How to Escape from Tarkov: Our Guides and Tips

Escape from Tarkov is an online shooter game that you’ve probably watched thousands of streams of but never tried. The hardcore shooter is greatly rewarding. For those who appreciate hyper-realistic gunplay and tactical teamwork, it’s pretty fun.

But what if you’re a beginner in Escape from Tarkov? Is there a way to excel in the game quickly? Of course, there is! We have here for you the best escape from Tarkov cheats- guide and tips. So, without further fuss, here are our Escape from Tarkov guide and tips.  

Finishing Quests Helps

Quests aren’t essential for winning. But should you want some experience points, they are incredibly important. They involve completing some tasks for traders within the game. If you finish them, you gain experience points and trader loyalty levels. Through these, you can purchase arms. Plus, if some part of the game requires quest completion, you qualify for that as well.

Maps are Crucial

This isn’t just true for Escape from Tarkov. For any shooter game, you need a good handle on the maps. Because if you aren’t familiar with the environment in the first place, how can you even expect to find and kill opponents? Always start by studying the maps carefully. Keep looking at them as you navigate because you won’t be able to memorize them immediately. If possible, put up an extra monitor with the map pulled up at all times.

Arms and Legs Save You

Sounds weird? It really isn’t. For Escape from Tarkov, every single part of a player’s body is important. The game life is divided between each body part. If life turns red or black, you’re in trouble. Since arms and legs are usually the parts that get hurt, keep an eye on their health. Up until the red stage, use Medkit to revive your limbs. But if you’re already in the black zone, use a Surv12 kit or a CMS kit to get one more hit point.

Know Weapon Timings

This tip doesn’t apply to all Escape from Tarkov weapons. However, with grenades, this is invaluable. Each grenade has a certain delay duration, after which it blasts. So before you throw one, know its delay and timing. This way, you won’t risk your life and time by attacking the enemy too early or too late.

Use Secure Containers

For games like EFT, loots are frequent. And once you get killed, you lose your stuff. If you’re a beginner, the chances of both these things are all the more. So how do you keep your precious things safe? Use safe containers; that’s how! Secure containers in Escape from Tarkov keep your stash even if you are looted. You can’t store everything in them because of their limited size. So keep high-value items in them. This way, your stash will be safe in almost all scenarios.

Painkillers Save the Day

There are ways to stay healthy throughout an EFT game. But most times, you’ll need painkillers to sustain you. So don’t hesitate to use them when you’re hurt in EFT. They will keep you safe even if you have other healing options.

Take Online Help

Sometimes, online help is what will save you time. In EFT, you can’t waste time. So look for stash locations online whenever possible. This way, you won’t be busy searching for them during an intense game.


The above-tips and tricks for Escape from Tarkov are vital for both beginners and seasoned players. But if you’re looking for some quick game progress, use our Escape from Tarkov cheats. Remember, to become a master player, you have to keep playing consistently using our tips.

If you have some secret EFT tips, comment them down below for us!