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Happy Fathers Day Quotes Sayings & Fathers Day Images

48). A daughter always finds his father in her true love.

49). A responsible father is the one who treats his family like his child.

50).If you are blessed with a father, you are blessed with everything.

51).Nothing could be more beautiful for a father than seeing his child flourishing in their life.


52).The most important part of a man’s life is the one where he becomes a father.

53).Being a father is just not taking everyone’s responsibilities, but also maintaining it.


54).The day a father becomes a daughter’s dad, he becomes her mother too.

55).Nothing could be more supportive in a girl’s life than his father’s hand.

55).Fathers are those human beings in the world who give up everything in their lives just to make everyone associated with their life.

56).A daughter feels safe when her father holds her hand and feels happy at the same time.

57).What could be happier than having a father in one’s life? Just to know the value, ask someone who doesn’t have a father!





58). A man stood hugging; in his hands was his entire family. The man was a father.

59). A father can only be called a father if his children are happy in their life.

60). A true father never tells his children how to live; he lives and lets his children watch him do it.

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