Birthday Gifts Ideas for Her [Girlfriend, Wife]

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Her: Birthdays are very special occasions for everyone. It is the day when everyone wants to feel special and loved. Especially, if you are a boyfriend, then it becomes your duty to make your girlfriend’s day unforgettable and special by gifting her something very unique and exceptional.

Hmmm, but now the main question arises. How to get the best Birthday Gifts for her? Generally guys get confused in such situation. A wrong gift can even break your relationship! LOL. Just kidding. Don’t be scared. If you know about her likes and dislikes, then it becomes very convenient for you to choose the perfect gift.

Well I am here to lead you through to pick up the best Birthday Gifts for her. When it comes to girls, then unlimited options are available online. Most of the girls will appreciate the gifts given from heart and has personal touch.

20 Best Birthday Gifts Ideas for Her

Here I am sharing 20 most popular Birthday Gifts for her. I hope this will definitely assist you in selecting the best birthday gift for your girlfriend.

1). Clothing

90% of the girls are very much concerned about their outfits. Clothing reflects your personality. Girls always want to look good and better than other girls in parties and other events. Therefore the first thing they would prefer as Birthday Gifts for her is a stunning outfit.

So what are you thinking guys? Just take a laptop, open Amazon online shopping site and start searching for unique and beautiful attires for your girlfriend. But remember to buy the outfit that best suits her personality otherwise if you gift her outfit that doesn’t suit her body then you might spoil her mood and day both!

While searching for a particular dress, just keep few things in mind like- color, quality, and the type of dress she is fond of wearing. If she likes wearing traditional dresses like salwar suits, sarees then search in traditional attire category. Or if you want to gift her western outfits then search for latest fashion western outfits.

If you want to buy latest designed tops as Birthday Gifts for Her then the handkerchief Hamline top will be the ideal choice. Available in many colors, you can easily pick the color of your choice. Just visit the below link to take a look at this exceptionally designed top

Birthday gifts ideas for her

If you are thinking of gifting her a gorgeous looking one piece then buy  a beautiful red colored gown:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

Even you can gift a cool looking winter sweater, available in different colors:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

2). Ornaments

Ornaments are one of the best Birthday Gifts for her. Girls just love wearing bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings. These wearable are girls’ best friends. So boys, just raise her love for you by gifting her something very different and classy.

Many newly designed bracelets and rings are available in different shades on Amazon shopping store. If you know what kind of ring your girlfriend wants, then it will become easier for you to buy one.

You can buy crystal bracelet bangle that will give you new look with contemporary style

Birthday gifts ideas for her

You can even buy heart shaped rings and lockets to make her realize that how much you love her. It can be the most romantic birthday gift for her.

You can purchase Heart shaped gold and silver coated simple and elegant ring from Amazon store. Ring is available according to your desired size

Birthday gifts ideas for her

3). Soft toys

Soft toys are the best Birthday Gifts for her if she is childish and emotional by heart . However it is not the teddy bear that she is attached to. It’s the charming, soft, adorable thing that she can cuddle and have fun with.

Not only this, some girls feels an emotional attachment with stuffed toys. They treat them   their best friends sharing everything with the stuffed toys. So what are you waiting for guys? Search the best and good looking soft toys as on amazon store and surprise your girlfriend. Usually in soft toys, girls mostly prefer teddy bears which are available in different sizes- small, medium and large and variety of colors.

You can gift her simple cute plush Gingham Love Bear 10″

Birthday gifts ideas for her

If you want to go for big one than try this:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

Or even you can ask teddy bear itself to your girl a happy birthday. Just look at this gift:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

4). Beauty products

It is also one of the best Birthday Gifts for her .All girls are beauty-conscious. Girlfriends always want to look beautiful, especially in front of their boyfriends. When you get time and you are alone with your girl’s purse, then just peep into her purse, you will always find beauty products inside her purse. Yeah it’s true, guys. LOL, so why don’t you gift her a kit of beauty products! I know, boys are less aware about makeup accessories but need not to worry. If your girlfriend is the epitome of simplicity and prefers light make up rather than loud then gift her accordingly.

Normally, makeup kit includes eyeliner, eye shadow, kajal, different shades of lipsticks, and many more beauty related products. But guys, be careful while selecting makeup kits, dont purchase local kits, buy branded products. You can even purchase hair accessories like hair straightener, hair roller etc.

