Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online Free

For Cartoon lovers, knowing about KissCartoon alternatives can be handy. Because there are plenty of cartoon streaming sites which offers to watch free cartoons online and some of them are even better than KissCartoon.

So if you love to watch cartoons online free and looking for more sites like KissCartoon, then this article might help you. Let’s go ahead with the list (2022 Updated)!

Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online Free in 2022

The alternatives to KissCartoon mentioned below are reliable, easy to deal and posses a massive library of Cartoon shows for kids and people of all age group. So without any further ado, let’s dive deeper into the article to figure out websites like kisscartoon.

1. Kissanime



Kissanime is one of the top KissCartoon alternatives. When visiting the Kissanime, you will realize yourself that why is it called an alternative to KissCartoon. The layout of both the website is almost identical to each other except the color combination. And most importantly, both the platforms are extremely popular among the users.

However, there is a key difference between Kissanime and KissCartoon. Unlike KissCarton. KissAnime doesn’t provide all type of Cartoon series. Instead, it focuses on Anime shows. In fact, KissAnime is a prominent source of watching all type of anime cartoons online free in HD.

It is a number one platform for Cartoons and Anime lovers and a true KissCartoon replacement. Both the platforms give you the same feel and you will just fall for Kissanime as soon as you visit it.

2. Crunchyroll



Crunchyroll is the next name in the top KissCartoon alternatives list which you must consider. Whenever I feel bored, I consider visiting Crunchyroll. And I’m pretty sure, you will also love it exploring. From anime, manga, drama, music, electronic entertainment to similar Cartoon series, Crunchyroll provides it all. And that’s the reason which makes Crunchyroll stand out from the crowd.

Like KissAnime, Crunchyroll also focuses on Japanese anime and Asian content. So if you reside in Japan and Asian countries, you must visit Crunchyroll. Some other key offerings of Crunchyroll includes a massive database of over 25,000+ Anime episodes. And you can spend over 15,000 hours non-stop on Crunchyroll for over watching your favorite Anime cartoons.

3. 9Anime



For Anime lovers, 9Anime is yet another destination they can’t afford missing. The Anime series provided on 9Anime are extremely high-quality. And the Interface of the website is so intuitive that it doesn’t take more than a minute to come across your favourite shows.

There are a high range of genres to choose from. And the shows are very well-categorized based on genres, last updated, newest, ongoing, and so forth. Moreover, there is also a direct search option on the website for Searching anime shows ordered alphabetically from A to Z.

Honestly, If you have 9Anime along, you don’t need any other KissCartoon alternative at all, especially when it comes to Anime specific shows. But if you still want to know about more sites similar to KissCartoon, read along.

4. Disney Junior


Disney Junior is a popular website for kids and my list can’t be complete without this name. If you don’t know, Disney Junior is a popular American digital Network and a Kids channel. If you want to engage your kids with some amazing kids-oriented Cartoon shows, make them explore Disney Junior. They will enjoy it to the core and you also don’t need to worry about the quality of the shows.

The Interface of Disney Junior is really seamless. And there aren’t any unnecessary widgets on the website which makes this platform much cleaner and sophisticated. Apart from the popular Cartoon Shows, Disney Junior also offers games, videos and other Activities making this platform the best fit for kids.

5. Cartoons On


If the above KissCartoon alternatives have failed to impress you, then I would suggest you to give Cartoons On a try, trust me it totally worth it. Cartoons On offers everything which one can expect the best Cartoon website to have.

Fast working to appealing and user-friendly Interface, a massive library of high-quality contents, Cartoons On never fails to prove itself the best Cartoon Platforms by any means. Whether you are looking for new Cartoon series or an old evergreen show, Cartoons On is there to help you for that too.

Apart from a large variety of Cartoon shows and series, there is one feature which makes Cartoons On stand from the crowd and that is its separate category for Popular characters. None of the other alternatives to KissCartoon does that. If you choose any of the characters from the list, you will be provided with a large collection of cartoon shows based on that particular character.

6. Watch Cartoon Online


Haven’t yet found your desired Cartoon streaming platform?? Why don’t you give Watch Cartoon Online a try? Trust me, you will never regret your decision. Watch Cartoon Online is a perfect destination for all the Cartoon lovers who want to watch Cartoons and popular Anime shows.

The WCO features a vast range of Cartoon Categories which is higher than most of the other Alternatives to KissCartoon. From Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Action, and Drama to Cartoons of almost every other Category are there on the Watch Cartoons Online. Besides that, the Shows offered on the website are in HD quality.

