Best Quotes About Life and Love With Pictures

Love and life takes a lot out of you, physically as well as emotionally. So, why not take what help you can get from these quotes about life and love to make your life a little easier?

Famous quotes about life and love:

1. I don’t remember people……that is because I don’t forget them.

2. The principle of a miracle is to believe.

3. God gives you the tools. You have to build your happiness.

4. There are many different ways of saying “I love you”, but only one correct way of saying it. Out loud and using these three simple words without any adornments and straight from the heart.

5. You may say that I’m sad, but I’m never alone, because your memory is always with me.

6. If there is a world where everything comes true, that is the dream.

7. By day, I use my eyes to see and by night, I use my dreams to find.

8. In life I will encourage my words, and in death my spirit will accompany.

9. All I can do is nothing compared with what I feel.

10. I won’t forget you because even though you aren’t with me, you are always a part of me.

So, keep these quotes about life and love in mind, and you’ll

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