Look at these beauty related Birthday Gifts for her.

If you are confused about what to buy then just look at this kit from amazon store. It includes all the beauty and skin care products

Birthday gifts ideas for her

You can also buy this exclusive hair styling kit for curling, flipping or straightening hair

Birthday gifts ideas for her5). Chocolates

Chocolates are the most popular Birthday Gifts for her. If nothing comes in your mind about what to buy for your girlfriend then just buy a box of chocolates and your work is done. May be because it is omnipresent and guys don’t have to use their brains in selecting chocolate.LOL. When it comes to chocolates, girls are not choosy. They will love all type of chocolates and candies.

Chocolates are universally liked by girls. Around 60% of all girls crave for chocolates. Sweets keep them happy and positive according to one study. So if you want to amaze her with expensive chocolates then go ahead, and buy a set of cookies and chocolates wrapped with love and affection and provide her sweet happiness

Make your loved one feel special by gifting her Ferrero Rocher sweets:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

Hershey’s Nuggets Chocolate is the right combination of almonds and milk.

Birthday gifts ideas for her

6). Beautiful Showpieces

Girls are fond of keeping memories. They like heart touching gifts that remains with her forever. If such is the case with your girlfriend, then nothing could be better gift than romantic showpieces. Market is full of such showpieces.

Showpiece could be anything related to home decoration like flower pots ;  gifts for wealth and health like Feng shui products, laughing Buddha etc. or if you want to present a symbol of love then go for showpieces with couples dancing together or any other similar kind of showpiece.  Even you can go for photo frames with your pictures framed together.

On amazon you will find many such Birthday Gifts for her. You can a Buy a music jewelry box:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

Or you can buy a beautiful golden money frog for wealth:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

7). Gadgets

If you wanna gift something handy, then go for gadgets. Mobile phone! Aahaan, this will bring a glow at your girlfriend’s face. Nowadays smartphone is the most demanding Birthday Gifts for her. It is now trending to gift a mobile phone as Birthday Gifts for her as it stays with us like our shadow, 24×7. If it is beyond your budget then go for smartphone that settles within your range .

Now which smartphone to buy?  It will not become tough  for boys to select any smartphone as boys knows better about electronic devices. You can search a perfect smartphone from amazon by visiting this link

Birthday gifts ideas for her

Even if you are thinking of gifting wireless accessories than you can also go for headphones instead of mobile phones. Colorful headphones are always liked by girlfriends.

A colorful headphone for all smartphone devices:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

8). Gift hampers

All in one! If you are confused about choosing the right gift for your girlfriend then just put different Birthday Gifts for her in one box and gift her. Now a days, gift hampers are effortlessly obtainable online. Either you can gift her customized gift hamper by putting different things together like a combo of chocolates, perfumes or skin care will definitely makes a girl’s day.

If you want to buy readymade gift hampers then no issue. I know dudes are lethargic and least interested in creating a gift, so my suggestion would be to buy it. Gift hampers are available online and you can gift her a hamper of bath and spa products that includes body lotions, perfumes, soaps and moisturizers   or a collection of different type of candies and cookies

You can buy Luxurious combo of bath and spa products at one place:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

Or a gift hamper of chocolates and sweets:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

8). Handbags and Clutches

Very handy, handbags and clutches are the most valuable Birthday Gifts for her. Girls share strong bonding with their handbags and clutches. On special occasions and parties, girls always carry lots of accessories along with them. .Generally when boys go for any occasion then they go with just a wallet. But girls need a large hand bag or clutch. Now you will ask why? Then here is the answer! Because girls not only need handbag for keeping mobile and bucks but for keeping their  beauty products like comb, lipstick etc. Hahaha.

Therefore gifting them a colorful handbag will not be a bad idea. Handbags are available in different colors and sizes. Bags are also categorized further like shoulder bags, cross-body bags, top-handle bags etc. while choosing any handbag just remember to pick the color that go with very dress that she wears. My suggestion would be to buy black or white colored bags so that it could match with every dress. Avoid purchasing loud colored or colorful handbags. On Amazon store you will find stock of beautiful handbags and clutches as Birthday Gifts for her.

