Games to Play with Your Boyfriend (15+ Best Games)

2). Kissing Games to Play with your Boyfriend

You may have kissed your guy a hundred times or maybe you are waiting to do it for the first time. Build the excitement with these games to play with your boyfriend. It will not only take him to a different zone but he will also get to know how experimental you could get.

  • Kiss Board: Make a board with names of body parts written in squares on it. Take a dice and throw on the board. The number the dice shows is the number of times you kiss your boyfriend on the body part the dice falls on the board.
  • Don’t use the word: If your boyfriend has a habit of using a particular word too many times pick that word for the day and every time he uses it you kiss him. You know you can always make him use that word more!
  • Fastest Kisser: Keep a timer of say 60 seconds and both of you can take chances of kissing the maximum number of times during that one minute. Whoever does more number of kisses wins. The key is to keep it short and wanting for more.
  • Shuffle: Select 3 songs out of a playlist of 10. And put on the music in shuffle mode on the ipod while you guys chill. Every time the song you chose plays you kiss your boyfriend for the length of the song.

3). Texting Games to Play with your Boyfriend

Almost all the time, you run out of conversations to have with your partner. I mean the usual formal ones and that’s it. What do you do when you are out of communication? How do you keep the fun alive in your relationship? Try some of these texting games to play with your boyfriend. Even if it sounds weird or childish, it will add some communication.

  • Emoji Talk: Instead of talking in text, send out emoji’s. But they should communicate the sentence without words. It’s like sign language. It can be new and fun.
  • Favorites: This can be a fun way to know each other better. Prepare a set of favorites such as favorite food, favorite place, favorite pass time, etc and keep asking each other. You can be as straight and as messy as you like in this one.
  • Confessions: Owning up to something is usually easier on the text instead of in person. So if you have to confess something or if you want to hear it from your boyfriend, do it with the help of this game in a subtle manner.
  • Full Name: Check each other’s intellect by this fun acronym game to play with your boyfriend. You can send him an acronym such as DFTBA which is ‘Don’t Forget to Be Awesome’. You can also make up some ones on your own to add humor. Eg. DRAMA could be Dumb Retards Asking More Attention
  • Hangman: Remember the word game we used to play in school? Well it can be fun to play with your boyfriend. Just spice it up by choosing words of a particular category. Such as words describing him or nasty compliments.
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