Games to Play with Your Boyfriend (15+ Best Games)

10). Freaky Games to Play with your Boyfriend

There is always something new to try. Get unique, get unconventional, and get weird. Surprise your boyfriend with things you have not done in the past. Try some of the freaky games with your boyfriend. Let the boredom out of your relationship with these games to play with your boyfriend.

  • Before the Clock strikes 12: Put yourself a timer. Say 20 minutes. Tell your boyfriend to do what he wants to in those 20 minutes only! Get surprised and creative.
  • Darts: Make a dart board out of your pictures and then aim the dart at the places you want your boyfriend to kiss you. It will be the same for him. The traditional game gets unique and you get freaky with your aims.
  • Get in the Pool: Put a blind fold on your boyfriend’s eyes and take him in the pool for a surprise. The cold water will run chills down him and the anxiety of closed eyes will add to the situation. Get crazy in the pool.
  • Slave: Get nasty. Tie up your boyfriend’s hands with a piece of cloth or any toy handcuffs. Let him crave to get his hands on you. You are the master and he is the slave.

11). Makeout Games to Play with your Boyfriend

The usual sex does get boring after all. So you need some ways to add excitement while making out. So when both of you are in a mood for some sensual entertainment, get down to these erotic games to play with your boyfriend:-

  • Only Kisses: Dedicate a night to only kisses. Nothing further. Get innovative with different types of kisses and then hold your horses. Stick only to the kissing. You two will get torturously hot and bothered.
  • Change the Place: Make out at weird places possible. Like in the car, in a hotel lobby, stairs, parking lot, in a shopping mall, etc. The fear of being caught makes it faster and thrilling.
  • Drive Kisses: On your way back home, kiss at every signal possible. The seconds running will add to the rush in your bodies. And you will be in a hurry to hit the bed once home. So add up to the making out time with doing it while on the way home.
  • Mango: Ever tasted a mango on your partner’s lips. Peel off the skin and hold the mango between your lips and your partner’s. Suck the pulp and let it drop on your bodies. Dirty can be tasty too.
  • Liqueur Chocolates: Take a box of liqueur chocolates and after each one kiss your partner. Let your boyfriend guess which liqueur was it and let the chocolate stimulate the two of you.
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