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Fathers Day Images and Quotes for Fathers Day

38). Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children
A richer inheritance: a good education.

39). Today, I just want to tell you, dear Father,
You are the one who I most respect and admire,
So I ask with love and affection,
More than a FATHER … you be my friend!


40). When a newborn child squeezes with his/her small fist,
For the first time, the finger of his father,
He is stuck forever.


41). A father should be the friend, the confidant,
Not the tyrant of their children. (Vicenzo Gioberti)


42). Love your parents if they are fair;
If they are not, endure. (Publius Syrus)

43). Oh, my dear father! Would never have known,
If not now, I also have children,
That’s why I love and admire you,
For all that you have endured.
A GOOD FATHER has some MOTHER in him too.


44). To love your children is more than just a feeling;
It is an awareness of certain responsibilities,
Leading to the happiness of being loved.


45). For a daughter, he is her first love; for a son, he is his first hero.

46). A father remains for his family, becomes the strongest pillar of the family and guides each and everyone in the family.

47). The day a child born is born in the family; he is the one who takes all the responsibilities from that second till the end of time.