KissAnime Alternatives: Best Anime Sites Like Kissanime

Here are top 10 best KissAnime alternatives in one place for anime lover to watch anime online.

If you are an anime fan, you must hear about the best anime streaming site KissAnime. KissAnime is delivering contents from a broad genre such as Action, Adventure, Drama, Games, Romance, Thrill, Sports, Horror and many more.

KissAnime is not accessible to many countries due to some technical issues or IT rules of that specific country.  And sometime it goes down. That’s why today I compiled a list of top 10 alternatives to Kissanime. All the sites mentioned here provide good quality Anime series so that the fun remains the same. Check out the top 10 anime sites like KissAnime here.

Top 10 KissAnime Alternatives

1). AnimeSeason



Our first pick for KissAnime Alternatives is AnimeSeason. AnimeSeason is by far the best alternative to Kissanime to watch anime online. One significant advantage for users who use AnimeSeason is they don’t serve annoying ads to their sites.

The first most crucial noticeable thing is that their library or the categories which are huge. They have listed all the full series of trending Animes.  Another useful feature about AnimeSeasons is user rating system. The user is allowed to give likes and dislikes according to their choice. Also, there is a separate view counter for every episode.

There is no doubt that AnimeSeason is one f the best anime streaming site alternative to KissAnkime. If KissAnime is down at your end, you can give it a try for Anime Streaming. They also have a vast library of anime.

2). Gogoanimetv

Website –


Gogoanimetv is another best KissAnime alternative. Gogo Anime TV also provides best quality anime series to their audiences. Gogoanimetv is termed as the warehouse for Japanese Anime series, as it holds the majority of the Japanese anime series.

Another useful feature about Gogoanimetvis their streaming server. You can choose their streaming server which is a good sign. You can also search Anime series by your favorite Genres.

The user commenting system is perfect here. You can interact with other users. I must say Gogo Anime TV is another best anime site like Kissanime.

3). Masterani



Our next pick is also an excellent KissAnime alternative. This site is cleaner than all the other places.  In fact, this site is also free from annoying advertisements.

Masterani has few impressive features. The best features about them are sorting according to Kids or adults. In one single click, you can get your anime series. Upon selecting your favourite Anime Series, you can choose from different streaming hosts and quality including full HD.

Masterani provides schedule where you are getting the release notes for the next episode of your choice. It also includes discussion through comments and sharing the best of your choice. By far Masterani is also a great alternative website like KissAnime.

4). AnimeLab



AnimeLab is my next pick in the list of best anime streaming sites. The homepage of Anime lab is very much attractive and easy to navigate. When you hover over the show displayed on the home page, it flips and gives you the information about that show. They bring Animes direly from the creators, and thus they provide quality over quantity.

Another best feature of Animelab is that they are ready for multiplatform. Like they have an Android and iOS App, and they are supported on Xbox and Playstations too. You can subscribe to your favorite one because, everytime new episode releases, you will get notified.

Animelab is better than KissAnime for many reasons. First, they are legal, so you will not have any downtime.  They supports the original creators of the respective anime series.

5). 9Anime



If you are missing out your favourite anime series since KissAnime is not running at your end, you may try 9anime. 9 Anime is the most liked Anime Streaming site like KissAnime.

9Anime provides contents from all the Genres from action to thriller. If you try it once, it might become the next favorite website like Kissanime. Here you can select Anime Series by actual user rating, type, and many more other factors. They also have a friendly schedule features on their homepage, where users get the information about their favourite episode. Also, their website is looking very clean and beautiful.

The user interface of 9 anime site is excellent. You can navigate through all the sections easily. You can connect to the other users via comments.

6). Animefreak



Anime Freak is another most reliable name in the list of best Anime websites. The unique feature of this anime streaming site is English dubbed animes’s. Anime is primarily an art form or say a digital animation form from Japan, and it is produced in the Japanese language. But here at Animefreak, the dubbed version is available.

Unlike the other KissAnime alternatives, it also provides filtering or searching the right one by Genre, Name, etc. You can also choose from different streaming servers.

Animefreak has a very lovely looking homepage. They are providing contents on a daily basis, and you can quickly identify newest materials from their website only. On their homepage, they have listed a very long anime list.

They have a dedicated Android application so that you can enjoy the Anime’s directly from the small screen.

7). Anilinkz



Anilinkz is another best alternative anime streaming site like KissAnime.  Anilinkz streams all the latest anime from the web in HD. They also provide Dubbed content to understand better, and that’s why it is highly accessible.

The homepage of Anilinkz consists of series only. Anilinkz is a little bit of tough to navigate from the website, but you can search your favorite series for the keywords also. Also, they have provided separate navigation menu in the header and footer section.

One disappointed move for their website is that they have bombarded their homepage with lots and lots of Advertisements and their homepage looks decidedly older. This is the only reason we disliked this site otherwise their quality is superb.



chia anime is another alternative of Kissanime. But their interface is quite outdated, and they bombard their homepage with ads. Well, this is not a big problem as they are providing the quality of their Anime Streaming.

Along with anime, they also provide 2d anime movies and TV shows streaming. You can also download the episode and save it for later use. is one of the unique features of also provides dubbed contents to different languages so that you can enjoy your favourite show in your style. This is very popular in Australia and New Zealand. No doubt that Chia-anime is another anime site like KissAnime and offers many amazing features.




Is Kissanime down at your end? If so, you might try Anime provides the most significant library of Japanese anime.

The Homepage of is also well organised. There are two options you will find on the homepage. One is ongoing, and another is completed. Which is a good identification mark to ensure what is going on in the television or the web.

They are providing Facebook’s save for later features. You can save your favourite episodes to view later, and Facebook will show you what’s next in your directory. Isn’t it cool?

Also, they are providing English dubbed contents. When you click any episode, you will find all the details regarding that episode and the source from where the information is taken. For the convenience of users, they have commenting systems also. So far is one of the best kissanime alternatives.

10). Crunchyroll



The excitement lies on this anime site. Crunchyroll is a social networking site specially made for Anime lovers. Here you will get all the features like other KissAnime alternatives. But, Crunchyroll forum is a bonus.

The site comes with too many language options such as Arabic, Italian, English, etc. Crunchyroll also comes up with exciting premium features. You can try their premium features for 14 days free, and after the free period gets expired, you will be charged $6.95 every month. After becoming a premium member of Crunchyroll, you will be able to watch favourite animes at different platforms such as TV, Chrome OS, Xbox, Play Station, Android TV, Windows Phone, Roku TV, etc.

This opens endless possibilities to enjoy most popular Anime Series on your screen. Including all these features, Crunchyroll is one of the best KissAnime alternatives.

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Anime is extremely fun to watch. Only an anime lover will understand how crazy it is. The ancient Japanese culture is now ruling the internet.

The sites mentioned above are as good as KissAnime, or some of them are better than KissAnime. There are lots of other places also which claims that they are best at providing the quality streaming. But trust me not all offer same what they promise. After a lot of research, I prepared this lists of top 10 KissAnime Alternatives. Now, you don’t need to look further. Use these websites and enjoy anime online.

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