Games to Play with Your Boyfriend (15+ Best Games)

4). Dirty Games to Play with your Boyfriend

Any relationship reaches the level where both the partners want to go to the next level but it gets very awkward for some. A safer option to know what your partner is thinking and to get comfortable with each other is to play some dirty games. This one’s also for the couples who are not afraid to be bold.

Check out our list of dirty games to play with your boyfriend:-

  • The bowl of dares: Write down a few dirty things you want to do with your boyfriend on different chits of paper and place them in a bowl. Ask him to remove one of the chits and complete the dare that is written.
  • Blind Fold: Cover your boyfriend’s eyes with a black cloth and ask him to sit back. Talk dirty to him while he can’t see you. Like taking off your shirt or trouser. This will just set his imagination wild.
  • Shot Fantasy: This is when you can express your deepest fantasies to each other with the help of a few shots. Ask a question and ask your boyfriend to take a shot before answering. You can start with a few simple and fun questions and move on to the main intention.
  • Sexting: This is more or less like having sex over the phone. Now, you might be thinking how? It is sex over text messages. This involves creating a lovely romantic scene and talking about having sex with your man. You can start with this by asking your boyfriend what he is doing. Proceed to tell him that you’re in bed and say him to join you for some naughty things over the bed. Get more and more sensuous and make him explore his body parts. You also continue to bring him in notice that you are playing with your body too. It will be fun.
  • Naughty or Nice: This involves asking questions to each other over text or in person. You give your partner to choose whether he wants you to ask a naughty question or a nice question. This will give you the liberty to explore where the relationship is headed.

5). Cute games to play with your boyfriend

When things start to get monotonous in your relationship, try to quirk things up with these cute games to play with your boyfriend. These games will help you two to know each other well and spice things up too.

  • Cutting Veges: Inspect his cooking skills. With the game of who cuts veges faster and neater not only do you get the work done but also spend time with your boyfriend doing some fun things. It’s these moments which bring two people together.
  • Collage Art: Give him a task to make a cute collage of images and all stuff for you. If you like it, he gets what he wants, and if you don’t then you can still kiss him on the cheeks. After all games are supposed to be fun!
  • Fill in the blanks: Write all you can imagine girl! Make the conversation loving as well as fun. You could do something like I love you because and ask him to fill in the blanks. Or something like I would like to see you in……….
  • Love Scrabble: In a love scrabble game a player must use the word he is playing in a sentence about loving her partner or about a positive side of their relationship. The game is played to see who can make the highest scoring vocabulary out of their arbitrary letter titles. Any remark is allowed as long as it obeys the scrabble rules of no initials, proper nouns or abbreviations.
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