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Fathers Day Inspirational Quotes & Fathers Day Images

61). The guidance given by your father is the true guidance given by anyone in your life.

62). The only special father becomes a dad and not everyone.

63). A hundred schoolmasters equal a true and responsible father.

64). There will constantly be a few people who have the determination to embrace what is untamed within us. One of those men is a father.


65). The only person who looks up to you no matter how big you grow is your father.

66). It is obvious for a father to have kids than for kids to have a true father.


67). It doesn’t imply who my father was; it means who I retrieve he was.

68). No matter how hungry he is, a true father always keeps it in mind that his children are fed enough first. That is what the true sign of a father is and that is how you’ve always been with me! It cannot be expressed in words how much I love you, dad!

69). A responsible father has all the qualities in himself that a girl tries to find in her love and a boy tries to inculcate in himself someday.

70). The magnificent gift I’ve ever had came from the Lord in the form of my father!

71). At the end of the day, a father always intends to see a peaceful smile on his child’s face.

72). A mother keeps the child warm and fed for only 9 months, for the rest of that child’s life, a father continues the responsibility.



73). The childhood of every child only needs the protection of his father more than anything else.

74). God could not be with every child so he made a father for every child.

75). Not just this day, but every day is equally important for me to wish my dad, “Happy Father’s Day”.

76). FATHER stands for “Faithful Author That Helps Every Reader”.

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