Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister: The Only Collection You Need

36). To get the rub of lucky charm in my life, I make sure to give you a hug whenever I have something important to do. Happy birthday, sis.

37). The worst part about having you as my sister is that there are no secret to hide from you. Well, it is also the best part actually because I sail through my troubles without any fear after I listen to your advice. Happy Birthday wishes to my sister.

38). It never concerned me or I had thought about it if I had a best friend because I know I have always had you by my side every time, and I love you a lot. Happy birthday, sis.

Show you affection in words and share your memories by sending birthday wishes for sister.

39). I may have knotted up your ponytail or sneakily checked your messages on the phone, but I would never fail to stand by you in your time of need. Happy birthday, sister.

40). I  always look forward to your birthday every year because I look forward to owning all your clothes and accessories as you keep getting older. Happy birthday!

41). A sister is someone whose advice will give you much more than new beginnings in life, if you listen to her carefully, it’ll give your life wings that are much needed. Happy Birthday wishes to my sister.

42). When you were a small toddler, you were such a cute delight to watch. And after so many years you are still a lovely sight to my eyes. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister

She is your sweetheart and a loving person; birthday wishes for sister is so special.

43). Sister may hate you, fight with you always, taunt you in front of parents, pinch you while you take her things, scowl at you or trouble you every time. But at the end of the day, she will always love you. Happy birthday, sister!

44). What would the universe be without the sun and the moon? That is how dark and dull my life would have been without a sister like you. Happy Birthday wishes to my sister.

45). Even though end always up making myself look like a fool in front of everyone, I love to do everything for you to look cool. Happy birthday to the coolest sister in the whole universe.

46). When I see through the kaleidoscope of my life, you form the most beautiful designs with most vibrant colors. Happy birthday, sis.

Send birthday wishes for sister and praise her as she thought you not to be fearless.

47). Dear sister life without you would have been so empty and boring. Happy birthday.

48). When no one shows concern or care, a sister is someone who’ll always be there by your side. Happy birthday sister

49). Neither of us is perfect in our way, but our imperfections make us the cute siblings that we are today. Happy Birthday wishes to my sister.

50). When I look down at you, I feel like I am looking at myself in the clear water. When I look at myself again, I see you. Happy birthday, sister

51) Forbes list has come out, and I happened to be a Billionaire. Because I happen to be the richest person in the world as no else has the love of a wonderful sister like you. Happy birthday.

Angels are sent in a form of sister so send birthday wishes for sister as she is a real angel.

52). Be it heartbreak or loneliness; insecurity or fear, sadness or pressure – they can be healed by hugs from a sis like you as it’s the only remedy. Happy birthday.

53). How incomplete would one sock look when worn without the other in legs.That is how I would have looked without you. Happy Birthday wishes to my sister.

54). Sisters are assigned healers from God when humanity says pain exists, but so do healers.  Happy birthday to one such sis.

55). I know this will sound a bit quirky butI will never forgive you for every time you have fought with me for all those little things. But I want you to know that I will still love you unconditionally. That’s how wonderful sisterhood is, you see. Happy birthday

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