Games to Play with Your Boyfriend (15+ Best Games)

14). Love Games to Play with your Boyfriend

Sound relationships are not only about the physical desires and the ones that last need to have friendship, depth and vulnerability. These games to play with your boyfriend are more to get your creativity and emotional connection built up than anything else.

  • Love Balloons: Fill in cute notes in the balloon and blow them up and spread in the room. Ask you partner to burst them and read aloud each message. It can be sweet, flirty, fun and loving messages.
  • Pictionary of Love: You have to create your own words and act out. In order to make the game simple, make sure that each word is name of places that you’ve both been together, or person whom you both know or love notes.
  • Wine Night: Take a bottle of your favorite wine and set up some love music. Have a glass of wine for each change of song and dance to the tunes.
  • Sack Jack: Like playing cards? Play with love this time and not money. Turn the traditional game of Black Jack into a love one by betting on things like a hug, French kiss, etc

15). Video Games to Play with your Boyfriend

Boys and video games just go together. And though it may not be the same case for all girls, this is the best gift you can give your boyfriend. Play the games he loves to. Have fun in the fights and races with these video games to play with your boyfriend:-

  • Lego Superhero: Superheroes are fun and loved by all. It may be interesting for you to play them with your boyfriend. You can enjoy the characters and he can enjoy the game.
  • Super Mario: The childhood addiction has gone bigger. Play the super Mario and win the princess of your dreams.
  • Old School: Go old school and remove your childhood gaming console. There will be plenty in that to enjoy with your boyfriend. Remember Battle city, Pac man, Tetris, Road racer, etc. You played them with your siblings, now play with your boyfriend.
  • Virtual Tennis: Burn some calories and exhaust yourself with the Virtual tennis games. Challenge your boyfriend to the game and spend a wonderful time with each other.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best games that you can enjoy playing with your boyfriend and add a spice to your relationship. From the above list, select the best games to play with your boyfriend and enjoy playing each and every game with him.

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