The interface of the website is neat and understandable. The Homepage of WCO features recently released episodes on the left pan to browse through. In the nutshell, WCO is one of the best Free platforms to watch all thing Cartoons and it indeed deserves a visit.


Website: is yet another platform for Anime and Cartoon Lovers. Masterani is an ultimate destination for all type of Anime shows. And you must give it a try if you enjoy watching Anime shows.

You know what is the major highlight of this platform? It’s nothing but the seamless interface. The homepage of the website features recently uploaded Animes. There is also a category of Popular Today and Being Watch. You can also browse across those categories to come across the best series to watch. Else, there is a search option to dig out your favorite shows from the massive library of Masterani.

Apart from viewing the previously uploaded content on Masterani, you can also view the schedule of all the upcoming shows to catch up the new episodes of your favorite Anime. In short, it’s a good platform which you can go for.

8. Cartoon Network


It would be totally unfair to not mention Cartoon Network as one of the KissCartoon alternatives. We all have grown up watching Cartoon Network shows. And I still remember the popular Tom and Jerry series which used to be telecasted on Cartoon Network.

So if you want to recall your childhood days or if you want your children to watch popular Cartoon Network shows for free, Cartoon Networks is your answer.

It features all the amazing Cartoon Network shows along with songs, funny moments, trailers and cool mashups of popular characters of Cartoon Network shows, and a lot more is there on CN. And the best part is, CN offers all that for free. So enjoy Cartooning with Cartoon Network.

9. Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon isn’t just a simple website like KissCartoon which can be considered. Nickelodeon is a popular American basic cable and satellite television network which started in 1977. But with the evolution of Time and technology, they enhanced there service to provide it on the Internet as well.

Till date, millions of users leverage this service for watching there favorite Cartoon shows like SpongeBob Squarepants, Sam & Cat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc. Moreover, Nickelodeon also offers other services like games, clips, playlists & pictures from shows and more.

Besides that, Nickelodeon also comes with an easy interface. To watch your favorite show on Nickelodeon, you don’t need to sign up on the website, nor you need to pay anything. All you need to require is to just browse through the website, search for your desired shows and start enjoying. It’s that simple.

10. YouTube


The last site like kisscartoon is Youtube. No matter which type of media content you are looking for, Youtube is one platform which never fails to provide your desired video content in any category.

In fact, there are several dedicated Cartoon specific Channels which uploads new episodes of Cartoons as soon as they are telecasted. Whether you are looking for Cartoons for kids, teenagers or any other age group, Youtube never disappoints you with its offerings.

Moreover, Youtube also never limits you to Categories or genres of Cartoons. In fact, whenever I’ll feel like watching my favorite cartoons, anime or anything related to Cartoons. I just head over to this splendid platform without any second thought. And I never get disappointed!

11. AnimeLab


AnimeLab is a free and legal Kisscartoon alternative to watch thousands of popular anime episodes without any restriction.

It supports all most devices including Xbox One, PlayStation, SamSung TV, Telsatra TV, Chromecast, iOS & Android, PCs and more.

Currently, it is available to Australia and New Zealand. You can visit official website and subscribe to get notify when it is accessible in your country.

12. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is a popular anime streaming website to watch anime episodes and movies. Apart from Anime, it also allows you to read manga online. It has thousands of anime which you can enjoy in high quality without registration.

It features English subbed anime, manga list, anime movies, anime soundtracks, Asian Drama and more.

It also allows you to stream anime at mobile. If you can’t find popular anime episodes at above Kisscartoon alternatives, then give a try to Chia-Anime. It can be your future go to do destination for anime streaming.

13. AniWatcher


AnimWatcher has a vast library of anime episodes which you can stream online for free. It keeps updating its anime database frequently.

Anime categories are ongoing series, newly added, random, recommendations, anime of the season, movies & OVA list, cartoon list and anime list.

Site contains ads and it appears little messy. It provides a bar to search your favorite anime. If you have any doubt or query, you can check FAQ section. Overall, it can be a good choice for the sites like KissCartoon.

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For cartoon lovers, just one platform can’t be sufficient to watch their favorite cartoons. And they often are in the search of KissCartoon alternatives. Afterall, KissCartoon isn’t the only option we have for watching Cartoons.

If KissCartoon is down, or when you are done with the KissCartoon contents, these KissCartoon alternatives turn out to be the biggest help. In fact, websites like Kissanime, Crunchyroll, Disney Junior etc. are biggest competitors to KissCartoon and can be its replacement for sure.

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