If you want to buy fancy part clutch then buy this:-

Birthday gifts ideas for her

Beautiful handbags are also available on amazon. Just look at this-

Birthday gifts ideas for her

10). Wrist watches

If you are bearing in mind any practical and most commonly needed Birthday Gifts for her ,  then a watch should be on top of the chart. It is something that is needed for daily use and guys believe me, it is the best way to let your girl recall you whenever she wears your gifted watch. A watch makes a solicitous, modish and realistic gift. With so many brands, styles and designs, you’re definitely assured to find someone that suits your loved one taste.

Nowadays bracelet styled watches are much in use. These watches look graceful on hand and also increases the beauty of any watch. Your girl will definitely love such kind of watch.

You can try this bracelet styled beautiful wrist watch:

Birthday gifts ideas for her11). Customizable Gifts

Aaah! If something get our personal touch in form of poem, love message or picture itself then it is the most perfect Birthday Gifts for her. Gifts with personal touch and warmth attract women. If your girl does not like materialistic gifts then, just express your feelings by giving her personalized gifts like customized mugs, pillows, collage of your memorable moments, customized birthday cards etc. customized gift will definitely create more impression on your girlfriend than any other gift

It is something very thoughtful and creative and I assure you that after getting such personalized gift, your girlfriend will love you even more and that’s what all boyfriends wants. So guys deepen your love for her, tell her how much you love her by presenting customized gifts.

This pillow cover is customized with your lovely message written on it.

Birthday gifts ideas for her

Even you can give her personalized coffee mug with your pics together.

Birthday gifts ideas for her

12). Nail Art Kit

Amazing gift for girls! For all beauty-conscious girls, this will be the best Birthday Gifts for her. Now, all guys must be wondering that what I am talking about. Haha, I know you must be unfamiliar with this type of gift, but let me tell you that this is the perfect gift for her if your girlfriend is very possessive about her nails.

If she usually wears nail polish, then she will definitely love this gift without any doubt. For boys who are not aware about nail art, let me update you that nail art is an innovative way to decorate fingers and toenails. It is generally applied on nail paints for highlighting your nails.

If you want to buy the complete nail art professional set then you can buy these:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

13). Perfumes

Having a good body odor is always the first priority of both boys and girls.  Guys, let me tell you one secret of all girls. All girls want to be sexually attracted by their boyfriends and a good fragrance will always do this job as boys are usually attracted by girl’s body fragrance. So gifting her a good perfume will be advantageous for you only. Hahaha. Well jokes apart, perfume is something that will be liked by all girls.

But you should know that what type of perfume you have to purchase. Always go for popular brands. Generally girls like to wear perfumes with floral and fruity smell. So search perfumes with such kind of smell.

You can buy these birthday gifts for her:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

14). Books and Diaries

Yeah I know this is something very uninteresting gift to offer, but if your girlfriend is a bookworm and fond of reading novels, then gifting books and diaries will be the best Birthday Gifts for Her . While choosing any book for her, you should be aware about the her favorite genre in reading like whether she like reading horror, inspirational, romantic novel or any other genre.

Books of different genre are easily available on amazon store.

If you are searching for romantic novel, then just buy this popular novel:

Birthday gifts ideas for her

For reading inspirational biography you can buy this:steave jobs

Guys, you know girls are known to be secret machines. Hahaha. It may be possible that she don’t share her all secrets with you. Ohh!  Don’t feel dejected guys. It is completely ok. Sometimes she hides her secret just because she don’t want to ruin her relationship with you. Girls are very reserved and they love putting all of their secrets in one diary. So why don’t you gift her that!


15). Music accessories

music albumListening music is the much loved pastime of all girls. It keeps the mind fresh and joyful. You can gift your loved one a popular English or Hindi music cd depending on her choice. Gifting music cd’s as Birthday Gifts for her  will make her feel happy.

Pick the popular and latest album of your girlfriend’s choice from amazon.

You can even buy wireless Bluetooth speakers for listening music along with music cd’s. It will be like an icing on the cake for her. These speakers are easy to carry and comes with excellent sound quality.

You can buy Bluetooth speakers from amazon.

Birthday gifts ideas for her

In addition to listening, if your girl also loves playing musical instrument like guitar, then this is the right time to fulfil her wish. Buy one for her.

