Best Pick Up Lines For You (100+ Pickup Lines)

8). If the bathing soap is the only thing that can touch your body then I want to be your soap.

Hmm this is something very erotic and seductive pick up line to excite your girlfriend or boyfriend. This one of the best pick up lines clearly indicates that your fiancée wants to feel and touch your body in any possible way. By picking this line, he wants to heat up the moment and bring some spice in the amorousness.

Generally girls got enthralled by this pick up line and feel some kind of enjoyment and pleasure by hearing this pick up line from her boyfriend! So guys feel free to excite your girlfriend with this pick up line. It will surely going to work

9). Is your name dictionary? Because I found the meaning of love in you.

Love! Beautiful feeling! And become valuable when we find someone special. This is what this line wants to express.

Very cute, heart-touching and valuable best pick up lines, this pick up line is the best way to convey your message to your loved one that you truly love him/her. By delivering this pick up line, you are making her believe that love was just a word for him until he met you and gave it a special meaning. Especially girls are often get influenced by this best pick up lines. Simple but valuable, it will surely work so guys just gave it a try

10). I will stop loving you when the pigs will start flying

Guys do you know what’s the best thing to do to make your sweetheart realize that how much you love him/her? No? Very simple. Just go ahead with the pick-up lines that best describes your love for your lovable. All girls and guys want to hear the best pick up lines that defines the love for you and if this is the case with you then this is one of the best pick up lines for you.

Nothing better than this pick up lines describe your true love for her /him.  This one line simply indicates that your love is limitless, infinite and never ending as pigs will never fly and your love will never end.

11). I don’t like your last name so I want to give you  mine

Want to propose your dearest for marriage? Not getting perfect pick up line for it?

Then this pick up line will surely going to work. Best marriage proposal pick up line! As you must know that after marriage girls often change their surname with her hubby’s. So that is what your fiancée wants to convey via this best pick up lines.

It is best indirect way to ask for marriage. So girls marry the one who propose you with this pick up line! And guys bend down on your knees and propose her for marriage with this line and a ring!

12). I wished for a princess and Jesus granted my wish by sending you in my life.

Oh my princess! You look so beautiful! Awwwww! Love this comment? Of course yes!  Girls are often mesmerized by such flattering comments with the adjective “princess”. Princess is the epitome of beauty. So every woman feels special by getting this remark from their loved ones.

Very sweet pick up line for all girls. Every girl wants to be treated special by their boyfriends. Girls just love it when someone says few lines in her praise therefore this pick up line suits best for such girls. Girls just love to be called princess as this adjective simply implies prettiness, so guys you can easily impress your girl by calling her princess via this best pick up lines.

13). Are you a magician? Because you make me smile everytime I think about you

Love is in the air! LOL. Yeah! If you smile while thinking about someone that means you are in love. At least this pick up line is indication of being in love only. Yeah it’s a magic, a magic of love that makes you smile. If you deliver this pick up line to the targeted listener, then definitely he will think so!

This pick up line shows that your partner is happy to have you in his life. And just a thought about you is enough to bring smile on his / her face. It is the best pick up lines to make her/ him realise that you are the best thing happened in his life and your influence is magical.

14). Your lips look so solitary, would they like to meet mine?

Among the best pick up lines, it is the most popular and often used pick up line. Kissing is something that describes the emotional relationship between two persons. It is not only the symbol of love, romance and the emotion but also the beginning of a romantic relationship. Thus, any pick up line related to kissing will attract you the most.

It brings two people come closer even more. So generally love partners use this pick up line to bring romance in their lives. Being, one of the best pick up lines, it simply implies that the person delivering this pick up line wants to smooch you or want to peck your lips. So it is the best way to ask for a lip kiss or smooch