5 Appliances at Home That Should Be Well-Maintained

A well-maintained appliance will live longer. Apart from the longevity, manufacturers strongly recommend in the manual some specific maintenance schedules to ensure that they work efficiently. A well-maintained appliance can save power costs. Any appliance that has problems tend to eat up more energy.

Below are the top home appliances whose maintenance you should never compromise.


The two components that you need to maintain are the filter and the Freon. At least once a week, take off the filter and wash it. This is important because this is the part of the air-con that traps dust. Without this, you will be breathing the dust in and you can get sick. If the filter is worn out, look for an air filter delivery company and order a replacement.

The Freon is the component that cools the air. It is a gaseous element that is also found in refrigerators and hair sprays.

Your air-conditioner compresses this gas. And then it travels through the coils in the appliance. As it travels through the coils, it cools and pushes cold air into your room. It is a repetitive cycle of taking in hot air from the outside, cooling it, and the pushing cold air in the house that can deplete your Freon over time.

You need a professional to check the Freon levels at least once every six months. The gas will be filled up and the coils will be checked for leaks.

Refrigerators and Freezers

The cooling process for these appliances are the same with air-conditioners. However, freezers need more Freon. These two appliances are also taking more abuse than an air-conditioner because they are turned on 24/7.

The daily clean up required for refrigerators and freezers involve simple wiping and discarding of the water that accumulated from dripping. There is a reservoir behind every refrigerator where water drips. The reason water flows is because cold air creates moist. This moist condenses and then precipitates into water.

If water overflows from this reservoir, it will damage the motors. You also need to have it go through general maintenance check-up at least once a year. The technician will check the Freon content and the condition of the motors.


All dishwashers essentially operate in the same way. There are spray spouts underneath the machine. The water jets to the plate rack to remove food from the plates.

The food particles drop on a bottom tray. You can remove this tray and dispose its contents. You need to do this everyday for sanitation purposes. Rotten food attracts flies and bacteria that carry diseases.

You also need to use dishwasher cleaners to disinfect the appliance. And at least twice a year, you must call the services of a professional to check the overall condition of the appliance. The technician will check for leaks and use conditioning agents to remove the lime build-up in the dishwasher.

Dryers and Washing Machines

The simplest maintenance that you can do to maintain your dryers and washing machines is to remove the lint. These are particles from your clothing that accumulate. Over time, the lint will build up and cause serious damage to your appliance.

For dryers, you need to remove the tube connected to your exhaust. You need to vacuum this tube to remove accumulated lint. Do this at least once a month.

You need professional services at least once a year, too. The technician will check the general condition and make sure that:

  • There is adequate agitation
  • There is no excessive vibration
  • The drums are rotating at a specified speeds
  • The drain is working properly


If your sink is equipped with this, you need to be diligent enough to clean it up regularly. Like the dishwasher, food accumulates in here and gets soiled. Always stream cold water in the incinerator after using it. It flushes away food particles that got stuck.

If you are looking for extra freshness, grind a whole lemon in it without water. Never use bleaching products to clean it.

Instead of waiting for a jam to happen, schedule a professional maintenance at least once a year. A professional will take a look at your garbage disposal unit and make it operate like it was new. Among the things he can do are:

  • Remove clogs or prevent it from happening
  • Fix leaks or replace worn out tubes
  • Make sure that the overload protector is in place
  • Make sure that the grinding disk is in top condition

Appliances were made to last. But sometimes, abuse and neglect can make an appliance deteriorate. With the right routine maintenance, you can extend your appliance’s life longer than what the manufacture predicted. All it takes is consistency and sticking to a schedule.