system settings, lock the installing and uninstalling of apps and more.
  • Secure your private data: Secure all your sensitive, private data that is stored in each of your individual apps using just one app locker.
  • Good at performance and power-saving: It is good at performance and consumes less energy.
  • Beautiful pattern lock: It has an extremely cute pattern lock that looks and feels beautiful to have it on your apps.

Developed by Smart AppLock 2 (App Protect), this app locker is a must have for all Android devices so that you will never have to worry when your friends borrow your phone or when a kid asks for your phone to play games. Smart AppLock 2 is a light tool with a cute lock design to fully protect your privacy by locking your apps accurately and smartly.


Final Say:

These days smartphones have become the need of an hour and with the increase in use of smart phones, protecting your privacy has become a major issue. With this list of the best app lock for Android devices, we have tried to provide you with the best options to protect the privacy of your phone’s personal data.

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