Games to Play with Your Boyfriend (15+ Best Games)

12). Phone Games to Play with your Boyfriend

With technology in our hands, it’s not that difficult to keep in touch with your boyfriend over the phone. Make it fun with a little game to play with your boyfriend:-

  • Two Truths & One Lie: All you have to do is to take turns telling each other two truths about your life/or that day and any one lie. Now it’s your partner’s task to guess which is true and which a lie from the three facts is.
  • ABC Game: Test both of your memories with the fun ABC game. Give out a word from A. Then your partner has to repeat the word you uttered and then add a word beginning from B. Next turn is your boyfriend’s who has to repeat the word from A then B and then add a new word from C.
  • True or False? This is a game similar to the above two truths one. The only difference is this is a one on one thing. You narrate a story or a fact and your boyfriend has to guess whether it’s a true or false.
  • Naughty or Nice: Send in a picture to your boyfriend and ask him to rate it as naughty or nice. You will know what he thinks about you.

13). Inappropriate Games to Play with your Boyfriend

Have you ever found yourself with your boyfriend spending a whole afternoon and wondering what to do? Both of you may love each other a lot, but on a holiday or a lazy afternoon, it is okay to be bored even in the best of company. Well then you need to add some fun and action at home itself. Spice things up with these games to play with your boyfriend:-

  • Cross dress in each other’s clothes: Give access to each other’s wardrobes and try on what you like. Pick up the sexiest shirt he has and style it up with the smartest tie and ask him to choose a dress or a night gown whatever he likes. It will not only be fun but also get you close.
  • Strip poker: We all have played poker with friends and cousins. Add a twist to this classic game by playing Strip poker with your boyfriend. Rules are the same. Whoever loses needs to strip? No excuses.
  • Read out from an erotic book and play the characters: Romance in the novels can be fun. Pick out your favorite paragraph and do the action as it is written.
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