Truth or Dare Questions: Only List You Need

 Truth or Dare Questions: Good Truth Questions

1). Name 10 body parts of your partner that you’d like to kiss.

2). Say a list of 10 items or things that you bought and never used or regretted buying.

3). What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

4). Have you ever been humiliated? Explain what happened and how you felt.

5). Describe the strangest dream you’ve ever had.

6). What is the quality or features you would like to change about yourself?

7). Have you ever fallen in love with a friend of your partner? Did anyone notice?

8). What do you think about marriage with your boyfriend / girlfriend?

9). What is the craziest thing that has happened to you in a mall?

10). Mention the most annoying experience you’ve ever had with a man/woman.

11). What is the meanest thing you have ever done in your life?

12). Have you ever thought of cheating on your boyfriend / girlfriend?

13). Have you ever lied to your partner to avoid an intimate moment, for example, have said that you feel sick?

14). What is the worst rumor or gossip you said or repeated and at the end, found out that it was something wrong?

15). Have you ever seen someone apart from your partners naked by accident? If yes, who?

16). What is the most disgusting joke anyone has ever played on you?

17). What’s your wildest fantasy?

18). What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done in front of a crowd?

19). Have you ever peed in a pool?

20). Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

21). Have you ever been hinted at or been overstepped by someone of the same sex? What happened, how did you react?

22). What players think that this group has the most sensual and daring clothes?

23). Who do you think is wearing the worst party dress? What would you recommend?

24). Have you ever thought that someone from your friends or family have made a very bad decision for life? Who and what?

25). Say who here has a wrong partner or does not complement each other?

26). If you were marooned on an island with one person whom you know personally, who would like that person to be?

27). Mention something that you have done and that you’ve never wanted anyone to know.

28). What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said to your partner while having sex?

29). If you had to choose someone you know personally for a sexual trio, who would it be?

30). Among the people who are in this game, who do you think has the best body?

31). Which of the people who are in this game has recently deteriorated considerably in his/her looks, his/her body, and his/her dressing style?

If suddenly you become invisible, what is that one naughty thing that you’d like to do?

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