Games to Play with Your Boyfriend (15+ Best Games)

8). Online Games to Play with your Boyfriend

With a vast choice of online games you are not out of options. Pick a game to play with your boyfriend that suits your mood and needs.

  • Charades: All that this requires is a webcam. Choose a movie (or song or book or anything you love) and act out its title silently so that the other player can correctly guess what you’ve chosen. It’s nice to have Charades as a good back-up game if you are bored and have nothing to do, since it requires hardly any preparation.
  • Skype Shots: You can play some of your old favorite drinking games together through web camera (webcam) or take turns of choosing new and exciting drinks to try. Do the same recipes of the cocktails or cook up the same menu and have dinner and drinks evening together. You can keep this like an Online Date Night for you two.
  • Board Games: There is couple of sites which let you play the traditional Monopoly and Scrabble online with your boyfriend. Been out of touch and don’t know what to talk? Try this.

9). Relationship Games to Play with your Boyfriend

Been in a relationship for long? Making it lasts requires effort. You have to keep the sparkle alive. Try some of these relationship games to play with your boyfriend. Even if your relationship is new, you need to keep the fun element to it.

  • Wish Cards: Make cards of all the wishes you wanted your boyfriend to fulfill for you. Ask him to pick one randomly and then do what’s written. He can also ask you to do something he wishes for.
  • Eye Contact: Play your favorite song and stare into each other’s eyes till the song lasts. The one who blinks first loses. It may not seem interesting at first but wait until the love travels from the eyes to the heart.
  • Food Fight: Ever considered being hit by oranges and chocolates? And then tasting it from your partner’s body? Well it’s worth the try. Satisfy your taste buds.
  • Break a Record: An interesting way to spend the day/night? How about breaking records. Find a record in the Guinness Book of Records or find some interesting ones online and try to break it. The one who breaks it or even comes the closest wins.
  • Karaoke: Have a karaoke session at home with your favorite songs.
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