Best Pick Up Lines For You (100+ Pickup Lines)

15). Hey, tie your shoelace! I don’t want you to fall for anybody…excluding me.

Are you possessive for your honey or sweetheart? Feel insecure when someone else catches his/her eyes? Caring towards your loved one? If this is the case then this pick up line will help you in showing your possessive nature.

Placed among the best pick up lines, this one-liner shows possessive nature of your sweetheart towards you.Both boys and girls become little bit possessive when they are in love , to feel possessive is something  that shows your caring and protective nature toward you which is the foundation of any relationship.

Generally we bend down in front of those whom we love therefore via this pick up line , girl want to tell her fiancée that he  can only fall in love with her , no one else!

16). You shouldn’t put so much of makeup. You’re interfering  with perfection

Hmmm this pick up line is definitely for girls. Most of the boys love to see their girl friend without make up and remember girls; it’s a misconception that the boys are attracted towards those girls who wear lot of make up. No it’s not true.

It is often seen and believed that boys usually admire natural beauty rather than beauty with make ups. So this pick up line is a compliment for those girls who look best in their natural beauty

17). Among your all the curves, your smile is my favourite

All guys and girls love it when someone admires their inner beauty. It is the most awesome feeling to realise that someone is happy to see you happy. It is the sign of true love. Very beautiful  line among the best pick up lines, every partner will love to hear this line from the one whom he loves.

This pick up line clearly shows that your loved one always want you to see you smiling and it is the best thing he likes about her. Believe me guys, your partner will be overwhelmed after hearing this sweet and effective best pick up lines

18). I lost my way , could you please give me shelter for one day

Aahaan! He wants to stay with you! Among the flirty best pick up lines, it is the best . Well, you can’t beat boys when it comes to flirting. LOL. They know how to put into use the best words to impress or flirt with any girl.

This pick up line clearly shows the intention that the guy wants to spend time with the girl. It is the indirect way for asking someone for company. However this pick up line may turn against you depending on the person you are delievering to. If he/she likes you way of asking for night stay then, it will definitely work otherwise you may get a slap on your face.LOL.

19). You look a lot like my next boyfriend.

This pick up line is the invitation for all lucky boys to get into a relationship with a girl. Placed Among best pick up lines, this punch line is simply an indication from the girl that she wants you to be her boyfriend. So this pick up line will be like an icing on a cake for all the boys who want to get committed with the girl they like. Therefore this line will definitely work in all circumstances. So girls so ahead and propose in a exclusive manner and guys please don’t reject such a rosy proposal.

20). If you are here, then who is looking after heaven?

OH! Beautiful compliment! Isn’t it girls? You might blush after hearing this pick up line.

Someone is calling you angel after all! Hahaha. Heaven is known for the company of angels and that’s what the guy is referring here you to, he is calling you the angel! Angel is the symbol and indication of beauty and innocence.

Very beautiful pick up line for all girls. So guys make your girlfriend feel glad by calling her angel!

21). Want to gift me the most expensive item? Then could you please smile?

Lovely pick up line! Ahaan,! nothing is more precious than your smile! Heart-touching pick up line! This line indicates the sign of true love. The guys delivering such kind of best pick up lines are hard to find

Girls, you are fortunate to have a boyfriend who thinks so about you! If he delivers such beautiful line, then just hug him! For him nothing is more precious then your sweet smile. Your smile will be his most precious gift! Isn’t this enough to prove that how much he loves you? So girls keep smiling, your sweetheart wants you to!

22). Let’s make a bet, I can kiss your lips without touching you, if I lose the bet, then you can slap me otherwise you have to kiss me back!

Ahaaan! Again flirty line! The boy is making excuses to touch your lips. He cleverly makes the bet and knows that he will win!  While delivering this pick up line, you must be familiar with  the person you are delivering to and deliver only if you are sure that he or she will not mind at all otherwise this pick up line may turn against you, so guys be careful while speaking this pick up line in front of any unknown person.

Quick Tips:

So guys and girls, picking and delivering the best pick up line is must, if your aim is to impress any one. Delivering wrong pick up line may turn against you and could ruin the environment. So keep in mind just few points before picking any best pick up line

1). Whatever pick up line you deliver, deliver it from heart.

2).  Always take care of the environment while delivering any best pick up line

3).   Do not hurt the sentiments of the person you are delivering the pick-up line to.


So guys you see how some special one-liners could change your life and help you in impressing your girlfriend. Pick up lines are the best conversation starter between the two unknown persons and the best way to put into words,  what you feel and want to express to your loved ones

I hope, these best pick up lines helped you in picking the suitable line for your girlfriend and you enjoyed reading this article. So text your loved one, turn on the mood of your partner, deliver the best pick-up line on some special occasion, arrange the romantic date and impress your girl or boy with best pick up lines!

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