What are PBNs and How can They Help my Business?

Doing a risk analysis is always beneficial for any business. More so, assessing to what level a business can endure risks also plays a crucial role in determining its sustainability in this competitive world. Derek Iwasiuk, an expert in Search Engine Optimisation & Digital Marketing, feels that “Evaluating your tolerance for risk is crucial before making any strategic SEO decision” in his post on “Are PBNs Always Bad For SEO?“.

About PBNs

PBNs stand for Private Blog Networks or in other words a series of websites that you own.

A PBN is nothing but a group of websites built using expired/expiring domains. Although interlinked to the money sites, Google perceives this network as individual sites, which makes it easier for you to control your backlinks and use these to link directly to your moneymaking websites.

Why is it worth building a PBN?

Recently there has been a lot of debate in the community on whether to use PBNs or not. However, not everything is as white as snow in the world of SEO. Setting up a PBN is the best start you can give to your digital marketing efforts as these, if done properly, will help you rank higher in Google in no time. With a little manipulation of the algorithm and adopting proper SEO measures for your website will only help in increasing visitor traffic, leads, and ultimately more sales. Here is why PBNs are good:

  1. Gain Full Control – With PBNs, you have complete control over your backlinks. Right from selection of anchor text, keyword usage to redirections, all are in your favor.
  2. Say Bye to Networking & Extensive Outreach Programmes – Where were you before PBNs? Sending e-mails, adverts, and requests to everyone in your list to promote your content for backlinks.
  3. Achieving High Ranks – With backlinks and redirection, you are building strength, which will eventually push your money site in the top 10 list for every keyword that you want to rank. However, this will depend on the quality of your PBN domains, content, keyword, anchors and lot more factors.

Setting up a PBN

Setting up a PBN can be difficult and should be researched thoroughly. If you follow these steps below you will be on the right track.

  1. Find the right domain on an auction or website that sells high quality expiring domains.
  2. Find some hosting, you can set up your own hosting accounts for each website but it becomes very costly, a service like LaunchCDN is what most SEOs are using now.
  3. Install WordPress, in addition to installing a few common plugins (make sure you don’t install the same plugins for every website).
  4. Change the default settings of the existing permalinks and widgets.
  5. Create new base pages such as About Us, Terms & Conditions, Contact Us, Privacy, etc.
  6. Add 3-5 posts of high quality content that provide value to the website.
  7. Include images and videos to make the site look genuine.
  8. Start linking to the money sites after waiting around 4 weeks.

At every step you need to minimise a footprint, you don’t want to do the same thing on every single website otherwise it will be quite obvious to Google that they are all too similar. Also using the correct hosting is one of the main things that will make or break your PBN.

Now just watch the rankings grow. Investing in PBNs will prove to be a valuable asset for your business if done correctly.