Birthday gifts ideas for her

16). Wall Paintings

wall paintingsIf you are thinking of buying something related to art, then wall paintings are the perfect Birthday Gifts for her. Since it is related to an art and most of the girls adore the gifts related to art therefore they will definitely cherish the gift like this. Well, choosing the right wall painting is not a hard nut to crack. Just select the painting that is most appealing to your eyes. Even if she loves doing painting in her free time then you can even gift her painting box or painting canvas.

Sceneries, portraits, oil paintings, abstract paintings etc. are such genre of painting related Birthday Gifts for her you can always buy for your girlfriend. Even if you are a good artist, then just paint the portrait of your lady on the canvas and gift her. She will be overwhelmed by getting such type of gift.

Just look at this beautiful sunset painting on amazon:


17). Selfie Stick

selfie-stickNow this is something very unique and least expected gift. Girls are said to be selfie queens. They are often seen taking pout selfies. Therefore gifting selfie stick as Birthday Gifts for her will boost her selfie taking activity even more.

You can buy this from amazon store at reasonable prize:


18). Camera

cameraIf you are thinking of gifting something bigger, and your girlfriend loves photography, then gifting her a digital camera will be an ideal choice. It is very useful stuff to keep the record of all your loving memories together.

Once you get one latest camera for her then just start clicking her beautiful pictures in different poses as girls love to be clicked, especially if their aim is posting their pics at social networking sites like Instagram. Nowadays cameras are available with novel technology and many latest features. However then don’t go for big one .If you have a smaller budget of say below $600 then it would be much sensible to get a Point & Shoot camera.

You can easily buy Nikon point and shoot camera as Birthday Gifts for her at


19). Flowers and Birthday Cards

flowersIf you don’t want to depend on materialistic gifts and want to make her feel special by flowers then this is one of the most popular Birthday Gifts for her. Make your girlfriend’s birthday morning special by delivering bunch of red roses along with sweet birthday card at her home.  Girls love flowers. It is one of the most simplest and easy way to tell her that how much she means to you.

Hey I have one better idea. Make her whole day flowery by giving her flower bouquet after every 1 hr. If she gets 21 yrs. old on her birthday then just offer her 21 flowers. Even you can decorate her whole room with flowers. Isn’t it a great idea? If yes then go ahead and implement this, it will surely bring a sweet smile on her face and will hug you tightly.

Bookeys of flowers are exclusively available on amazon. You can buy this:


20). Footwear

shoesGuys, remember, Girls not only use their sandals for flinging at boys but they also use it for wearing. LOL. Just kidding! You will always find the collection of different footwear for every occasion in your girlfriend’s Shoe rack. There is a strong bonding between girls and shoes. Along with clothes your choice of footwear also reflects your personality.

Footwear is the one thing that grabs maximum attention if you are in a party or a marriage. Therefore girls will always appreciate such kind of  Birthday Gifts for her. But don’t forget to take her shoe size before purchasing any footwear as an ill- fitting pair of footwear can make her feel uncomfortable.

Latest design, color, quality, comfort level and size should be kept in mind while purchasing any footwear and it should be according to her taste and choice. If she loves wearing flats or heels then buy latest designed footwear respectively. Avoid buying pencil heel sandals, as these type of sandals are very uncomfortable and injurious for their feet.

Many novel and good looking sandals are exclusively available as birthday gifts for her on amazon. You can buy this:


Other unique ideas to make her birthday special

1). Arrange for a grand party and invite all her old friends.
2). Take her to the romantic dinner date
3). Hang out together at her favorite place or movie
4). Sing a song or your own hand-written poem for her
5). Express your feelings via video presentation.
6). Become her cook for one day

Tips you should follow while purchasing Birthday Gifts for her.

1). While selecting Birthday Gifts for Her Remember to take off price tag.
2). Begin planning for her birthday one week before her birthday.
3). While buying birthday present, always keep in mind her choice and taste.

So guys, by now you must have decided about your birthday present. In this article, I have offered many birthday gifts for her that will definitely assist you in deciding the perfect birthday gift for her.

So if you have decided about your birthday present then just go ahead, open the amazon site and purchase the best Birthday Gifts for her. Arrange the cake and candles on her birthday, go for a romantic candle light dinner and just present her a great birthday gift.

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