Best Quotes About Life and Love With Pictures

Strong quotes about life and love:

1. Filled with anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone, when it is you who’ll get burned.

2. Experience is what we get when we do not read the instructions.

3. Man is a curious animal, lying down when not tired and getting up when is!

4. If I could erase all my past mistakes, I will erase all the wisdom from my present.

5. A pessimist is one who complains about the noise when an opportunity knocks on his door.

6. A stumble may prevent a fall.

7. If you have a million things to smile about, look for no one when you have to mourn.

8. It’s when we forget ourselves that we do things which deserve to be remembered.

9. If you keep talking about what you did yesterday, you have not done much today.

10. The words are of a drunken man but the thoughts are that of a sober one.

11. Do not fear competition, fear your own incompetence!

12. A poor person is not the one that does not have a dime, but one who does not have a dream.

You may deem to think that these quotes about life and love are totally cheesy and corny, but you will never know their worth if you don’t implement them first.

13. The heart’s memory eliminates bad memories and magnifies the good, and thanks to this artifice, we deal with the past.

14. Our best teacher is our last mistake.

15. The mistake is to look at what happened yesterday with today’s eyes.

16. Before judging someone, you should know that there is a story behind each person and there is a reason as to why they are as they are.

17. Some complain that roses have thorns, others rejoice that thorns have roses.

18. A smile is one of the best ways to solve many problems and silence is the way to avoid them.

19. To succeed in any aspect in life, it is necessary to think, try and try again a 100 or a 1000 times if necessary, without fear or failure.

20. Some people forget to say goodbye without even saying goodbye and without forgetting each other.

These quotes about life and love will take you very far in life. If only, you try them out!

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