Truth or Dare Questions: Only List You Need

Dirty Dares | Sexual Truth or Dare Questions

This game of dirty truth and dare questions that I would like to suggest for the weekend has to be done with a partner with whom you feel totally comfortable, stable and secure. That being said…here goes the game.

Now, the idea is to ask interesting sexual truth or dare questions.

Here we leave ten little dirty truth or dare questions to get you going:

1). What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done with an ex?

2). Have you ever had an erotic dream about someone other than me?

3). When was the last time you masturbated?

4). What celebrity makes you horny?

5). What sexual fantasies do you have that still remain unfulfilled?

6). How often do you see porn?

7). How was your first time?

8). What is the best sex of your life been? Why and with whom?

9). Have you ever done a trio?

10). What is your worst memory in bed?

Right to ask your partner is an easy way to increase intimacy in your relationship but also to expand the sexual repertoire that is in your relationship.

Truth or Dare Questions|Dirty Truth or Dare

Below I list some truth or dare questions to spice up your performance in bed. The advantage is that both can apply this technique and fully enjoy a new and passionate experience.

1). “Would you rather…?” Before, this was child’s play, but you can flip it over and use it in bed to explore your sexual boundaries and understand your partner’s desire and erogenous zones. The truth or dare questions will be fun and insightful, especially if you want to take advantage of them. You can ask him/her if he/she prefers to be bitten or touched, if he/she prefers oral or anal sex. Whatever truth or dare questions you ask, it should be interesting and super spicy.

2). “You or I?” To make the most of the truth or dare questions, try to bring the conversation into the area of experiences, toys and different positions. “You blindfold or tie them?” or “I use the whip or you want it?” Thus you will realize what he/she likes best and you can use it to your advantage if you ask the right truth or dare questions. You can even tell your partner what new you want to try.

3). “You like?” This time we recommend that you maximize your skills. Play with him/her and ask him/her how much he/she is enjoying. Perhaps to distract him/her but it shows them that you are being submissive.

4). “What is your favorite sexual fantasy?” You are no longer in high school so this question will allow you to speak freely about your sexual fantasies. So you will have an idea of what your partner likes. It also gives you the opportunity to really turn it right on.

5). “Truth or Dare?” This game is easy to take up when you are in school but in bed, it is just as fun and exciting. Ask something super erotic and if you want a challenge, do unimaginable touch and pleasing forms, or tell passionate and erotic phrases.

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