Top 5 Deadly Diseases Which Are Hoax Running On The Internet

In this era of the internet, many fake things and fake news become viral within minutes. We are so dependent on the internet, that whatever confuses us, we start to browse various sites to clear the confusion. But we must know that all the data provided by the internet are not true always.

I am not telling that following internet is always harmful. But some conspiracy sites try to mislead people about some hoax matters to acquire attention and to rage traffic. Even they don’t hesitate to mislead people about some hoax diseases which have no existence at all. The result is people get panic after knowing about these diseases, run to the doctors, and become a joke on them.

Top 5 Deadly Diseases Which Are Hoax Running On The Internet

Here in this article, I will let you know about top 5 deadly diseases which are hoax running on the internet. They are:-

1). Blue Waffle

This is the most viral disease on the internet which is a definite hoax. Several website claim that this is real disease,but Mavcure mentioned that this is not a real disease.People believe that it is a sexually transmitted disease which affects only women. It causes due to lack of sanitation and of unhealthy masturbation. It mostly affects the professional sex workers. It can also affect them who have multiple sex partners. Though it is an STD it transmits rapidly from the affected person to the partner. So it can affect the male partner in some cases.

As said it causes due to the bad bacteria like “anaerobes” which grows in case of the low immunity system. It kills the good bacteria and the vagina gets affected severely. In women, it is essential to follow the sanitation during and after sex which can protect you from this Blue Waffle disease. It seems that women use sex toys for fun and self-satisfaction which is also the main cause of this disease.

It is believed that in this disease the vagina transforms blue in colour. Severe itching and swelling with occasional bleeding happen. A discharge of greyish white fluid with a foul smell also happens. Due to the yeast infection, a thick cheese-like discharge occurs in the vagina. Whatever, there is no such vaccine or medicine has been produced to cure this disease which is a definite hoax.

2). Trypophobia

Trypophpbia is a proposed intense fear or anxiety of small holes or blisters on your body parts. Actually, this disease is a phobia which is a hoax running on the internet. Photoshop has a vital role to make it viral by editing the pictures of the holes in lotus seed heads with human organs. As a result, these edited photos are enough to rage the phobia and to scare the victim as well.

According to the psychiatrist Carol Mathews, “These might really be people out there with phobias to holes because people can really have a phobia to anything but just reading what is on the internet, that doesn’t seem o be what people actually have.” As per Mathews said,” most people writing online are likely disgusted by these types of images without meeting criteria for a real phobia.”

Actually, there is no cure for Trypophobia. There are some of us who get scared by listening to the word “holes.” This situation of our system leads to nervous vibrations felt in our body and causes irregular reactions. According to medical researchers, though it is a hoax disease and a new disorder, there are no specific causes and treatment for Trypophobia. Even it cannot be traced to a past history of the victim. Actually, it causes due to the plays of evolution with our brain and pessimism.

3). Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is another disease which is a hoax running on the internet. Some of us are scared about any type of fatigues if it happens in our body. When such type of a fatigue which is related to the production of hormones in our body it can disturb us more.

Actually, our body needs some required amount of hormones to function properly. When we get overstressed the adrenal gland releases a hormone known as “cortisol’ which helps us to feel relaxed. But nowadays it is an unscientific belief that the inability of adrenal glands to produce an adequate amount of hormones can harm the body parts. People also believe that it can cause chronic infections like bronchitis, pneumonia, flu, and stress.

But as per medical officials, there are no such real conditions of Adrenal Fatigue as it is hoaxed on the internet. The traditional doctors have denied about such type of a disease. When you feel excess tired due to insufficient sleep the immune system of your body gets slow down and you think that you are suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. As a result, you run for a blood test and start to take hormonal supplements whereas there is no such medication for the function of adrenal glands.

4). Lamprey Disease

This is the most scared disease which can disturb anybody. It is the most disgusted hoax disease running on the internet.

Actually, Lamprey is a jawless fish full of teeth which has a toothed funnel-like sucking mouth. The Lamprey Disease is named for this fish. It is a hoax that when you get affected by this disease, your fingertips becomes like the mouth of the Lamprey fish. It causes due to the excess use of the mouse on computer keypads. It is also a hoax that it can damage the soles of your feet and the eyes as well.

Photoshop has again played a vital role to viral the edited photos of lamprey fish and human fingertips. The pictures are so scary that you will think twice before touching the mouse or the keypad of your system. Even photoshop has edited the lamprey fish with human eyes which is enough to disturb you drastically.

As per medical officials, there is no such disease with such symptoms have seen yet. Actually, it is our blind belief on the hoax news running on the internet. They have warned people not to take this type of news which is related to health issues so seriously.

5). Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

EHS(Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity,) the term has gained a global popularity through internet which is a definite hoax. People believe that this disease causes due to excess use of electronic devices which releases microwave radiations. The electromagnetic waves exposed by them can cause adverse medical complications in your body.

Even these waves are mentioned by various sites as “Death Rays.”  It has been rumoured that it can cause cancer within a short period of uses of them.So you can imagine how scaring this disease is which is a definite hoax.

As you all know that the electro waves comes from sunrays directly on you. So it has been proved that a person who is always in presence of electromagnetic waves from solar radiation has not suffered any medical complications. Extensive studies have shown that the affected person has not shown any specific or non-specific symptoms of any such disease like EHS.


It warned and advised by all the leading medical officials from all over the world not to follow these hoax stories blindly which can destroy your life by your own. It is advised to follow the approved tests always for your confirmation. If the disease doesn’t sound real and feels right it is a definite hoax.

In such situations don’t be panic and consult your doctor instead. Make sure that all the information on the web are not true always though there are enough stories to support the hoax stories.

There are some conspiracy sites who are always ready to promote these hoax articles to get attention. Be smart and keep open your sense of intelligence before jumping into them blindly.